Top Best Coconut Oil Lubricants Currently Available

In the more modern days, most people are now using coconut oil practically for everything. They use it to sauté vegetables; they use it to moisturize their hair and skin; and they even use coconut oil to even whiten their teeth. You would think that coconut oil has already conquered most of the living industry in men but think again. It may even surprise you more as to the gamut of benefits that coconut oil can exceedingly do for us.

We are already aware that most people have already harnessed the potential that is to be acquired from coconut oil. But now, even gynecologists are already aware of the related benefits that it provides for the users, particularly in women generally. It has now been commonly realized that there are a lot of positive benefits that coconut oil provides for the women as they are now considered as an effective lubricant.

Currently, we are now in the technology of enhancing coconut oil as an effective lubricant. The thing about coconut oil is that it contains the best properties that are considered to be natural antifungal elements. Thus, it effectively helps reduce any potential risk of various infections that may affect the genital area. What is beast about it is that it has that soothing melting point that the very moment you rub it in your hands, it will right away melt easily. This makes it fitting and proper for you to apply this as a great lubricant during a couple’s foreplay.

Luv Butter

luv butterFrom the name itself, surely you would be able to realize that it is not only a great lubricant; it is something that will send off a delectable experience for couples. Luv Butter is an edible and melting love liniment that is being used as a massage crème. It naturally glides, smoothes, and slides with your skin especially if you are at the height of love making passion.

This luscious lubricant is great for treatment on the body, hands, lips, and hips which may be used in however manner you want to as long as it pleases both partners in the love making activity. What is best about this product is that it is all natural and all safe. Even though it may sound downright absurd, but it can be considered as a great lubricant that may also be edible depending on how wild and creative you can get in bed. This is indeed a sensual lubricant that will provide you the best experience in love making

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Boy Butter Original

boybutterThis lube is considered to be one of the best and currently the most revolutionized lubricant that has been introduced in the market. It has a creamy water soluble property that causes stain free effect on fabric. Furthermore, it is available on both oil and water based formulas so anyone will be provided with the freedom to choose what type of lubricant that you would specifically prefer during your love making experience.

Basically, Boy Butter Original is an oil-based type of lubricant that only consists of the most powerful ingredient. These are the coconut oil and the organic silicone. The organic silicone that is contained in this product is very washable so you don’t have to worry about stains.

This has a long lasting and a hypoallergenic effect that is not only safe for the couple, it can also be considered safe especially if you will be applying them on your sex toys. Take note that this not a latex lubricant thus it would be highly advisable if you only use it with your trusted partner.

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Eat Play Love Massage Oils

eatplayloveThis is also considered to be one of the most famous lubricants ever introduced in the market.  This product has offered varieties in terms of other personal lubricants available. Most of them not only satisfy your sexual experience but also your palate as well. Each flavor would make you want to keep on using them as if they are one unique delicacy.

Moreover, they contain Vitamin E which makes one not feel sore as it will not contribute to vaginal dryness.

To top it all off, one can indeed be rest assured that sex is something that you should not belittle. In fact, one must able to find ways to be creative with your partner. Thus, you can best consider these lubricants as your best companion and help during sex as well as one of my favorite anal lubes available..

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