A Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Lube for Anal Sex

When the moment is right you may just want to mix up the heat between the sheets and experience the lustful satisfaction only anal sex can deliver. From self-play to you and your significant other enjoying the experience together, anal lube will be the very ingredient that makes all the difference between a satisfying act and a painful experience. This is especially true for first time butt sex participators since their Anus sphincter muscles are not used to an object being inserted within their anus thus it causes a tightening effect that applies too much pressure and friction. The side-effects of such carelessness can be severe and cause ripping within the anus.

With an abundance of choices on the market couples all over are concerned with what butt lubricants are the best for them or their significant other. Before we delve into the world of what’s the best lube for anal sex let’s first understand there are three varieties of lube all created with a different base product. It may seem like a daunting task to choose the best anal lube, but below we have done the hard work for you and listed the pros and cons of all three varieties.

Best Lube Recommendations Below

Product PictureProduct NameTypePriceRating
WET Uranus AnalSilicone BaseHigh4.7
Cleanstream Anal LubeWater BaseLow4.2
Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing LubeWater BaseModerate4.5
System Jo H20Water BaseModerate4.6
Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal GlideSilicone BaseHigh4.6

Water Based Anal Lubricants

One of the most common anal lubricates utilized by the vast majority of couples and solo aficionados are water-soluble lube products. Water based anal lubricants are by far the oldest form of personal lubrication on the market and started out with two common chemical basis called cellulose ether and glycerin which gave viscosity thus reducing friction and increasing pleasure.

The key benefit of water based lubricants on the consumer side is that they are compatible with artificial flavorings and other additives which gives couples more spice and variety in their sex life. Below we have listed common pros and cons with water based anal lubricants that will help you examine if a water based solution is the best lube for anus play.

  • One of the side-effects of using lube that is water based is the fact that it dissolves easily within water since it’s water-soluble. So if you’re planning on enjoying a passionate night within a hot tub, pool, or shower then a water based lubricant is not the right choice for you.
  • Anyone who decides to use water based lubricants will gladly admit that one of the key benefits of water based anal lube is the fact that you can change the viscosity of the lube by adding water or if you’re in the moment some human saliva will do the trick. That means if you start to feel friction you can increase the glide on a moment’s notice.

Last but surely not least one of the reasons water-soluble could very well be the best lube for anal sex is the fact that water-based lubricants do not harm condoms therefore making safe sex easier to accomplish.

Oil-Based Anal Lubricants

All oil based products have one cornerstone ingredient called petroleum-jelly. It’s the very substance that gives the lube its viscosity. Over the years one of most common oil-based anal lubricates known around the house was Vaseline. The days of using Vaseline as lube are not completely over, but it has been phased out giving way to alternatives that last longer during anal sex and tend to increase the pleasure. Below we listed the true facts about oil-based anal lube.

  • Never use petroleum-jelly based products with methods of protection such as condoms or semen dams. The oil concentrate within petroleum-based lubricants will wear down latex condoms quickly causing holes or tearing thus exposing you and your partner to unwanted contact and fluid exchange.
  • One of the pros to oil-based lubricants is the fact that they contain less chemicals than their water-based counterparts and lack the ingredients Nonoxynol-9 and spermicide which have been noted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine to cause irritation among women. So if you’re sensitive to certain forms of lubrication then the best anal lube for you and your partner would be oil-based.

For couples in long term relationships the advantages of anal lubricants that are oil-based are substantial. If you’re planning on incorporating sex toys into the mix then petroleum-based lubes can surely increase the enjoyment since water-based lubricants tend to dry out and absorb into the skin therefore not lasting long enough unlike oil-based lubricants which last a lot longer.

Silicon-based Anal Lubricants

The latest and best lube for anal sex on the market today is a silicon-based lubricant. Just like oil-based lubricants they last a lot longer than water-based anal lube and are an excellent choice for couples or solo enthusiast alike who want to share a passionate moment within a water environment. This is because the silicon-based properties do not absorb in the skin nor break down in the water around them like the water-soluble anal lubricates do and therefore are the best lube for anal pleasure while in the water.

  • If you or your partners want to enjoy the use of sex toys then silicon-based  lube can work well for longevity, however you have to make sure that the sex toys are not made from silicon or it will deaerate the toys over time causing microscopic holes in the adult toys thus enabling bacteria to grow.
  • As a consumer you need to make sure that the silicon lubricants you’re using are safe for latex condoms. Not all silicon lubricants are certified as latex safe.

Finding the best lube for anal sex all comes down to first evaluating you and your significant others situation before engaging in sex. For the cost conscious, oil based would make the best anal lube overall especially for committed couples. For those of us who are vegans or environmentally aware you can purchase all-organic lubricants that contain no animal products or additives.

These all-organic lubricants cost more but are the best lube for anal play if your goal is to go all-natural and cut out potentially harmful chemicals. Whatever your lifestyle may be the bottom line for your bottom can be customized to fit your preference and create a satisfying atmosphere for you and your love one!