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It’s a three-letter word that carries so much weight: sex. Since the beginning of time, sex has been viewed as an essential part of everyday living. Obviously, without sex, there would be no reproduction but if you look deeper, there are many health benefits to having sex. Shockingly enough, sex can provide benefits that affect a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and psychological state.  

While many people associate sexual health with safe sex, the physical act of having sex continues to be studied, further validating its importance on several aspects of a person’s health.

The Importance
of Sex

The Importance of Sex

Based on the world population, it is very obvious that sex is important to millions of people. On a deeper level, your sex life can have a major impact on several aspects of your life. When in a committed relationship, having regular sex can help your partner feel desired and like you are still interested in them. This feeling of being wanted and desired links directly to a person’s self esteem. Having sex does not only have benefits to mental health and perception but (as you will learn), sex can also improve aspects of a person’s physical health.

Sex also promotes the importance of intimate relationships. Humans are social creatures and need some kind of interaction with others to maintain overall health and wellness. Sex increases intimacy, resulting in deeper connections.

All of these factors together contribute to a better quality of life.

How Can Sex Improve my Health?

How Can Sex Improve my Health?

There are several sex studies that equate sex with cardiovascular exercise. Before you trade your daily run for extra time in the bedroom, it should be noted that sex is considered very light cardio. Because your heart rate increases during sex, your metabolism begins to kick in. With a faster metabolic rate, your body burns calories faster. When a person is having sex, their body burns twice as many calories as when it is sedentary.

Although your metabolism increases, those with high blood pressure should consider adding sex to their daily routine. Because sex releases feel-good hormones like endorphins, the body naturally relaxes in the process. When the body relaxes, it combats things like hypertension which occurs when a person suffers from high blood pressure. Sex is not a miracle antidote to solve high blood pressure issues but adding to your routine will bring some much-needed fun into your life. That being said, lower blood pressure helps fight off serious ailments like heart disease.  

Along the lines of burning calories, sex has also been linked to heart health. Because the body experiences added stress during sex, the heart works harder to pump blood throughout the body. On a much smaller scale, you could equate sex to interval training. As you change up the rhythm and flow, your heart rate will either increase or dissipate. This exercise is good for the body because stress is something that the heart needs to strengthen itself.

If you need any more of an incentive, studies have shown that people with active sex lives tend to be those who exercise more. People with an active exercise regime are healthier. Healthier people tend to have more energy to do extracurricular activities like having sex.

Sex Boosts Immunity

Sex Boosts Immunity

I bet you didn’t know that having sex could boost your immune system. With COVID-19 and flu season happening at the same time, it’s important to find any and all advantages. On a serious note, there have been several studies that have concluded that sex can boost a person’s immune system.

For example, a study conducted by C. J. Charnetski, Department of Psychology, Wilkes University found a strong correlation between people who had frequently (one to two times per week) and the presence of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. For the study, Charnetski split the 112 students into four categories based on sexual activity: none, infrequent (less than once per week), frequent (one or two times per week), and very frequent (three or more times per week).

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that plays a vital role in illness prevention and works as the first line of defense against human papillomavirus, otherwise known as HPV.

While there is still much to discover about sex and its effects on immune health, apparently swapping spit with your partner could benefit you in the long run.

Emotional Benefits of Sex

Emotional Benefits of Sex

Sex not only benefits a person on a physical level but emotionally as well. When many people think about health, emotional health is rarely if ever considered. Without emotional health, a person can spiral, leading to feelings of depression or loneliness.

For those in relationships, sex should be viewed as much more than a physical act. Once you’ve found a committed relationship, the person you’re with will naturally want to be viewed as much more than just a sex partner.

While relationships should not revolve around sex, if you do not have an active sex life with your partner, it can cause them to feel unwanted. Sex and intimacy are often intertwined. When people have sex with each other, it is an expression of their feelings and desires. Not only does your body crave sex but during intercourse, you will feel emotionally connected to your partner in a way that words can’t always express. When you take the time to emotionally connect, you are able to have moments that are filled with more passion than ever before.

Sex is the ultimate state of vulnerability and when you take all the walls down, that is when the biggest emotional connections occur.

