How to Choose the Best Water Based Lube

A personal lubricant is a special liquid used for any sexual activity. The purpose of this lube is to enjoy your love making with your partner. People who are doing sex for the first time often use personal lube to ease penetration and to reduce the heat caused by friction. But there are also people who use it for sexual pleasure. They apply it on their penis, anus and vagina for easy sex. They also smear it on their sex toys to make things easier.

But these lubricants are not for sexual purposes only. Some use it to prevent from getting yeast infections and other vaginal problems. They are even good for the skin as it makes your private area soft and smooth. No wonder why people buy the best water based lube.

Water Based Lube Top Recommendations

lube1Eat Play LoveWaterModerate4.2
lube2Liquid SilkWaterHigh5.0
lube3Pink WaterWaterHigh4.6
lube5Slippery StuffWaterLow4.3

Best Water Based Lubes Reviewed

There are different types of personal lubricant. There are oil based, silicone based and water based lubes. But the most popular type of lube is the water based lubricant. It is because the formula of water based lubes are light and non-greasy. This will help you enjoy your love making with your partner. But water based lubes can be absorbed by the skin easily. So you need to reapply it once the moisture has been absorbed by your skin.

Here are water based personal lubricants that allow you to enjoy your sexual activity. There are now brands that don’t require you to apply the lube many times while you are having sex. Some of these brands are as follows. Go and take a look of each lube before you buy one.

Pink Water

Pink Water is one of the leading brands of personal lubricant. The water based lubricants of Oink water are glycerin free, odorless and tasteless as well as pigment free. It even has aloe vera which can make your skin soft and smooth. This formula is so smooth and it can last longer as you make love with your partner. It can be applied on latex condoms and any other types of sex toys. The best part you don’t need to reapply the lube many times. This will make your sexual activities more enjoyable.

Slippery Stuff Gel

Slippery Stuff is a well-known manufacturer of personal lubricant. But their best-selling lube is their water-based personal lube. The formula of Slippery Stuff Gel is light and silky. It lets you enjoy your sexual activities since you don’t need to reapply it for several times. The best thing about this lube is that it is the most recommended brand by many physicians.

Passion Lubes

Passion Lubes is another one that you should try. The formula of their lubricant is light and slippery. It doesn’t have glycerin and paraben. It means that this lube doesn’t only make your sexual intercourse easy. It also smoothen your skin on your private area. It is perfect for all latex products and it is also easy to clean. The only downside with this lube is it dries quickly. So you need to reapply the lube many times while you are having sex.


A lot of its users say that Astroglide is the best water based lubricant that you can get. It is because the formula of this brand has the right pH balance for vagina. No wonder why many physicians prescribe this brand to remove vaginal irritation. The only thing that you have to bear is its bittersweet taste.

Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is not just a personal lubricant to ease up the penetration. It can also be used as body massage oil. It contains a little bit of silicone for extra lubrication. Their formula is latex compatible, non-sticky, very light and odorless. It is also glycerin free and biostatic which is perfect to avert yeast infections.


These are the top 5 brands of water based lubricants. Whether you use it for sexual arousal or for medication purposes, you need to consult your physician first before you buy a personal lube. You also need to buy it from a licensed pharmaceutical company to ensure that the lube you are about to buy is fresh and authentic. If you have bought a lube from somewhere else, it will only irritate your skin.