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Fun Facts About Quarantine

By LubeLife Team   |   May 8, 2020     

The words “quarantine” and “social distancing” have now become a part of our everyday lives. Once able to leave the house at will, we now have to wear masks in order to protect ourselves. And while all of this has been very depressing to watch and lowered overall morale, the history of the term quarantine is varied and surprisingly interesting. Maybe it’s the boredom talking but there’s much more to quarantine than meets the eye. 

It has always been said that laughter is the best medicine. Below are some fun facts about a quarantine that may or may not be backed by factual evidence. It’s your job to decide. 

Quarantine Actually Has Its Own Flag  

You read that right. The quarantine flag, also known as the “Yellow Jack” is the international signal flag LIMA. Used primarily to signal the arrival of ships that may carry a contagious disease or those under enforced quarantine, its bright yellow squares are hard to miss. After the port authorities inspect a ship and deem it “safe”, the checkered black and yellow flag are replaced by a solid yellow flag. Solid yellow indicates that the ship is clear to enter.  

You know something is serious when it has its own flag.   


Even Astronauts Get Quarantined 

Back in 1969, the astronauts who were involved in the first manned lunar mission landed back on Earth expecting a hero’s welcome. After a recovery mission that took place in the Pacific Ocean, the three-man Apollo 11 team was taken back to NASA headquarters. However, due to fears that the moon’s surface was filled with potential pathogens, experts decided to leave all three astronauts in isolation for nearly a month. 

To make things worse, the astronauts were transported to different facilities during this quarantine.  

Could you imagine making history and then having NASA say, “thanks for the hard work. We’re actually going to need you to stay in isolation for around a month.”  

Sweden Isn’t Like Other Countries  

Unlike (pretty much) every other country in the world, Sweden has resisted the concept of strict social distancing and lockdowns. Without strict lockdown procedures, places like schools, restaurants, and gyms are still open. The country has opted for “voluntary distancing” measures that are executed on good-faith as opposed to actual law. Even scarier is the notion that several polls show strong support for voluntary distancing by the Swedish population. 

You might be asking, what is Sweden trying to accomplish. Although hard to tell, many experts believe that the country is pursuing something called “herd immunity.” Both dangerous and incredibly risky, herd immunity banks on a group of people building an expansive base of recovered infections which will result in the suspended spread of disease. 

There’s just one major problem, herd immunity is normally achieved after a vaccination has been created and spread to a large number of people.  

I don’t know about you but I’ve yet to hear of any vaccination for COVID-19. Maybe our Nordic friends know something that we don’t.  


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More People Than Ever Are Buying Lube   

It seems that with so much time at home, couples and individuals have taken to the internet to buy a very essential item. Often ignored, lube has been the unsung hero of relationships for decades. While I’m sure that you love your partner, being stuck at home with them all day (without an escape) would be tough for anyone. Even that couple that everyone hates because they show too much PDA would have trouble in these circumstances. 

A great way to get your partner in the mood, there has been a reported spike in the sale of lubricants. Whether shopping on Amazon or a brand website, lubes have been flying off the shelves like hotcakes. 

If you’re feeling left out of the movement, a great place to really get your engine going is #LubeLife. With #LubeLife you have the choice to explore and experiment. Whether looking to take your oral game to another level or engage in backdoor activities, you will find something to get you through this quarantine. 

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Just Keep Staying Inside

Although this quarantine is taking longer than many of us anticipated, it’s best to try to make lemonade out of lemons. Hopefully, you learned something new like trips to Sweden are a major gamble. The most important thing right now is to stay inside and avoid leaving if at all possible. Several countries have been able to contain their outbreaks because they followed mandatory guidelines. 

And think of it this way, when your grandkids ask you about this time in history, you’ll be able to really tell them how it was. 


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