Water Based Lube versus Silicone Based Lubricant

The real truth is that sex is not as romantic and as delightful as most people would think it would be. Honestly, what you see in most movies and blockbusters are not really the way reality portrays it. In fact, there is nothing spontaneous and coordinated about doing sex. If you compare it in reality, most lovers would have to resort to some other things in order for them to make possible a more comfortable and a more harmonized sex.

This is where the importance of having lubricant would be in handy. There are indeed times that you don’t have to be all shy and cute about the whole. You need to be honest of the fact that surely there could be times in which making love would not be as smooth as you would think it would be. Or at times, one would be so tired to have the gusto and the eagerness to make love to your partner. So, this is where the proper lubrication should do its job for the couple.<

Know your Lubes

The following are the different kind of lubricants that you can choose from. It would be depending upon your preference whether you would be choosing one type of lubricant over the other.

Water Based Lubes

These are considered to be the most common type of lubricant. They are water soluble and that the viscosity of these lubricants may be changed by adjusting the water content of the lubricant.


  • They are easy to buy
  • They have a cheaper price
  • They have a very thin texture. This means as if you are not wearing any substance which makes love making a very natural thing.
  • They are quite slippery. This would mean it would greatly lessen irritation and friction
  • It is gentle. Water based lubricants contain glycerin which is non toxic and are very compatible for sensitive skin.
  • It is safe. They don’t easily break down.


  • It requires re-application. The reason why this is so is because since it has a thin texture, it needs to be re applied more frequently.
  • It dries out right away. As mentioned, it must also require frequent application because it readily dries out.
  • It may increase injection. Considering the fact that most water based lubricants contain glycerin, they would be highly vulnerable for infections.
  • It has paraben. Parabens are the leading cause of skin allergies which are commonly present in most water based lubricants.
  • It cannot be used in water based settings. This would mean that should you have sexual intercourse in the water, know that this kind of lubricant would be considered ineffective and would not be able to perform its function.

Silicone Based Lubes

Silicone based lubricants actually perform much longer than that of the water based lubricants. The reason why this is so is because they are not readily absorbed by the skin or even by the mucous membranes. In fact, they are the ones that are not easily being dissolved in water.


  • It is long lasting. This is perfect for those long lasting sexual activities.
  • It is durable. Most silicone based lubricants are made of high grade silicone. That is why they are much thicker thus much more durable.
  • It helps in skin irritation. Most silicone based lubricants have been infused with aloe vera and vitamin E extract so that such product may be able to relieve various skin conditions in the genital area.
  • It can be used in water based locations. One would be highly recommended to use this kind of product if you intent to make sex in the water.


  • This cannot be used with other sex toys. As much as you would want to become creative, the tendency of using silicone based lubricant would cause heavy stain on fabric. Thus, this is highly discouraged.
  • It is expensive. Unlike water based lubricant, these are more costly.
  • It may cause greasiness. There is that after greasy after feel when you use this kind of lubricant.


Having a lubricant is considered to be the fastest and the easiest way for you to find relief in your sexual dryness and possible chafing during your sexual encounter. It would also help you to further prolong your love making with your partner and it makes masturbation quite more pleasurable.