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7 Ways to Build Your Sex Bucket List

You need to add some spice back into your love life! It's easy to slip into a boring routine once you and your partner have eclipsed that honeymoon phase. You probably have your go-to way to get your partner to climax, and use this method every time you're tired, or when the lovemaking gets rushed. Sadly, once the novelty of a new relationship fades, you and your partner will wish you were working on a sex bucket list. Create a bucket-list of fantasies in private and then share it with your partner. They will see your enthusiasm for adventure and reciprocate to help meet those desires you need!

Build Your Bucket List

While you and your partner are feeling each other out, make time to increase levels of communication and intimacy. The alternative is growing distant or complacent; instead, strive for adventure. While you might not share all the same fantasies, it is easy to create a sex bucket list that meets both your needs. 

1. Invite a Couple Over for a Private Sex Party

This rousing occasion allows you and your partner to get down with another couple or at least in the same room as another pair. It can work with good friends who will respect your boundaries and with strangers from an app with whom you've become familiar. At the beginning of the sex party, have a group chat about some simple guidelines: 

  • Everyone should give consent before starting sexual activities
  • Come up with safe words for when things get a bit too sexy
  • Understand each other’s do’s and don’ts 

If you feel like all participants are mature, and will agree to keep the playtime discreet, a sex party can add that spark to your sex life you’ve been looking for! 

2. Bring a Waterproof Toy into the Shower

Many kinds of sex toys, including dildos, vibrators, rings, and plugs can get wet. These items accommodate foreplay or sex in the shower. Along with some long-lasting #LubeLife, you and your partner will be able to get dirty and clean off at the same time. 

However, it's easy for you to get hurt in the shower if there's no safe way to get leverage. Don't do any sexual positions or actions that risk your safety. As well as make sure to wear water shoes or place a shower mat down, to avoid any undesired slippage.

3. Play Doctor in a New Location

You’ll need a convincing outfit with a lab coat and a stethoscope. Now’s a great time to find a Halloween store, or better yet, Amazon Prime. Make sure to establish the rules for what kinds of "clinical" investigation will be permitted during this role-play. Plan ahead so you can sanitize all your toys and have all kinds of #LubeLife available. Find you and your partner's favorite water-based flavors and start your treatment with a little extra grease. 

4. Shoot a Quick Video Using a Tablet or Smartphone

Being on camera can be an exhilarating thrill ride and evoke a voyeuristic side you may not have known you had. Before you yell “action”, make sure you trust your partner to be discreet and mature with the content you’re creating. When you are ready to get started, try these steps:

  • Choose a role-play with your partner
  • Set a timer for the video camera to start filming 
  • Time it to commence once you have moved from foreplay to intercourse. 

While you might be a bit camera shy at first, start slow and allow the movie magic to take hold. Afterward, you and your special co-star can relive the steamy action whenever you’d like. 

5. Give Each Other a Sexy Massage

  • Wear an outfit that sets the mood from the start
  • Create a music playlist in advance
  • Choose a room where you can turn off the lights and light a candle
  • Decide which scented massage oil or lube works well for your partner 
  • Decide who will give the massage first 

If one of you tends to get relaxed and fall asleep during a massage, he or she should provide the service first. Ask your partner whether they want to have sex afterward or simply maintain the current mood. It's best to pick a time when there's nothing either of you must do later, so you will both savor the moment. Massages can provide time for good conversation or simply a splendid occasion to be alone with your partner in a moment of tranquility. 

6. Salad Tossing

Plan for both partners to take a shower in advance and firmly wash their rear ends. Then, you're going to provide oral stimulation and use your fingers on your partner's rim. It can provide lots of pleasure similar to anal sex. Your booty has lots of nerve endings that will get awakened during anal play. 

This popularized taboo is surprisingly favored even among heterosexual partners. And for some added flavor, infuse your favorite #LubeLife. This type of play is not recommended with strangers who have unknown hygiene levels. However, under clean conditions, don't knock it until you try it! 

7. Order a Kama Sutra book for your next play date.

Couples, triads, and quads of every gender combination can experiment and discover new levels of pleasure. Move your bodies into different positions and see which alignment feels more comfortable. Experiment with different rhythms and who is on top or bottom in each position. Finding the right “spot” can be tough, but it is well worth the journey. In the end, having a guide in the ancient art of Kama Sutra takes the guesswork out of it.

Doing each item on your sex bucket list feels thrilling and increases your knowledge of your partner's sexual preferences. It might take a year or two to try and master them all. Once you complete the first bucket list, start writing a new one! #LubeLife for the essential liquids to make sex bucket list activities more satisfying!

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