6 Common Myths About Sex and Alcohol

6 Common Myths About Sex and Alcohol

 By Colleen 

Think alcohol is the ultimate wing man (or woman) in the bedroom? Think again. #LubeLife is about to myth-bust the most common misconceptions about sex and heavy drinking.

There's nothing like the power of liquid courage to get your mind and body in the mood for love.

Unfortunately, though, scientific research has burnt a giant hole through the theory that a boozed-up and horny brain makes for a highly aroused body that's DTF at a moment's notice.

There's no need to break out the bottles in an attempt to prove otherwise, wise guy (or gal). The #LubeLife team has already done the work for you, and not a single shred of evidence points to alcohol as the almighty solver of sex and relationship problems.

Actually, it's quite the opposite. Drink beyond moderation and your body is going to fight tooth and nail against your brain's desire for sex. It's true that getting drunk can make intercourse sound a lot more appealing (hello, beer goggles!), but as we all know, alcohol rarely tells the truth (like that time it told you that drunk-dialing your ex was the best idea ever).

Wondering why you feel a lot more desirable after a few drinks, but can't get your sexy (and sloppy drunk) mind to sync up with your body's sexual response? We've myth-busted the ugly truths behind alcohol and pleasure. 

Myth #1: Alcohol increases sexual desire.

Truth: Yes, but only at the surface level. There's a lot more to this myth than meets the eye.

No one is arguing the well-known fact that alcohol lowers inhibitions, pain responses, and – let's face it – common sense. Alcohol is a depressant, and this tipsy liquid depresses the brain functions that would otherwise tell you it's not a good idea to argue over politics at the bar, re-friend your ex on Facebook, or hook up with a one-night-stand. 

For that same reason, alcohol will initially lower your sexual inhibitions, leaving you more open to flirtatious advances from a partner (or that cute stranger hitting on you at the club) and sensually arousing activites.

One study even found that as blood alcohol levels increase, female subjects reported being more sexually aroused.

And get this! Researchers also discovered that men who believed that they consumed an alcoholic beverage – even if they were given a non-alcoholic drink and told it contained alcohol - exhibited greater sexual arousal in response to viewing sexually explicit materials. The men who were told they'd been given a mock-tail – and therefore felt totally sober - didn't respond as strongly.

However, boozing it up just before getting it on isn't actually benefiting your body's sexual responsiveness.

Alcohol decreases blood flow to the penis, weakens orgasm intensity, and can numb feelings of physical pleasure. So although you might be a little bit braver about saying 'yes' to sex or trying something new in the bedroom, that additional arousal stops below the neck.

Your brain might be more up for the task after a few drinks, but alcohol will ensure that the subsequent sex won't live up to the drunken hype.

Myth #2: Because alcohol makes it easier to get aroused, it helps the body produce vaginal wetness in women.

Truth: Absolutely false. Alcohol actually dries out the mucous membranes.

Ever wonder why you'll occasionally get a stuffy nose or sore throat during or after drinking alcohol – especially the morning after, accompanied by a nasty hangover and intense thirst?

Alcohol dehydrates your cells. This can come in handy if, for example, you're using a wet, alcohol prep pad to disinfect the skin around a cut, or want a facial toner with a little bit of alcohol in the ingredients to soak up excess oil.

For obvious reasons, however, you do NOT want anything drying out your mucous membranes during sex. It's hard to give oral sex with a dry mouth or enjoy rubbing or penetration when your kitty is as dry as a desert.

Fortunately there's a much healthier solution that offers extra wetness with the flavor of a tasty mixed drink: our brand new #LubeLife Cocktails lubricants.

Our mocktail lubes deliver all the flavor of your usually-boozy favorites, like Sex on the Beach, Mai Tai, Mint Mojito, and Piña Colada, without all of the dehydrating side effects of alcohol.

Myth #3: Alcohol increases the risk of STDs.

Truth: Yes, and 60% of STIs are transmitted when alcohol is involved.

Go figure. Just like any other type of alcohol-fueled behavior, concern for health and safety fly straight out the window when we're drunk.

When we're too wasted and horny to care, no one is going to bother digging around for a condom or dental dam. And if both partners forgot to bring a condom? We doubt anyone's going to be game for a late night walk to the pharmacy.

STI transmissions increase significantly with heavy alcohol use. As if that wasn't bad enough, our bodies have a hard time fighting infections when we're intoxicated.

Alcohol weakens the immune system, which puts us at further risk for serious infections like Hepatitis C and HIV. Drinking can even make it easier to catch a cold since our body's defense system is compromised.

If there is any chance you'll be sharing drinks with someone cute tonight, at the very least, don't leave the house without a fresh stash of condoms in an easily accessible place.

Myth #4: Alcohol can help me and my partner relax if we’ve been arguing.

Truth: Nope, not even close. It'll just make things worse.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking and heavy drinking are major contributors to severe relationship problems that can include arguments, infidelity, economic insecurity, and even divorce.

Can you ever recall a time when a few drinks kept fights from breaking out at the bar – or lessened the drama on any given episode of Jersey Shore?

Alcohol has the same effect on your relationship. If you've already got issues that require intense communication to resolve, alcohol will ensure your discussions are completely lacking in reason and likely full of senseless, hurtful insults.

It might feel relaxing to crack open a cold beer with your friends or pop open a champagne bottle to celebrate your anniversary, but please – steer clear of alcohol whenever conflict enters the room.

Myth #5: Alcohol can help men overcome the physical issues associated with erectile dysfunction.

Truth: This myth is so false that the opposite is actually true.

You've definitely heard of “whiskey dick,” though the title is misleading. Any type of alcohol can leave your willy limp, no matter how turned-on you feel.

In one University of Washington study, intoxicated men had a significantly more difficult time achieving an erection than sober men – and that's when the drunk guys could get hard at all!

Because alcohol depresses your nervous system, decreases blood flow, and even increases angiotensin, a hormone associated with erectile dysfunction, getting drunk prior to sex can ruin your entire bedroom game in the form of temporary erectile dysfunction.

Long-term heavy drinking eventually leads to chronic erectile dysfunction, and studies have proven that guys who regularly depend on binge or heavy drinking habits have a 60-70% chance of suffering from various kinds of sexual dysfunction.

Alcohol pretty much messes up the entire downstairs for men, including conditions like premature ejaculation, regular erectile dysfunction, and total lack of interest in sex.

Myth #6: A couple glasses of wine or a single cocktail should be avoided at all costs just prior to sex.

Truth: Of course this one's false! But we had to make sure you were still reading. ;)

So here's the deal, ya'll. A little bit of alcohol during your dinner date won't wreck your whole sex life for good. We're not trying to shame you for enjoying a few glasses of wine with your babe or bringing your honey a liquor-filled cocktail after a hard day at the office.

In fact, a couple of drinks can make you feel more aroused and up for sex, especially if you're a female. But to quote a health instructor, we're only going to advocate for alcohol use in moderation. That means 1-2 drinks, maximum, before getting down to the sexy stuff.

Look, we totally get it. When used safely and in small amounts, drinking with friends or a partner can be super fun and even lead to sensual play. But per the science, your body will enjoy sex a lot more when you're totally sober. (Sorry, we don't make the rules! But we totally make the tasty AF mocktail-flavored lubes.)

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