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5 Ridiculously Cute Indoor Dates You Can Do Right Now

By LubeLife Team   |   April 6, 2020     

Ok, everyone, it’s time to get a little creative. For those of you who are stuck at home with your partner, yikes, Coronavirus could either demonstrate that your partner is the one or the one you never want to see again. For those who are looking for some great date ideas that are 100% indoor specific, look no further. While some require a little more planning than others, you’re sure to find an idea that you can tinker to your specific situation. 

Finish A Puzzle 

How many of you have opened a new puzzle, worked on it enthusiastically for an hour or two, become frustrated when you could not find a crucial piece and then left the puzzle to gather dust for a few years?  Well now that you have two brains instead of one, it’s the perfect time to take out the impossible puzzle and finally finish it. Grab some popcorn, put on a television show you’ve seen a thousand times (for ambiance), and help each other out. You can learn a lot about a person by how they work through a puzzle.  


It’s Time To Bake 

Everyone likes something sweet every now and then. Since you have so much free time on your hands, head over to a grocery store and buy some essentials. Whether looking to bake cookies or bake a cake that would even make Buddy Valastro gasp, use this time for bonding. While one person is whipping the eggs, another can mix the dry ingredients. As your masterpiece bakes in the oven, breathe in the smell of delicious success. Once properly cooled, you and your partner can feed each other a delicious dessert.   

Let Out Your Inner Whitney Houston 

Every person likes to sing in the shower and as shows like American Idol have demonstrated, many of us think we sound like Whitney Houston. Although the probability of that being a reality is less than 0, a night of karaoke is a sheer fire way of boosting morale. YouTube channels like  Sing King are filled with song lyrics you can follow along to. Whether you’re into Doja Cat or “Frozen 2”, grab your comb and sing your heart out.   

Picasso Who?  

Another great outlet for creativity is drawing or painting. Use the internet to find inspirational images that you and your partner can then attempt to replicate. If one of you gets stuck or needs assistance, switch places. If you’re feeling really inspired, you could always recreate the famous scene in “Titanic” where Jack draws Rose. Just remember to be generous.  

Let’s Go To The Spa 

It’s hard not to feel stressed out during times like these. With no one knowing what the future holds, take some time to disconnect and find balance. Use the items around you to create your very own couple’s spa. A calming face mask, warm bubble bath, and scented candles are all ways to relax your mind and body. After a warm bath, take your partner into the bedroom and relax their tense muscles with a full body massage. Luckily YouTube has about a million massage videos at your disposal. Watch one beforehand to get a sense of what it’s supposed to look like and then give it go.   

And if you really want to make your partner feel like a million bucks, try out #LubeLife’s  Water Based Lubricant. With its smooth feel and slippery glide, it works as the perfect massage gel. And who knows, with their rejuvenated body, your partner may be up for some extracurricular activities. I mean, the bed is already there.

As you can see, being trapped home alone with your partner can have its perks. All you need is a little imagination, patience, and motivation to get through this incredibly weird moment in history. Once all this is over, you’ll probably want to get away from each other for a bit but for now, make as many memories as possible indoors. 

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