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7 Steamy Sex Positions to Try This Summer

The summer is getting hot, and let's face it; no one wants boring sex at the end of a long hot day. You want some excellent strokes that leave you craving for more. The doggy-style and missionary positions you’re used to are great, but sometimes you want something different. Something freakier, hotter, and more intense that gets you screaming their name. Exploring a new, wild sex style is an excellent way to shake off the monotony of old positions and increase intimacy between you and your partner.

The summer comes with outdoor activities that may get you wanting to try out some crazy sex locations like in the park or in the car. You don't want a sex position that leaves you too hot and sweaty, especially in this summer's temperatures. If you've been jogging your mind about new freakier sex positions to get you and your mate rolling this summer, you have come to the right place. Get ready for some crazy sex tips and products to incorporate during sex that will get you that mind-blowing orgasm and keep you coming back for more.

1.    The View

Is Mercury still in reverse cowgirl? If your partner is a "butt person," they will cum twice as hard from enjoying this rear-view. First, let your partner lie on their back and then sensually sit on their member while facing their feet. Slowly and strategically lower your body till you are flat. Place your legs on the inside of your partners and wrap your hands around their legs. You will begin gyrating slowly and let them enjoy seeing you twerking up and down. If you are in for some extra pleasure, you can slide your hand under and gently rub yourself while at it. That's the best view they will ever see. 

2.    The Butter Churner

If you are into yoga or have a flexible body, this is definitely the style to try. To do it, begin by laying on your back and bend your legs up till your ankles are on either side of your head. Your partner will then squat over you and enter you at a downward angle. It's a fantastic position, especially if your partner is on the smaller side or is looking to go all the way deep. Remember to put some pillows underneath for some back support and let the juices flow.

3.    Classic 69

You have probably heard about 69ing. Different variations of this position will blow you out of the water, and the classic 69 is one. Here, both you and your partner are supposed to align yourself such that each person's mouth is positioned down under. This allows for reciprocal oral sex and a bit of competition to see who can make the other cum first. Do you have what it takes to win the race?

4.    The Squeeze Box

This position has the words Kegel and squats written all over it, and that's how you know an orgasm is guaranteed. The bottom partner squats over the top while holding the head of their member inside them. They then hover for a second before lowering themselves and squeezing, like a Kegels, around the shaft. They then ride with intervals of slow-deep squeezes that let them get in all the way in, followed by short energetic thrusts and finally a quick pullout. The best way to enjoy this position is by having a "no-touching rule," so that your groins are the only two parts in contact. Think of your lover’s limbs as lava and the only way to cross the volcano is a vivacious climax.

5.    Straddling Chest-to-Chest

If you are looking to go for a ride outside of town, you should consider doing this other type of ride in the back seat of your car. The straddling chest-to-chest is an intimate position that will get you and your partner straddled around each other. Here you can control the ride or create a rhythm that will leave you both moaning the whole time.

6.    Bathtub Reverse Cowgirl

Summers are hot, and getting a position to enjoy while cooling off in the tub is everyone's dream. This position is almost like the reverse cowgirl, except here your partner sits upright with their back lining against the tab wall. You will kneel on top of your partner while facing their legs and ride the hell out of them. You can also let them penetrate you from the back while positioning the pouring facet to fall right between your legs and massage yourself as you ride. The bathtub is the perfect spot to explore anal sex, an anal lube will come in handy. This position lets you get dirty and clean off at the same time, what else could you ask for!


7.    Sideways Splitter

Instead of the traditional lying on your back, you can try to lie on your side and put your leg on top of your partner's shoulders. They will then enter you on their knees while still enjoying the view of your top half. You can do this style on the couch, on the carpet, or even in the tub. Don’t leave your partner with a carpet burn, try out some #LubeLife to grease those wheels.


Get Some Lube and Get Into Action

Enjoying these positions will require that you are wet all through. The best way to be sure is by using one of the high-quality lubes from #LubeLife. They come in all assortments and flavors to turn you on and let you enjoy some good strokes. If you are a die-hard fan of anal sex, silicone-based anal lubricants will get you gripping those sheets harder. If you want your sex toys to be clean and healthy for use, try the top-notch #LubeLife foaming toy cleaner. All these new positions can seem like a lot to try out, but with a little lubrication, you’ll fit right in.

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