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Lube It Up For Better Loving With These Techniques

By Betty Knowles 

From adding fun flavors to helping your sex parts perform at their peak, there’s a lot to be said for using #LubeLife during any and all types of sex play. But lube can do so much more than just make things slick -- not that that’s a bad thing! -- making sex not only more fun but also safer. 

  1. Lube is for Everyone (Not Just Old People!)   

It often seems as if people think lubricant is only used by menopausal women who need a hand getting their mojo going down there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lubrication helps make everything slick and slippery, which helps to reduce friction that could make sex feel like a rug burn on your genitals.  

The idea that there is something wrong with a person who wants or needs to use lube is an idea that needs to die a horrible death. Another added benefit of using lube? There’s no need to stress about wetness levels, allowing everyone involved to focus on the pleasure at hand.  

But don’t think that lube is just for use below the belt. Lube can be used just about anywhere you want — use #LubeLife Sensation Kit with warming and cooling lube on nipples, or use a fruit-flavored lube like #LubeLife Strawberry Lube for a sensual and sweet-smelling massage. And it can be used by anyone at all: regardless of gender, age or sexuality, lube just makes every type of sex feel better.  

  1. A Lube a Day Keeps the Doctor Away    

By keeping things nice and wet by using lube, it drastically reduces the chances of microscopic tears in your most sensitive areas -- yes, we mean the vagina and the anus. Those tears can allow sexually transmitted infection pathogens to enter the body.  

According to the CDC, sexually transmitted infections have reached an all-time high for the sixth year in a row. The majority of cases are chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, with Mgen bacterial infections (Mycoplasma genitalium) becoming more common among young people. Lubrication, especially when used with condoms, makes them less likely to break or come off during even vigorous sex. Lube also makes sex with a condom feel more natural.  

Water-based lubricants are among the most versatile lubes available, and they are safe for just about every type of sex and practically every type of person, toy, and condom – though there are always exceptions to every rule.  

  1. The Options are Endless     

When it comes to water-based lubricants, the sky's the limit. There are sugar-free flavored versions, with everything from fruit to cocktail to dessert flavors. The flavors make oral sex taste… like fruit or a cocktail or dessert! And let’s face it: #LubeLife strawberry, watermelon, mint chocolate chip, or cotton candy are always going to taste better than a latex condom. 

Looking to get a little more va in your va-va-va-voom? Look into warming or cooling versions of lubricants. Designed to heighten sensations with the likes of mint or cinnamon, stimulating lubricants can help extend foreplay, which in turn gives everyone the chance to enjoy playing more.  

And of course, lubricant is needed for anal sex since there is no naturally produced lubrication in the butt. While it has been de rigueur to use silicone lubricant for backdoor action, there are now hybrids and over water-based gels and jelly that provide that comforting cushion needed to make things enjoyable back there for all involved. 

  1. Treat Yo’ Self      

They say you will never have anyone who loves you quite like the way you love yourself. Masturbation is great and all, but have you tried masturbating with lube? In addition to the previously mentioned reduction in friction (Remember the rug burn scenario?), it also gives a different feel to the entire experience. Your hand will feel different against your naughty bits, and the lube can bring to mind the sensations associated with penetrative play. 

Using lube during solo play can also lead to more exploration of your body and discovering new things worth trying with a partner. Fearful of anal? Get yourself a boy designed for the butt — or just use your fingers — and poke around back there… literally. Be sure to use plenty of lube so you can make it easier for fingers and toys to enter and then enjoy the ride. Dry anal sex can result in irritation and tears, putting you at a higher risk for STIs. On the other hand, the anal walls and surrounding area are rich with nerve endings, so using lube to help exploration can lead to new sensations of pleasure.  

  1. Get Your Motor Running      

Various studies in recent years have found using lubricant makes it up to 50 percent easier to orgasm for everyone. That can make a world of difference, especially for those who take a little more time and arousal to really get going. Any number of factors can affect arousal states (medication, stress, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and so on), but lube can help. Not only does it help with the issues of lubrication, but it can help put the mind at ease, making it easier to enjoy sex. 

Lubes can also help with erection and arousal problems. Using lube can help intensify pleasure by making it easier to take more time to arouse the penis, while warming versions can help increase blood flow and cooling versions can deliver tingles and chills to aid in and heighten arousal. And of course, lube makes it easier to use fingers, tongues, toys, and more in place of traditional penetrative sex. 



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