Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about #LubeLife by giving our FAQ section a quick look. 

Shipping and Fulfillment

Q: Where is my order fulfilled? 

A: All orders are fulfilled at our warehouse and manufacturing headquarters in Santa Clarita, California. 

Orders are shipped within 1 business day from the time the order is placed, excluding weekends and national holidays. 

Q: Where do you ship? 

A: We currently ship to the 48 contiguous United States. We don't ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guan, or the U.S. Virgin Islands at this time. 

Q: How long does shipping take? 

A: Most orders are delivered within 7 - 10 business days. Our Fulfillment Team ships orders Monday - Friday, excluding national holidays. Most orders are shipped within 1 business day from the time the order is placed, excluding weekends and national holidays. 

After your order ships out, delivery time can vary based on your shipping method: 

Standard Shipping: Delivery in 7 - 10 business days, via USPS or FedEx. 

Free Shipping: Delivery in 7 - 10 business days, via USPS or FedEx. 

Expedited Shipping: Delivery in 2 - 3 business days after your ships, via USPS or FedEx. We cannot guarantee a delivery date with expedited shipping, but can guarantee it will be faster then standard or free shipping. 

Q: How do I track my order? 

A: Once your order ships out, we'll email your tracking information so you can monitor your order and anticipated delivery date. If you don't receive an email within 3 business days of placing your order, please check your spam or trash folder. 

Q: My order was delivered but I didn't receive it. 

A: This is the most common question we receive! Most of the time, your order is delivered to the wrong address, a common area at your address, or a parcel locker for a scheduled pick up. Please email our Customer Support Team at, so we can help!   


Refunds, Cancellation and Privacy Policy

What is your privacy policy? 

Customer privacy and trust is of the utmost importance to CC Wellness. Working in accordance with state and federal laws, your personal information will never be duplicated or transferred to unknown parties. To view our full privacy policy, please click  here.

What is your cancellation policy?  

In order to ensure a valid cancellation, it must be performed within 3 hours of checkout. If your order is canceled after the 3 hour mark, we will try our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee that it will occur. Once an order has been fulfilled and shipped, it cannot be canceled.    

Do you accept returns? 

We do not accept returns. If your bottle arrives cracked or leaking, please  contact us for immediate assistance. 


Product Questions 

Who needs #LubeLife? 

#LubeLife is for anyone looking for healthier and better sexual experiences. While many people like it rough, sex does not have be painful or uncomfortable. Featuring a perfectly smooth glide and unparalleled lubrication, our personal lubricants, provide an incredible experience. With #LubeLife, you're provided with a perfect assist that will keep you lubricated for hours on end. 

Ranging from water-based to flavored lubes, let your imagination run wild with lubricants that will allow you to slide into every position under the sun. Don't just live life, #LubeLife.

What’s the difference between your water-based and silicone lubricant? 

Apart from the water based lubricant having a base of water and silicone lubricants having a base of silicone, the differences in these lubes comes down to feel and reason for use. For those who want a lubricant that seamlessly combines with the natural moisture of your body, (resulting in smooth glide), water based is your choice. For those who want a lube that is long-lasting and usable in places like a jacuzzi, silicone may be more your speed.  

Do your water-based lubricants have any flavor to them? 

Our water-based do not have a definitive flavor to them. If you’re looking for an oral sex lubricant, #LubeLife has three delicious flavors that can help you out. 

Can you tell me more about your flavored lubricants? 

Sure. We have three flavored lubricants: watermelon, mint chocolate chip and strawberry. Intended for oral, vaginal or anal play, these lubricants are created under strict FDA guidelines and use ingredients sourced and grown within the United States. Recreating three popular flavors, these 8 oz bottles are the perfect accessory for anyone looking to explore intimacy with someone or themselves. 

Do your flavored lubricants have sugar in them? 

No, our flavored lubricants are 100% sugar free and edible. Created with organic ingredients, it is easily indigestible without adverse effects.   

Do your lubes have a scent?

Our water based and silicone lubricants have no scent whatsoever. 

Our flavored variety have a delicious taste and scent that reflects whichever flavor is of interest to you. 

Are your products safe to use with toys? 

Yes, our products are safe to use with most toys. Depending on which lubricant you purchase (water based or silicone), there are certain restrictions. Be sure to read the label in order to find out more information.   

Is #LubeLife safe to use with condoms? 

Whether choosing our water-based or silicone lubricants, all our products are compatible with rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms. 

Check the product packaging for specific details. 

Does your product contain spermicide? 

No, our products do not contain a spermicide.  

Do your products come in discreet packaging?  

Yes, our products ship discreetly. No one will ever know what’s inside of your packages. Just look out for the CC Wellness sender address and you’ll know what to expect. 

Are your lubes flammable? 

Why? Are you into that? Just kidding. No, our lubes are not flammable at all. There are no hazardous contents in these products.  

Are your silicone based lubricants latex-friendly?  

Our silicone based lubricants are completely safe for latex condoms. You’ll be able to enjoy your private time without any complaints.   

Are your products gluten free? 

Yes! All of our products are gluten free. On top of that, our products are free of parabens, added sugars and propylene glycol. 

Are your products hypoallergenic?  

You bet! Our lubes are made with only the highest quality ingredients, meaning that you will never have to worry about exposure to harmful substances. 

I’m on the fence about your product, do you offer samples that I can try?

Totally understandable. Finding the right lube is a task that takes time and research. For anyone looking to sample products, click  here. Completely free, shipping is the only thing you need to cover. 

Will your lubes cause a rash? 

Our all organic formulas are created with the intent of sensitive use. Sourcing all of our ingredients from the US, a high quality finish is ensured. In the rare case that you do feel a burning sensation, discontinue use immediately and contact a physician or us for further details.  


Discounts, Mailing Lists, and Contact Information

How do I use discount codes? 

During the checkout process, in the information tab, on the right hand side under an image of your order, a small box with the filled in words "Discount Code" will appear. Type in your code and then press "Apply." Your discount will automatically be calculated. 

Do you have a mailing list? 

Why yes we do! When on the LubeLife website, scroll all the way to the bottom. In the very middle of the page, (right above the footer), you'll see the word "SUBSCRIBE" written in all caps. A space to input your email is available. All you have to do is click signup and you're added to the email list.  

There's something wrong with my order, how can I contact you? 

There are two ways to contact us. Clicking  here will take you to the contact form of our website. Fill out the appropriate fields and press the send button. You can also send an email to and a customer service specialist will assist you.