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How To Make the Most of Summer Sex

 By Betty Knowles  

These are the days to make the most of fun in the sun, so why not make sure that fun includes hot and steamy summer sex sessions? With everyone taking advantage of more sunlight and fewer clothes because of higher temps, it’s the perfect time to use your imagination to find new places and ways to explore your surroundings – and each other!

Get It On In The Great Outdoors

Outdoor sex has a certain allure to it. There’s that element of danger in possibly being caught (Pro Tip: Work hard to avoid getting caught and landing in legal hot water!), but there’s also that primal feeling you can get from getting down and dirty in nature. The heat in the summer months makes it easy to add a little variety to outdoor sex. 

Have a pool? Even a blow-up pool could be enough reason to ditch the bathing suits and don't forget to add the silicone lube— like Barely There Thin Silicone Lubricant or Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant from #LubeLife — to replenish the moisture pool water washes away. Another Pro Tip: If you’re using a condom, make sure to put it on before getting in the water. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking pools or hot tubs need to be your only form of liquid refreshment though. There are plenty of other adventures to be had! Find a secluded beach or riverbank and take the plunge. Even just skinny dipping can be enough exhibitionism for many people to get turned on. Want to completely avoid getting caught? Keep it inside with tub or shower sex.  

Outdoor sex doesn’t always have to be complicated either. Pitch a pup tent in the backyard or find a local campground for a sexy summer romp for the night. Think the tent is too small to get inventive with sex positions? Try mutual masturbation while staring up at the stars or gazing deeply into one another’s eyes as you’re both basking in the moonlight. Or act like teenagers again, and find a dark side road where you can park and make out in the backseat without being disturbed. Another Pro Tip: Make sure you’re not trespassing on anyone’s property, and be sure to keep blankets handy to cover up just in case there’s an unwanted knock on the window. Not that we speak from experience…

Speaking of cars, why not get frisky out on the open road? Do not, repeat DO NOT, go so far as to try to have penetrative sex while driving. Never engage in any activity that would put you, or anyone else on the road, in danger. But if you find yourself on the open road, maybe slip it into cruise control and let your fingers do a little exploring. Better yet, keep your hands on 10 and 2 while your passenger tickles your fancy… or nipples… or inner thighs. Just be sure to always keep your eyes on the road and be as safe as possible.

Is There Anything Better Than Vacation Sex?

If getting things going in a moving vehicle isn’t your thing, then just use that vehicle to get you to a new location for amazing vacation sex. Getting away from your normal, day-to-day existence can have a major boosting effect on your love life. Being able to relax your mind and body can do wonders for your libido. Plus, being in a new location amps up the excitement level a notch or two.

Take advantage of a hotel room to get a king size bed, giving you plenty of room to roll around and try different positions. Crank up the air conditioning to make every touch and kiss tingle. Raid the minibar and do body shots off one another. Order room service and take turns feeding each other fruits or using whipped cream and licking off erogenous zones. Add to the indulgence with the Four Course Dessert Force, a collection of four flavored lubricants from #LubeLife. Try a different flavor each night of your getaway, or mix and match the flavors of watermelon, mint chocolate chip, cotton candy, and strawberry.

If you can, take the opportunity for a vacation to visit someplace exotic or even a local beach with warm sand and water. Spending time in just bathing suits, relaxing, soaking up the sun, and imbibing fruity frozen cocktails with little paper umbrellas can end up in some unrelaxed yet steamy sex sessions. 

Make the most of your new surroundings by pretending to be new people. Engage in a little role play by portraying convention attendees who lock eyes across the hotel bar and are soon unable to keep their hands off one another. Or act out roles of the hotel guest interrupted during a masturbation session by the rep from housekeeping. If traditional games are more your speed, put a sexy twist on it: strip Tic-Tac-Toe anyone? Naked Heads Up? Unclothed Uno!

Running Hot and Cold

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with temperature play. Open the windows and let the room heat up or head outside to let your skin start to feel hot, then let your partner drag an ice cube over your exposed body. Increase the difficulty level a bit by performing oral on your love while keeping an ice cube in your mouth. Put some sexy lingerie in the freezer to get cold before donning it and performing a little strip tease. Run a Popsicle over your lover’s nipples, then lick the juice away. If you're new to temperature play and want to be a little more lowkey, us the #LubeLife cooling lube for a fun time.

Even certain types of sex toys can be left in the refrigerator or freezer for at least a few minutes and then used to deliver spine-chilling sensations. Use sex toys without motors for this scenario. Think along the lines of a silicone dildo or glass or metal toys. If you like things even hotter than normal, use body-safe candles to drip wax on one another. 

Find more suggestions in “Temperature Play Ideas To Heat Up Or Cool Down” from the #LubeLife blog. No matter what, though, make sure to test the temperature before applying anything to your body, especially the genitals. You don’t want to run the dangers of heat burn or freezer burn in sensitive areas.

The Little Things Sometimes Make Big Differences

Let your mind wander during the summer months and get creative with ways to get sexy. Get an all-over sun-kissed glow either natural in the sun or from a spray or foam tan. Either way, use sunscreen everywhere, including the genitals. That sensitive skin will be really uncomfortable if it gets sunburned. But keep it out of vaginas!

Sure, there’s the trick of putting your underwear in the freezer, but maybe go commando? Or put your sheets in the freezer for a different type of sensation play. Decorate your exposed skin with body chocolate or body safe markers designed to wash off. Enjoy a picnic by indulging in foods you can eat with your hands and then lick off each other’s fingers. Point two or more fans at you during sex for a breezy experience.

No matter what you do, make the most of the hot summer months. Think of this time of year as a way to change up your routine and get out of any ruts you might be in. Let the sun recharge your batteries and explore new foods, drinks, locations, and sexual experiences. The memories alone will do wonders to help you get through the cold and snowy months that will be here before you know it!

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