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#LUBELIFE CBD Infused Silicone Hybrid Based Lubricant

The hottest new trend in lubricant is CBD infusion! #LubeLife has teamed up with the infusion magicians at Vertosa to bring you a gloriously emulsified formula that maintains its top-shelf quality from the first drop to the last in every bottle. It’s a recipe for pleasure with a pure intimate lube that complements your natural moisture.

Each bottle contains 100mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD, a non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid that blends beautifully with the high-quality silicone + water hybrid and water-based #LubeLife formulas you already love and trust. Wetter is better in every way with this thin, natural-feeling lube that is never sticky or tacky. Compatible with most toy materials (check your toy manufacturer’s guidelines first), its pure formula also ensures that your toys keep their integrity no matter how long you play.

Our key ingredient, Broad-Spectrum CBD, is sourced in the USA and processed expertly by Vertosa, one of the market leaders in infusion technology. #LubeLife worked closely with Vertosa to create a formula that seamlessly integrates its elements into a smooth, natural texture - almost like the real thing.

Containing ingredients grown and sourced in the United States, all components of our formula are of the highest quality. When we say ‘pure,’ we mean absolutely 100% body-safe, including no parabens. No unwanted chemicals here! Just a pure recipe that complements your own natural moisture.

Your body safety and comfort is our top priority, which is why #LubeLife CBD Lubricant is pH balanced, reducing the risk of adverse reactions. We don’t want to throw your intimate moments into jeopardy by introducing unfriendly acidity levels! Why would we? It takes us a bit longer to engineer this way, but we think you’re worth it.

Because of its lightweight formula, our water-based #LubeLife CBD personal lubricant washes off with water, and washes out of your bedsheets easily. With our silicone + water hybrid version, you’ll need to add soap to clean thoroughly, but neither result in a sticky or tacky feel on the skin during or after use. Yay!

As a result of our pure formula, most toys are compatible with #LubeLife CBD lubricant. Always wash your intimate toys with soap (or toy cleaner) and warm water before and after use to keep your body safe and make sure to check our product label for further details on material compatibility.