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What People Really want during Valentines Day

This may not come as a huge surprise, but it turns out that there's more to a great Valentine's Day than simply wooing the object of your affection with flowers and chocolates. According to the results of the 2022 #Lubelife Valentine's Day survey, plenty of people prefer a more "Netflix and chill" experience on Feb. 14th. Others prefer romance, relaxation, or some kinky role play instead.


In this year's survey, we asked sexually active adults, ages 18-74, about their V-Day preferences and plans. We received responses from more than 1,500 people. Most of them — 56% — said that they planned to celebrate the holiday at home. Given the strange circumstances of our current era, that's hardly surprising. In fact, only 22% of respondents said they were planning to go out for Valentine's Day.

Interestingly, most people still seem to be pretty keen on having some romantic (and sexy) fun in honor of good ol' St. Valentine. To get a little more specific and detailed, we presented survey participants with a multiple-choice question. "Which at-home date ideas sound the most interesting to you?"

  1. Bubble bath
  2. Candlelight dinner
  3. Movie night
  4. Role play

Each of these options was meant to act as a kind of proxy for a variety of similar activities. "Bubble bath" represents an evening of relaxation-focused self care, for instance, while "Role play" is a kind of shorthand for any sort of adventurous or kinky sexual experience. A person who opted for a "Candlelight dinner" is probably interested in any kind of traditionally romantic evening, while someone who went with "Movie night" is likely interested in taking it easy (though still intimate).

What did we learn? Most people — around 30% — definitely want to keep things simple this Valentine's Day with a "Movie night." This means snuggling up on the couch (or in bed) with their special someone and watching a movie together, but that's also not all it represents. It could also mean playing a board game together, listening to music, or simply cuddling in front of a fireplace. It's the most low-key option we provided, and it was by far the most popular result.

That's also not entirely unexpected. We're living through one of the most stressful and uncertain eras in modern history. Why stress over a heart-themed holiday? It's also the easiest option for parents, who may have limited time and even more limited privacy. Keeping things chill isn't a bad way to spend V-Day, and (if you play your cards right) it's still pretty likely to result in sexy times.

Nearly a quarter of respondents favored the "Candlelight dinner" option. While this is a classic Valentine's Day idea, it's actually kind of charming that it was the second-most popular response. After two years of shelter-in-place orders, lockdowns, and quarantines, isn't it somewhat surprising that so many people still get a thrill out of the idea of having an intimate, atmospheric dinner at home. Few things are as much of a turn on as having someone cook and serve a delicious meal for you, then whisking you away to the bedroom for dessert. Who says romance is dead?

Just over a fifth of respondents said that they were most interested in "Role play" for their Valentine's Day experience. This probably doesn't mean that 23% of people are secretly craving an opportunity to play Naughty Boss and Saucy Secretary. Instead, it suggests that a lot of people are looking for simple, safe, and fun ways to spice up their sex lives, and V-Day provides the perfect excuse to try out a few possibilities. If you're one of them, go for it! Just remember to keep plenty of water-based lube nearby to keep the right parts nice and slippery.

While "Bubble bath" was the least popular response (around 20%), it's worth remembering that it's also the only solo activity of the four options. (Not that it's impossible to bubble bathe socially!) This option likely represents something bigger, like the relaxing evening of solitude that's so desperately craved by countless people. It can also be more than a little sexy to soak in some suds, sip a little champagne, and engage in a bit of soapy solo play.


If there's one clear result from the 2022 #Lubelife Valentine's Day survey, it's that staying in on Feb. 14th isn't a problem. Some people may prefer intimate comfort over thoughtful romantic gestures, or a bit of kinky fun over sexy solo time, but for the most part they're content with doing whatever it is at home. This year, at least, there's no immediate and urgent need for a reservation at a fancy restaurant, or to book a hotel room.

That may change in 2023, of course. If it does, we'll let you know.

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