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Communicating Your Fantasies with #LubeLife!

Tired of that same old, same old, pump and dump action? Without pleasure and recreation, it is difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel from the daily monotony. Relaxation and release are essential to maintaining yourself. Sex and intimacy are necessary pieces of that puzzle but so are adventure and exploration!

This summer, the weather is getting hotter, and you're feeling that itch. Get social! Find a sex buddy! Better yet, make an appointment for a wax, buy a new bathing suit, and hit the pool! Call in sick to work on Friday and take a random road trip with your partner! However, you like to escape life's problems, it's more fun to explore fantasies with your better half or a suitable stranger! Your sex life heats up this season!

How to Realize Your Hottest Summer Fantasies:

Affection is the fuel that lights the fire of intimacy. The spark that lights the fire often comes from open communication. Without open conversation about your desires and needs, your partner will be as lost as an 8-year-old in a grocery store. What is less clear, is when to tell your partner about the things that turn you on, even if you try to grab their butt whenever they’re cooking. Don't let inhibitions hold you back this summer. Remember, pay attention to you and your partner's fantasies and try to encourage their desire for exploration!

Sunshine Puts Everyone in a Good Mood!

It seems like a no-brainer. You're in the sunlight getting lots of vitamin D, which quickly puts you in a better mood. At the very least, you're quickly raising your serotonin levels, but how do you get the real D after that Vitamin D? 

People feel happier in the sun, more alive, refreshed, and positive! Making the perfect recipe of good vibes to put your partner in the mood for playtime. If you're planning activities with your significant other or a new partner, it's fun to increase your intimacy with them while enjoying summer activities outdoors. Think string bikinis, tight swim trunks, and of course, don’t forget the #Lubelife

Communicating Your Deepest Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner

Take a step back and realize everyone has fantasies! You can deny your carnal needs when between relationships or FWBs, but they are still there. They nag at you. The more you try to bury them, the more often they scream for attention! Just like a hot kettle on the stove, eventually, you’ll need to let out all that steam. 

When you address your needs on a regular basis, you feel happier and more effective in all areas of life. Sex that fulfills your needs will promote:

  • Keener mental focus
  • An elevated mood
  • Immune system boosts
  • Restful sleep
  • Doubles as a good workout

You need your physical needs met, or else you're often on edge. It's time to tell your partner what you need. If there isn't somebody at the moment, it's time to get social and find a new prospect. Someone with an open mind, who doesn’t mind spicing things up a bit. Whether it's anal sex or being teased with ice cubes while your nipples are clamped, find someone willing to go the same lengths for your pleasure, as you are for theirs.

Playing the Slow Game with a Shy Partner

Every time you want to talk about sex, they change the subject. Remember that everyone has a different sexual past and some people have better communication skills than others when it comes to this neck of the woods. It's hard for some people to communicate fantasies, much less act them out, or positively receive the hints that you want to.

Feel out your partner's willingness to discuss fantasies, such as gently inquiring about past experiences (threesome in college, orgies, etc.) or their most exciting experience. If you're confident about your sexuality and defining your needs, they should be receptive. However, it is easy to pour on the love too much, too fast. Start with foreplay, go slow, and make sure you don’t push your partner further than they’d like but don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t want to bite off more than your partner can chew, literally and figuratively. While a lot of people will be shy about conversing about sex, in the heat of the moment, thing’s change, so be fearless!

An Easy-Breezy Approach to Unearthing Sexy Taboos That You Want So Badly!

It can be nerve-racking to simply come out and tell your taboo fantasies to your partner. However, there are easier ways to divulge your deepest desires to your partner than by blurting them out in the middle of dinner. Instead:

  • Ask your partner to play a game of truth or dare
  • Reveal one or two fantasies
  • See how they respond
  • Save the rest of your desires for a future chat

If your partner acts uncomfortable with these introductory taboo topics, maybe start off even slower with a couple’s massage or a trip to a couple’s spa! The key is to appreciate your partner’s desires but also make sure they understand yours. It can be a tough line to bear but once you are past the initial awkward stages, your relationship’s intimacy and sexuality will reach new heights!

Allowing for Comfort Levels to Gradually Rise Along With the Intensity and Passion for Adventure

Summer is the perfect time to shop for sexy undergarments that place your partner in the mood! Simply teasing them with a scantily clad garment while running errands or wearing a new swimsuit to the beach could be the perfect precursor to a night filled with intimacy and passion. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take them shopping with you and try on new steamy items in the dressing room
  • Go to the gym together wearing something you know will get them going and finish your workout at home
  • Watch a movie that previews what you’d like to get started on between the sheets and maybe take an intermission in the middle of the flick

There are endless ways to get your partner in the mood and start the action before the action starts. Maybe even try playing with them on the drive home, as long as you aren’t the one driving. Don’t be afraid of trying something new, as your confidence will instill confidence in your partner as well.

Experiment now!

If you're motivated to spice up couples' time, try using some #LubeLife during the act. It is a proven catalyst for sexual exploration. Order a personal care product online and introduce it to your partner at the right time. You'll feel it: that moment when you receive all the signals that they are ready for fun! The water-based and silicon formulas work with many sex toys and condoms to enhance stimulation for everyone in the steamy mix!

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