Best Coconut Oil Lubricants

Coconut oil is widely for different purposes. It is used for cooking, moisturizing the skin, repairing hair, many other uses. But coconut oil has also been used as a personal lubricant as well. It is known to provide effective lubrication and has no known side-effects. It is abundant and it is cheap.Although, if you are eyeing coconut oil as a lubricant, you should purchase a lubricant that is made from coconut oil and not the pure coconut oil itself. You would want the extra additives in the lubricant and other stimulating ingredients as well. There are certain brands that sell the best coconut oil lubricants. You should get to know to them first before buying.

Top 5 Best Coconut Oil Lubricants

lube1Boy ButterOilModerate4.5
lube2Gun Oil Stroke 29OilHigh4.6
lube3Eat Play LoveOilHigh4.1
lube4Cocolube NaturalOilModerate3.9
lube5CocoGlyde OrganicOilHigh4.2

Here are 5 brands that sell the best coconut oil lubricants in the market:

Boy Butter

Boy Butter has been in the personal lubrication industry for quite some time and they offer a wide variety of lubricants. There forerunner product is the Boy Butter original. It is a lubricant that is coconut oil based. It is all-natural and hypoallergenic as well. It is also ingestible and vegan, and can be used on sex toys. Cleaning off of the lubricant is easy since its other main ingredient is silicone which gives it a water-soluble property. The lubrication is said to be extreme.

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Gun Oil

Gun Oil offers a collection of lubricants that are all made from coconut oil. The different products are used for different purposes. Their silicone is the most popular. It’s super slick and water-resistant. It’s developed to last long as well. The Gun Oil H2O offers a wetter and light weight experience than silicone. It comes with extra ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Oat, Ginseng, and Guarana to minimize irritation and increase blood flow. Other products include, gun oil loaded, gel, force recon, stroke 29, and jack jelly.

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Eat Play Love

Eat Play Love sells a lot of lubrication products and they include coconut oil based ones. What’s unique about their products is that they can in different flavors. It comes in cherry, chocolate, vanilla, and more. Their lubricants are also enriched with Vitamin E, so it’s good for the skin since it maintains it moisturized and avoid dryness.

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Dr. Pink’s lubricant that is made from organic coconut oil is called CoCo Lube Balm. It is an all-natural product that ensures consistent lubrications and long lasting smooth sensation. It does not get sticky and also acts as a moisturizer. Its special features include, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. It is best for people who are prone to urinary tract infections as well fungal infections.

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CocoGlyde takes pride in its lubricant being free from all harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients, like Glycerine, Alcohol, Parabens, and Fragrances. The lubricant is also made from 100% extra virgin organic coconut oil naturally mixed with Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. CocoGlyde is also edible and can be used as massage oil as well.

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There a lot brands out in the market that sell lubricants from coconut oil. They offer different things. You can decide which one to buy depending on your needs. If you want a simple, all-natural, and easy to clean lubricant, then you can purchase Boy Butter. If you want to have a lot of options for different kinds of situations, then you can pick which one you’re going to need from Gun Oil’s line of products. If you want to add flavor to your lubricant and want the benefits of Vitamin E, then the lubricants from Eat Play Love is for you. If you are more of a health conscious and sensitive to bacteria and fungi, Dr. Pink’s Coco Lube Balm is perfect for you. Or if you are more interested in using a pure and organic lubricant with the added Vitamin E and extra-oxidants, then CocoGlyde is the lubricant for you.

These brands offer the best coconut oil lubricants out there. You can never go wrong with any of them. You just have to determine what you want and what you need. Or if you are feeling lavish and adventurous, you can just try them all, and then decide which one is the right lube for you.