What is the Best Flavored Lube? Our Top Selection

Rough sex can be pretty cool, but there is nothing more intimate than having a smooth sailing and easy to savor sex. Our body has a naturally-equipped lubrication to make sex smooth and well lubricated. Artificial lubricants come into play when the body fails to produce the necessary fluids to smooth out the copulation process – usually in urgent and unsuitable situations. There are factors which affect the body in producing enough or lesser fluids. The problem is these factors cannot be at all times considered when there are situations that are uncontrollable such as unplanned place and time of the meet up. To make things easier and much better, using lubes to smoothen out sex is necessary. One of the best lubes made are the flavored ones. They are made to give an aftertaste of one’s favorite flavor or whatever suits their fancy and some of the best flavored lubes are reviewed as follows.

Top Selection of Best Flavored Lubes

oneAstroglide Sensual StrawberryWaterModerate4.8
twoWet Body glideWaterHigh4.8
threeDoc Johnson Good HeadWaterModerate4.7
fourSystem Jo Cherry BurstWaterModerate4.3
fiveRain Personal LubricantsWaterLow4.1

Review of the Best Flavored Lubes

Flavored lubes are lubricants that come with flavors to make intercourse more exciting and better. Couples who are in for a game are often enticed to try out fancy and intimate moments and flavored lubricants are perfect for these occasions.

Rain Personal Lubricants

Doing the same flavor all the time is very boring. Rain Personal Lubricants come in 8 varying flavors that are sure to excite the senses. The flavors are strong and leave the appropriate fruit taste one is looking for. However, for longer use, the lubricant may need to be reapplied to avoid getting too sticky.

System Jo Cherry Burst

Most couples would rather go after a certain flavored lube that can last long. System Jo Cherry Burst is full of strong cherry flavor and so intense that the scent lasts long. The only problem is that it is contained in a flip top bottle so it should be stored upright or else cherry scented liquid leaks out of your bag leaving room for imagination. The scent is akin to tropical sensation fruits.

Astroglide Sensual Strawberry

This flavored lubricant comes with a low key strawberry note that does not impress your olfactory senses much. The taste is not candy-like and is almost fruity. However, it is ph-balanced and is great in promoting vaginal health and avoiding yeast infection. This neutralized and user-friendly characteristic is common among all other Astroglide products and you may choose other fruity flavors.

Doc Johnson Good Head

To add more excitement and impression to the intimate moments, Doc Johnson Good Head lubricant offers flavorful yet, sensationally impressive effects. One of the effects of using Doc Johnson Good Head is the numbing sensation on the mouth and clitoris. Cinnamon flavor is the best flavor among frequent users. It also comes in single tubes and varieties so it is not boring when it comes to flavor choice. The packaging also proves to be user-friendly and discreet similar to hand sanitizers.

Wet Lubes

This lube offers a lot of flavors and variety. Among bestsellers, the Strawberry and the Kiwi-Strawberry are the top choices. The flavors are akin to gum sticks and candy with a twist. While using the lube, one may feel an extra warmth and sensation which adds up to the whole level of intercourse. The packaging is also in a flip top bottle so it may have to be stored upright to prevent leaking and accidental spillage.

The Verdict

These five top flavored lubes are effective in bring out the best in a sexual encounter. They are conveniently flavored to help users make their intercourse more intimate and exciting. In choosing the best flavored lubricant, you can opt for the following factors – flavor, duration of effectiveness and sensation. Keep in mind that these lubes are water based so they definitely have shorter use span and may need to be reapplied which is different from silicone based lubes. The effect may wane for longer use as characterized by stickiness and lack of lubrication. When it comes to flavors, these top flavored lubricants come in a variety of flavors and you may choose the flavor you want or is in season. There is the typical candy like flavor and aftertaste so you don’t have to be disappointed after trying one while some are numbing and have intense flavor.