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9 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You're Single

luAccording to the results of #Lubelife's 2022 Valentine's Day survey, 48% of single people still plan to celebrate the holiday. Sure, it's easier to have a romantic date night if you're already in a relationship, but there's no reason for millions of singles to spend the whole of Feb. 14th being miserable and lonely. Why should couples get to have all the fun?

Let's take a moment to consider some fulfilling — and even sexy — ways to spend Valentine's Day with yourself. Not only are you guaranteed to have excellent company, but you're also guaranteed to get lucky at the end of the night. After all, no one understands your romantic and sexual needs better than the person you see in mirror!

Here are nine great ideas for having an excellent solo Valentine's Day.

  1. Take Yourself Out: One of the biggest hassles in dating is finding someone who appreciates the same things that you do. Can't find someone who loves getting lost for an afternoon in a museum? Struggling to find a companion for a scenic hike? Can't convince a Tinder match to meet you for dinner at that new Ethiopian restaurant? Forget those losers. Let Valentine's Day be the excuse to have a dream date with yourself.
  1. Champagne Bubble Bath: Light some candles. Put on some mellow music that gets you in the mood to unwind. Get the water just hot enough, and with the perfect amount of foam. Chill a bottle of your favorite bubbly. Then slip into the water, and let the world fade away. Once you're nice and relaxed, don't be afraid to take things to the next level. The only thing better than a nice bath is an even better orgasm. Don't rush it. You have plenty of time, and nowhere else to be. This is a classic solo evening for a reason.
  1. Try Out A New Toy: As long as you're seducing yourself, why not try something new? Always wanted to see if g-spot (or p-spot) play lives up to the hype, but never had a good excuse? Too embarrassed to test out backdoor pleasures? Never tried out a silicone pocket pussy? Now's the time. Give yourself a night of intense, passionate solo sex. Just remember to keep plenty of high-quality, water-based lube nearby to keep everything nice and smooth.
  1. Practice Your Flirting: One of the best things about being single is the freedom to get flirty with anyone you like, any time you like. Why not use this Valentine's Day as an excuse to strike up a conversation with a cutie at the grocery store, or to practice your saucy banter with a friendly bartender? Even if you're not interested in bringing anyone home with you, it's always good to hone your romance-starting skills. Keep it fun — and be safe, of course.
  1. Lonely Hearts Party: Just because you're single on Valentine's Day doesn't mean that you have to be alone. Why not invite your other single friends over for a non-romantic celebration? Heck, you can even make it a junk-food fueled, karaoke-loving, slightly drunken slumber party if you want to. It's not like you have anyone waiting up for you at home, right?
  1. Movie Night: Sure, you're not in the middle of whirlwind romance, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy one vicariously. Why not spend the evening cuddling up with a few good movies? It's the perfect excuse to rewatch your favorite rom coms, or to clear out your long-neglected "Save For Later" queue. You could even make things a little naughty, checking out a few steamy thrillers and other erotic works of cinema.
  1. Get Out Of Town: Need to break out of your romantic rut? Maybe it's time for a change of scenery. Book a night at a hotel out of town, find an Airbnb in a cool neighborhood, or plan a short stay at that actual B&B you've always thought looked romantic.
  1. Pamper Yourself: If you're going solo on Valentine's Day, why not go all-in with iconic self-care activities. Get a massage. Spend a day at the spa. (Yeah, even if you're a straight dude, you deserve a spa day.) Buy yourself some new clothes. Make it all about you.
  1. Get Cooking: There's nothing more romantic than a romantic, candlelit gourmet dinner. While it's certainly nice to share the experience with someone else, there's no reason you can't seduce yourself with a great Valentine's Day meal. Pick out some mouth-watering recipes, put on some great music, and make the meal you really want. Candles and dancing are optional, and try to ignore the pile of dishes in the sink.

In Conclusion

What's the best part of being single on Valentine's Day? It's all about you! Have the experiences that you want to have, and don't worry about making anyone else happy. The only person you need to please at the end of the evening is yourself. If you want to spend hours edging yourself to the kinkiest stuff you can find, you can. If you want to fall asleep at 7p.m. after a slice of pie and a double shot of Jim Beam, that's OK too. It's your Valentine's Day, and you might as well enjoy it.

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