The Importance of Slow Sex

The Importance of Slow Sex

When people watch movies or television shows, sex scenes always seem incredible. From breaking lamps to ground-shaking sex, media portrayals of the sexual experience can be misleading. Something else that is often ignored but is extremely important is the concept of slowing down and enjoying the moment. After a long day of work or when you’re just excited to see your partner, the tendency is to rush into bed and get things going. While that method works for some couples, slow sex has several benefits that you may not have ever considered. And with the coronavirus pandemic still keeping people at home, you may as well take your time.

The most important benefit of having slow sex is that it promotes and sustains a connection between partners. If you’re jumping into the bedroom and have sex for a few minutes, while there is some physical benefit, you are not experiencing all that you could. When you’re having sex and slowing things down, it gives you a chance to really look at your partner and get to know them better.

By slow sex, we’re not referring to making the occasion a four hour long journey. Slow sex is taking the time to really dig in with your partner and create a safe space for exploration. The more time you take exploring your partner, the easier it becomes to understand what turns them on. Once you unlock that understanding, the sexual satisfaction your partner feels becomes that much deeper.

For men, slowing down the tempo increases the chances of having multiple ejaculations during one sexual encounter. Known as ejaculatory orgasms, the penis needs time to recharge and reload before being able to go again.

Something to note is that when your partner is happy, sexual frequency tends to increase. Although it may be hard to change things up, (especially if you like to move quickly), developing not only a physical but also emotional connection is worth the wait.

Sex Drive

Sex Drive Foods

Sex drive is something that everyone is looking to improve. Whether a 20 year old or pushing 60, there is always a need to improve your performance in the bedroom. While there are things you can do like consult a doctor or healthcare provider, one thing that is often ignored is the foods you eat. The saying, you are what you eat has a lot of merits and when you take a closer look at foods that help increase sex drive, you will understand why a healthy diet is so important.

When people think of healthy foods, fruits are usually at the top of the list. Containing several vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, fruits not only help the immune system but testosterone levels. Pomegranate has become more popular in recent years for its health benefits. With a plethora of antioxidants like ellagic acid and tannins, pomegranate is able to fight off many health conditions like high cholesterol, heart disease, and bronchitis. In terms of sexual benefits, some studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice increases sexual stamina. Imagine that all you needed to do was drink a little juice to improve performance.

For men looking for better erections, walnuts have become a go-to food. Containing nitric oxide, walnuts help increase blood circulation throughout the body. Even if a man wants to get an erection, sometimes it’s not possible. Adding walnuts to your day to day diet increases your chance of being ready for intercourse at all times. For men who experience issues like premature ejaculation, walnuts have been shown to improve sperm count and fertility.

If you’re looking for a meal to help you and your partner get into the mood, pair red wine with beef. Just like walnuts, red wine is high in nitric oxide. Make sure to keep consumption to one or two cups. Beef is high in zinc. Lean cuts on beef have been known to inhibit the production of a hormone known as prolactin. When prolactin is released into the bloodstream at high doses, it can cause sexual dysfunction. Although it is not advised to eat red meat every single day, having small pieces of beef every now and then can make a difference to how you feel and perform in the bedroom.

Sex Increase our life expectancy

Sex Increase our life expectancy

Although it seems a little hard to believe, having sex may also extend your life. While everyone ages, there are certain things that doctors always prescribe to people looking to live a healthy life for as long as possible. Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and addressing mental health have all become standard methods of keeping your body in working order.

Sex is something that has been studied for decades and now with access to more information, the scientific community is finding correlations between sex and longevity. A study performed by the American Journal of Cardiology found a link that suggested that men who had sex at low frequencies suffered from an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. They came to this conclusion because men who are sexually active tend to have libido and are also physically active overall. This combination is an indication of overall health.

These findings should be taken with a grain of salt as there is still not enough evidence that regular sex does increase life expectancy. However, even with just a possibility, it should be considered enough to at least give it a try. And if results come back inconclusive, at least you were able to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits that sex has to offer.

Having a
Healthy Sex Life is Important

Having a Healthy Sex Life is Important

As you can see, having sex is much more than a physical act. Sex can improve so many aspects of your life and should not be viewed as a throwaway activity. When you take sex seriously, it shows your partner that you’re willing to make the ultimate connection with them. If sex is a part of your life, it is important to explore those urges on a deeper level. When with your partner, don’t be afraid to express yourself and what you want. Once your partner understands your desires, the benefits of sex will be even more powerful. If one of your desires is to use flavored lubricants, make sure that your partner knows.

And while you can have similar benefits to your physical and emotional health without sex, why not get the best of both worlds?

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