What is Lube or Lubricant?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is about the right time for you to unleash your inhibitions and find the high and mighty time to realize that sex is not always as accommodating as it would seem. Most of the time, sex can be very difficult and as much as it invites that feeling of pleasure beyond compare, it is not always the case that your partner would always be in the mood as you would.

True, sex is really overrated. And if you happen to be in a sticky situation in which you find it fitting and proper to practically lube yourself up for the occasion, sometimes your body anatomy might have to give up on you. This would mean that you need to depend on that big bottle of lube that is waiting ever so patiently in your bed side.

Don’t be too haughty and proud that you are the type who wouldn’t be needing it. In fact, it would amaze yourself of the many positive benefits that your lubricant would do for you and your partner.

Why would couples use a lubricant?

There is nothing embarrassing in the fact as to why couples should use lubricant. In fact, most couples often misunderstand this particular area in sexuality. In fact, a lot can dreadfully happen should there be a lack of lubrication during sex. And a lack of lubrication during sex may be caused by a lot of factors such as low levels of female estrogen, fear, anxiety, and other substance use.

The mentioned causes of lack of lubrication including the possible effects that it may bring may possibly cause failure in the relationship. Thus, in order to avoid this predicament, the need for couples to make lubrication a healthy part of their sexual intercourse should be considered a must. Using lubrication holds not restrictions as to how you are to use it. Thus, it is also of this reason why lubricants may come in various forms. It can be water based lubricants, silicone based lubricants, or even oil based lubricants.

Common Types of Lubricants:

As mentioned, couples are highly encouraged to apply lubrication as a vital element in their sexual play. In fact, if you want to be more creative, these lubricants may be used during foreplay or it may also be applied in various sexual toys that you may be using.

Finding your very own type of lubricant as your personal preference is actually a choice that you can enjoy. You can instantly go to a drugstore and just like choosing your favorite candy from a supermarket, you can choose from the different kinds of lubricants available. Thus, it would help if you would be able to know how one particular kind of lubricant would different from that of the other.

  • Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are those lubricants that commonly contain glycerin. One should know that this is the most common type of lubricant. The best thing about this product is that it does not easily dry out. In addition, it can be right away rejuvenated just by simply adding on some few drops of water or even saliva. It does work well if the man partner would be using a latex condom. There are also some water based lubricants that don’t contain glycerin so it would be actually your choice whether you would want to use a water-based lubricant with glycerin or not.

  • Oil based lubricants

There is a great significance as to employing the use of oil especially during love making. In fact, you may enjoy some great benefits when using olive oils during intimacy. The reason why is that it helps in facilitating better vulvar massage as they are considered to be safe in the vagina and they may also be safe for ingestion. However, if you will be using this, expect that the main disadvantage you will get is that it may greatly stain fabric.

  • Silicone Based Lubricants

These are the types of lubricants that contain no water at all. It is also formulated with fewer ingredients and offers a different kind of feel especially if couples will be using the product. They are not readily absorbed by the skin and thus, these types would usually last longer. They are highly recommended to be used with your sex toys that are especially made with silicone.


To wrap it all up, there is indeed a great importance when using lubricants. They help make the sexual activity more exciting and it can strengthen the relationship of the couples. It would be your preference to choose your own kind of lubricant based on how you perform sex with your partner.