The Best Brands of Olive Oil Lubes

Personal lubrication is a vital part in the whole sexual experience. It enhances the pleasure and provides safety from dryness. Choosing which kind of personal lubricant to use will affect how the whole sexual experience will turn out. Olive oil has been used as a personal lubricant and it offers a lot of benefits. It is not water soluble, so the lubrication will last. It only requires a small amount to fully lubricate and it will not turn greasy. Some people are allergic to olive oil, so it’s important to find out if a person has allergic reactions to oil before using it. This can be done by doing a patch test; a small amount of olive oil is applied to a small portion of the body near the intimate parts.

Using olive oil from the kitchen is safe, however, since the oil has been prepared for cooking and for lubrications, there are certain things that you will not be able to achieve as compared to using real lubricants. That is why if you are eyeing to use olive oil as a personal lubricant, you should purchase it in the form where it is prepared specifically as a lubricant. You can buy olive oil base lubricants in the market; there are a lot of brands to choose from.

Wildfire Personal Lubricant

A famous brand of olive oil lubricant is Wildfire. Wildfire personal lubricant is a lubricant that is based from olive oil. The lubricant is a mixture of the oil and natural aphrodisiacs. The lubricant penetrates the skin so that the pleasure that is felt during sexual intercourse is heightened and intensified. The lubricant comes with an exotic scent to add to the triggering of the arousal. The libido-enhancing essential oils in the personal lubricant work through the contact of the skin and through inhalation. The whole experience is enhanced by the sensual atmosphere produced by the pleasant perfumes. It stimulates all the senses and intensifies every touch. As it penetrates the skin, it will cause immediate arousal.

The lubricant is part of both 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 pleasure oils. For the 2-in-1 pleasure oil, it can be used as massage oil as well as a lubricant. For the 4-in-1 pleasure oil, it acts as massage oil, body oil, bath oil, and of course, a personal lubricant.For a 100 mL of a 2-in-1 pleasure oil, it costs AUS $29.95 for Australian orders and $29.95 plus a postage of $15.00 for international orders. The 4-in-1 pleasure oil costs $33.32 for all kinds of orders and $24.42 for orders in the New Zealand area.

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Personal Oil

Another popular brand of an olive oil lubricant is Herbal Choice Mari. Herbal Choice Mari Organic personal oil is a personal lubricant made from a blend of olive oil and jojoba oil. It is an all-natural lubricant that is made from organic ingredients, and certified by the USDA. It comes in an unscented formula without the presence of any harmful chemicals, like phthalates, paraben, petrochemicals, preservatives, etc. It is preferred for people with sensitive skin. It gives a non-greasy smooth oil base that prevents dryness.A 100 mL bottle of the oil costs $16.19.

Personal lubricants that are based in olive oil are great for people who want to use natural and organic lubricants. Olive oil based lubricants also ensure that the lubrication remains long-lasting, and a non-sticky or non-greasy oil base. Wildfire personal lubricants offer to provide other ingredients that will really stimulate and intensify the senses. It can also be used for different purposes, like massage oil, body oil, or bath oil.Its price is not cheap, but because of its other uses and multiple aphrodisiacs, it’s reasonable.

Herbal Choice Mari organic personal Oil is a true organic product. For people who wish to use natural and genuine products that are free of any chemical and synthetic fragrances, the lubricant will be a good choice. The lubricant is simply made and promises to provide good and long lasting lubrication. For a certified organic lubricant, its price is a steal.

The two are the best brands of olive oil based lubricants. For an extreme experience, Wildfire is more preferred, but if an all-natural, organic lubricant is desired, the Herbal Choice Mari is the better choice.