Several questions keep running in the mind of an individual like which lubricant should be used during sex or which is the best one. Many other questions should be asked before judging and it is important to understand what lubricants are actually for and which one to should be used. Lube is a liquid which is used to make the vagina wet so that sexual intercourse may take place more pleasurably. It is quite a demandable product and various companies have entered into the market to provide consumers with the best lube for sex on the market.

The Essential Guide to the Best Lube You Should Be Using

Product PictureNameLube TypePriceRating
AstroglideWater BaseLow4.5
Passion LubesWater BaseModerate4.2
Babystart Pre SeedPre Seed LubricantHigh4.5
Cleanstream Anal Water BaseLow4.2
Ocean SensualsStimulatingHigh4.1
Pjur Eros Bodyglide OriginalSilicone BaseHigh5.0
Sliquid GelWater BaseModerate4.6
WET PlatinumSilicone BaseHigh4.7
Uberlube Luxury LubricantSilicone BaseHigh4.4
ID GlideWater BaseModerate4.3

What are lubricants made of?

Lubes are made of different components such as water lubricants, oil and petroleum or silicone based lubricants. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Water based lubricants are the most common form and is used by many as it is quite convenient to use and also easy to clean. It does not leave any kind of stain on your clothes or bed sheets. However the major disadvantage in this case is that it wears off very quickly and is not at all useful in case of longer sex sessions.
  • Oil and petroleum based lubricants are quite thick and classy. These lubricants do not come out easily and hence it is not advisable in case of masturbation or while using condoms.
  • Silicone lubricants are like any water based lube which are great and easy to use. It does not leave any stain and also can be cleaned quite easily thus relieving users of any kind of discomfort. It is best used when in the shower, tub or in a pool as it does not gets removed easily. These are typically the best type of lubricant for anal.

The Best Sex Lubes Being Sold

There are various types of lubes in the market like ones with pleasurable options i.e. with flavours and scents which are perfect in the case of oral sex whereas warming lubes are a good option in case you want to add more feeling while having sex. It depends on personal choice that which lube suits an individual. Below  we listed some of the best lubes available right now.

astroglide best lubeAstroglide

They have been in the market for ages and have been known to give pleasurable and intimate moments to many individuals. They have managed to get the prime position in the market of personal lubricants. Its effect is quite impressive which leads to smooth and long lasting sexual experiences. The lubricant stays for hours and also provides the highest level of slipperiness.

The company thus supplies the best quality product with the name of this brand thus meeting the needs and requirements of the consumers.

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passion lubePassion Lubes

The product is again one of the most famous ones, and its use is restricted to an individual above 18 years of age. The passion lubes are water based solution and can be used during alone moments or while spending some special time with your partner. It can also be used with toys and can be easily cleaned thus creating no mess on your body.

The fluid is glycerine free in nature adding more comfort and pleasure to your experience. I would suggest that you do not use this for an anal sex lube as it will not work very well.

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pre seed lubricantPre Seed Personal Lubricant

It is specifically used by couples who are planning to conceive. The product was invented by a physiologist where she found that the use of liquids led to killing of the sperms. The product is glycerine free which allows the sperm to move freely and also supports the sperm while doing the journey towards the egg. It has emerged out as one of the most fertility friendly treatments which do not bother a woman to get pregnant.

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Which Lube can be considered the best?

To be completely honest, there is never going to be a best sex lube because each person is going to have different tastes and feels for what they prefer. You will need to test multiple lubes to find out which one you and your partner enjoy most. We hope that some of the information that you find on this site is enough to set you off in the right direction!