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Copious amounts of lubrication are essential for a great sexual experience. Some people choose to spit when they feel that natural lubrication is no longer doing its job but that seldom does the trick. Other people spend tons of money on expensive brands of lube that 'guarantee' a great time that lasts forever. The problem is that these expensive brands still have their issues, issues that #LubeLife users don’t have to deal with. 

Common Complaints On Common Lube

Most of the complaints that people have shared about their problems with the lube they are currently using are pretty much universal. Many lubrications seem to dry up in the middle of the action, causing sensitive skin irritation and chafing. You need a lubricant that can keep up with your busy lifestyle and the various choices that you make.

Some brands are so thin that the product spreads all over the place, and not always where you want it. You deserve a slightly thicker lube that works where you want to work it. A little should go a long way, especially when the product can be so expensive, and the bottles so incredibly small. 

A poorly made silicone-based lubricant can be hard to clean, off yourself and out of your sheets. After drying, many brands leave a sticky or tacky film behind, for you to deal with later. At the same time, you could be using a water-based lube for a job that only silicone can handle. Some lubricants can be used with a condom and some cannot. You deserve a company that will tell you honestly what you should and shouldn't do with their product. 

A great way to decide on a new lube is to check out the various brands and their ratings on Amazon, or their dedicated website. You can really get to know a product by reading what past consumers have had to say about their experiences with it. So, what do clients have to say about the product line available from #LubeLife?

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Customer reviews can either be right on the mark, way off base or written as a joke. If you are checking out reviews on Amazon, make sure that the review you decide to trust says 'Verified Purchase' underneath the stars. 

These products speak for themselves with 78% of the customer base rating above four stars, and that's just on listing for the 8 oz. bottle of Barely There Thin Silicone Lubricant. This lube in particular is noted to be excellent, and long-lasting when used in water. Sex in the pool, hot tub, or shower will never dry you out again.

An Amazon shopper with vaginismus says that the brands of lube she bought in the store didn't help her experience even satisfactory sex. She writes:

"What a difference. So many years and experiences wasted due to using water based lubes that dry up halfway through. I only have to use half as much of this... and yet have better lubrication and way less irritation than I was getting before. I'm starting to see how penetrative sex could actually be an enjoyable experience".

The silicone lube is helping her change her life in one of the best ways possible. Congratulations, #LubeLife patron!

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Usually, all-natural and vegan products are extremely expensive. Several reviewers praised the low cost, especially when compared to the quality.  #LubeLife H2O Water-Based Anal Lubricant is constantly praised for making such a smooth entrance, reminiscent of the longevity of silicone lubricants.

An experienced user expresses his regret at not being able to share an image of the product working so well, but he measures the quality as only a dude can. He believes that he could "park a Cadillac in an outhouse" if he had enough of the stuff. Another observant customer said:

"I've used a lot of water-based lubricants as a gay man. This one is the best one I've come across in a long time. It has great longevity, doesn't dry out after a minute, and is the most similar to a silicone lube I've come across that works with all toys. Will purchase again in the future, the bottle is huge and will probably last me a very long time..." .

You get the best bang for your buck with #LubeLife. 86% of Amazon customers who bought the lube rate the Water-Based Anal Lubricant at 4-stars or above, with 72% having a 5-star rating. The price is only a fraction of what brand-name lubricants cost, but you are getting more than what your money is worth.

Not All Lubes Are Created Equal

That same observant customer exclaims that the "first time I used this one I threw all the remaining bottles of alternate labels away. I'm very done sticking to my leather couch, or the inside of my car, or the shower. Easy cleanup".

He addresses the issue of taste very succinctly: "The flavor is very light which is great, somewhat sweet and lightly tropical. I'm not mad I tried it. It's not sickeningly lubey or oiley with the mouthfeel. I wouldn't drink the stuff but I definitely wouldn't mind the taste of it during sex".

#LubeLife Water-Based Personal Lubricant is the hottest seller with a total of 114,893 ratings, 71% of which are rated a perfect 5-stars. This lubricant is specifically described by most users as easy to clean, long-lasting, highly recommended, and the best lube ever. 

Limitless Sexual Adventure

A wise customer named Jerry once said:

"We had tried other products, some of which worked but others that didn't. The best among them was pretty pricey. Then we tried LubeLife. My wife says it has made a huge difference. It is very effective. Knowing that, she no longer dreads the discomfort she previously experienced, allowing her to relax and enjoy our times together. In our experience, LubeLife is unquestionably the best value available. Great product" (sic).

Jerry appreciates what #LubeLife can do for your sexcapades. A great lubricant supports a limitless and adventurous lifestyle. You can take it wherever you want to go, and it's ready whenever, and however, you need it. Just because you left home with anal lube, doesn't mean that you are restricted to anal sex. Use it how you want to use it; that's what it's meant for.

#Lubelife, only the best for your junk!

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