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Safety Rules For The Quarantine

By LubeLife Team   |   May 11, 2020     

Let’s face it, Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. With terms like “social distancing” being used at an all-time high, it’s very important to stay up to date on the latest developments both in your area and around the world. Although some states (Florida) have decided to open areas of high traffic, in order to stay safe during COVID-19, you should follow the lead of experts.

Below are some of the most important rules that you should follow both at home and in public. 

Stay Home  

This one is pretty obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people want to play the rebel. While no one wants to stay in their homes all day and night, COVID-19 spreads through person to person contact. Something that is even more alarming is that the virus can exist in a person’s body without any visible signs. 

That means that the person who is coughing uncontrollably could actually be less of a risk than someone who is the picture of perfect health. 

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” has never been more appropriate than now. 


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Keep A Distance Of (At Least) 6 Feet From Others  

Although you should be staying at home, there will inevitably come a time when you’ll have to leave. Whether going to the grocery store or taking your dog on a walk, leaving your home needs to be taken seriously. 

The CDC and other health organizations are in agreement that people should keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others when out in public. For the average person, 6 feet is the equivalent of two arm lengths.  

Many grocery stores and shopping centers have gone the extra mile by marking designated areas where people must stand when waiting in line to be checked out. 

If you’re concerned about being somewhere that tends to fill up quickly, attempt going at times during the day when traffic is slowest. For example, at grocery stores, they tend to become less crowded an hour or two after opening.  

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Buy Some Hand Sanitizer 

While nothing beats the good old soap and water, there are times when it is not accessible. A great alternative that works just as well is hand sanitizer. 

According to the CDC, for a sanitizer to be considered effective, it must be composed of at least 60% alcohol. Acting as the main active ingredient, alcohol breaks down a cell wall and kills it from the inside.  

Sanitizers are perfect for quick runs to the store. Even if workers wipe down carts before handing them off to customers, you can never be too careful. 

If you’re looking for a sanitizer, MUSE offers a high-quality product. With its sturdy cap, you can place it in your bag or purse without the risk of spills.  

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Wipe Down Areas  

Whether in your home or out and about, making sure to wipe down areas before and after use ensures that viruses won’t spread. It may sound a little neurotic but bacteria spread all of the time without warning. 

One such surface that should be cleaned often is your cell phone. As something that is taken everywhere and placed on every surface, phones gather all kinds of bacteria. Using something like Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes will instantly clean your phone and make it safer to press against your ear.  

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Use Lube

This rule is not reported by the CDC but should still be taken seriously. For those of you who are quarantined at home with your significant other, the last thing that you need to add to your list of stresses is painful sex.

Making sure that you have a smooth take-off and landing is important for you and your partner. 

If you’re in search of a lube that gets the job done every time, try out #LubeLife. With lubes that range from delicious water-based flavors to silicone-based lubricants for intense back door action, you can make the most of your time at home. 


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Wear A Mask  

We saved the big one for last. When Coronavirus first broke, there was much debate concerning whether or not wearing a mask was even necessary. 

As of now, it is mandatory for everyone to wear a cloth mask that covers both the mouth and nose. Medical grade N95 masks are in short supply and should only be used by certain kinds of people such as those in the medical field.  

If you can’t find a mask, here is a step by step video which shows how to make one.  

Masks are becoming the new norm, you might as well spend time making ones out of old clothes or blankets you were going to throw away. 

Making sure to follow rules is incredibly important during these times. Because an approved vaccine or treatment method for Coronavirus still doesn’t exist, everyone is at risk of contracting the disease. By keeping your distance and practicing some other methods of precaution, you have the best chance of staying safe. 

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