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50 Shades of Cinema to Turn You on This Summer

The summer brings an urge to explore beyond the norm of just finding a movie to stream and vegging on the couch. While it also creates the need to escape the heat and take a breather inside. The perfect hybrid activity for both moods is watching a movie with your partner. Whether you bring it to the beach or keep it inside, picking out a sexy movie for date night isn’t something to stress over. The sexiest movies can get you and your partner in the mood for a few vivacious rounds in bed even before the credits roll. 

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey tops the list of sexy movies to watch this summer. Watch Anna (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) embark on a sexy, thrill-packed, relationship. This saucy rendition of intriguing scenes is culminated by watching Anna strip and engage in some steamy action in Christian's sex dungeon. The way she gives herself away and immerses into the splendor of the moment almost takes your clothes off for you in sheer ecstasy. The film will leave you desiring the clutches of your partner’s arms but don’t get wrapped up too tight or else they might break out the whip! 

365 Days

Netflix's 365 days will show you how one year in your life can truly change everything. Beautiful Italian scenery will catch your eye, and the intimate scenes will catch your heart. In between the explicit sex scenes from Laura (Anna Maria) and a Sicilian mafia boss Masimo (Michele Morrone), are thrills that will heat the sexual urge you’ve been craving. The viewer is provided with drama, action, and steamy scenes to stoke you and your partners libidos.

Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick's film featuring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman explores a Manhattan couple into a pandora's box of forbidden sexual desire. The film has a seductive and intense storyline with plenty of sexual scenes (even a mass orgy). It will bring you to the depths and heights of an explorative sexual lifestyle. There is no way you are getting out of there without licking your lips and sweat across your brow. Don’t forget a napkin, in case you start drooling. 

Call Me by Your Name

To be enthralled is to be enchanted, and to be enchanted is to be in love. This movie is the story of Elio (Timothée Chalamet), who falls for his father's assistant, Oliver (Armie Hammer), while on summer vacation in Italy. The film shows a curiosity between the two and how they gaze and graze at each other's body parts. This sentiment of the film will leave you feeling infatuated with your partner and give you plenty of provocative behavior to try and replicate.

Kill Me Softly

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hook-up with that sexy stranger, across the street in the phone booth? In that case, Heather Graham and John Fiennes' Kill Me Softly is worth a watch. The storyline weaves around mystery and can be seen as sexual fantasy motion picture. If you are not horny when you press play, the steamy scenes between these strangers will get you hot and bothered by the time it’s over. Don’t forget to tune in with some #LubeLife and start your own fantasies this summer!


From the title, the film is about those discreet and sexy extra-marital affairs that are often featured on the silver screen. This is an intense drama with wild sexual chemistry and sex drive between Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez. It will get you and your partner into the action, but make sure to share continuous intimacy them, capitalize on the moment and show your passion in actions, not words.

Little Children

A story known by many, unhappy spouses coalesce in a moment of fate, cue in Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet. They are both stuck in sexless marriages. Pent-up sexual tension can be felt in every scene of the movie. Two Hollywood heartthrobs shed their caution and guises to provide the intensity you and your partner are looking for. Add some #LubeLife to accelerate this wet and wild film.

Try a Change of Scenery

 Who doesn't want to watch a good film while enjoying the waves and serenity that comes with sitting under the stars? While you might have to pack a picnic basket and some blankets, a romantic love-nest on the beach could be exactly what you need to turn up the action!

Going out on a drive-in date night with your partner also tops among the sexiest things to do as a couple. It not only helps you spend quality time together but you’ll have some intimate privacy to let loose a bit. Whether you choose the outdoors, drive-in, or just getting up next to each other. Watching a movie with an enthralling storyline will bring you and your partner close to climax before you even hit the sheets.

Bring Some Lube into Your Sexy Movie Marathon

If you are looking to get some steamy sex after the movie, you should have some #LubeLife to make sure things stay wet. Water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubes will prep you for the pleasure you deserve. They come in different flavors, so you can always choose the taste you want to cum to. If you decide to try out some sex toys, as you saw in the movies, this lube will come in handy for you. Silicone lube caters to anal sex lovers because everyone should be served with their heart cravings. Not only does #LubeLife bring you closer to the action; it will edge you, prime you and shoot you over the moon of what you thought sex should be like.

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