Self-Love Advice To Own Your #BigCakeEnergy

Self-Love Advice To Own Your #BigCakeEnergy

By Colleen G 

#BigCakeEnergy is all about self-confidence, pride, and respect, no matter your gender or sexual identity. Give off those #BigCakeVibes during Pride month with these tips for stellar self-love. 

Unless you've been living under a rock (which is honestly totally fine with us, considering these last two years of Covid and all), you know what's up when someone says #BigDickEnergy – and also #BigClitEnergy. 

This social media trend encompasses the kind of self-worth that needs no reassurance from ANYONE, ever. You know exactly who you are, and you give zero f’s about sh*t-talkers and haters who try to make you believe you're anything less than amazing. In fact, gossip and hate just rolls off your back, or even makes you laugh. You're an actual bad bitch, like Britney and Rihanna style. You know it, and you show it.  

This Pride month, we're stepping things up and introducing #BigCakeEnergy, the #LubeLife version of the ultra-confidence social media movement. 

We still love #BigDickEnergy and #BigClitEnergy for starting this confidence trend, but #BigCakeEnergy takes the concept to the next level, eschewing gendered-fixations in favor of a more neutral-yet-all-encompassing stance. Some folks aren't comfortable with genital-centric terms, and we at #LubeLife think #BigCakeEnergy is for everyone, especially if you’re looking for a self-esteem boost. 

So why “cake?” Because the word has recently been re-purposed to mean your butt– and everyone has one! 

Everybody's got cake, so why not show it off, both literally -- in a hot pair of booty shorts -- and figuratively -- with those bad-bitch vibes you're perfecting?!   

If you're lacking in #BigCake vibes, don't worry. We've all felt less than cool and collected at some point in time – but getting back your bad-bitch vibes isn't as hard as you think. While celebrating one of the best months of the year – Pride month, duh! -- take our advice to heart and become the poster child for #BigCakeEnergy. Because you're totally worth it, BB! 

Screw Beauty Standards & Show Off That Body     

We're stoked to see Millennials, Gen Z, and teenagers wearing whatever they want and not caring if they're dressed “too young” for their age or “too revealing” for their body shape or size. We adore seeing curvy folks showing off skin in miniskirts, booty shorts, and midriff tops, and we think you're never too old for a crop top, killer platform heels, and sparkly, colored make-up.  

By the time we're all senior citizens, we hope retirement homes are all full of tattooed, rainbow-haired old folks, rolling around bedazzled wheelchairs and platform sneakers, looking like Instagram fashion influencer Baddie Winkle. 

So please, keep dressing like every day's a party and you're the VIP. When we see you looking flashy AF out and about, your confidence is contagious. And in case no one's told you yet: You look damn amazing. 

Wear Make-Up... or Don't! (and Give Zero F*cks, Regardless of Your Gender Identity) 

We've noticed a trend lately, and we're really digging it. All the people that society has generally told to never wear make-up, like cisgender men and trans women, are out there looking glamorous AF with the most colorful, stylish cosmetic looks. We're talking full-face foundation, blush and highlighter, and eye shadow and liner that would make Katy Perry jealous. 

On the other end of the spectrum, lots of other people are being told they’re “ugly” without make-up or look “lazy, sick, or unkempt” with a bare face – mainly cisgender women, of course -- are saying “screw it” to the outdated idea that women have to be perfectly primped at all times and are letting their all-natural skin shine. 

However you decide to do you, we love it and support it, especially when it means giving the finger to socially enforced stereotypes. 

You DON'T have to cover your acne. You DON'T have to hide your totally normal, asymmetrical facial features. And you certainly DON'T have to fear wearing the most eye-catching color of lipstick just because you're a cisgender dude or a trans babe. 

The world is a more fun and colorful place because of people like you. Wear the face that makes YOU happy when you catch your reflection in the mirror. And yes, post that selfie, too, because we love to see it! 

Support Brands That Have Your Back 

Investing in your bedroom accessories should feel good and give back to the folks who support the LGBTQIA+ community year-round. 

Even after Pride month ends, your friends at #LubeLife will continue to support the LGBTQIA+ community all year by creating quality lubricants and promoting sexual wellness values that educate and uplift all humans.  

In celebration of Pride month, the #LubeLife team launched a limited-edition lubricant that tastes like (you guessed it!) birthday cake. #LubeLife Water-Based Birthday Cake Flavored Lube is the perfect companion to oral pleasures for all genders and body parts.  

It's obviously fabulous for blow jobs, rim jobs, and going down on your partner, but it's just as slippery and amazing for hand jobs, masturbation, and in-and-out partner sex, too. 

To celebrate the Pride community this month, we are partnering with It Gets Better in donating 15% of Limited Edition Birthday Cake Flavored Lubricant sales to support their mission to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth around the globe. 

However you choose to live your LGBTQIA+ life, do it with pride, and do it with supportive friends and family by your side. You'll know you've found your people when they unabashedly uplift your #BigCakeEnergy. 

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