Shower Sex Hacks for Safer, More Sensual Water Play

Shower Sex Hacks for Safer, More Sensual Water Play

By Colleen 

Sex in the shower is popular af, but it's a bit more complicated than turning on the water and disrobing. We'll show you how to hack your way to the best shower sex ever.

It's a funny coincidence to find myself writing a blog on shower sex for, believe it or not, the very first time in my sexual health writing career. Out of all the places to have sex in one's household, the shower is my only deal breaker (and that's literally including an unfinished basement). That fact makes me either the absolute best or worst possible person to ask for advice on the topic.

Regardless of my own feelings toward having water sprayed in my eyes while my long, wet hair whips annoyingly in my face (see what I mean about the shower hate?), sex in the shower is ultimately very popular. Several sex toy companies have even dedicated entire brand lines and specialized products made just for enhancing hot shower sex.

Lubes, shower sex toys, and other specialized, sexy time gadgets exist for the shower because, as simple as the whole thing might seem, sex in the shower is actually hella complicated. Unless you're rich enough to have some giant-ass, luxury shower with fancy benches, railings, and a completely slip-proof floor, you're going to need to prepare for this splashy adventure.

Actually, come to think of it, I'm definitely the best person to ask for advice on shower sex, because I'll make sure you don't fall over and crack your damn skull on the tile while getting it on.

Let's dissect shower sex with a fine-tooth comb and ensure your sensual water play ends in pleasure – and not a trip to the hospital!

The Pros and Cons of Hot Shower Sex (And How to Fix the Stuff That Sucks)

Pro: Hot water is a great way to warm up on a cold night.

Con: Flowing water washes away your natural lubrication.

There's nothing like a hot shower when you're freezing your ass off, whether it's the dead of winter or just a chilly evening. All that steam truly warms you to the bone when even the thickest of blankets just won't do. So why not share all that body heat with a partner?

Hopping into the shower together is a quick, easy, and sexy way to beat the cold, but unfortunately, your vagina may not agree. No matter how turned-on you might be, a constant stream of water rushing over your genitals is bound to rinse away whatever sex juice you're naturally producing.

That's why – yes, even in the shower – lube is your best friend. A silicone lubricant like #LubeLife Barely There Thin Silicone Lubricant is best in this case, as it won't wash away as easily as a water-based lube.

An oil-based lube is also excellent for staying wet when you're splashing around. Our #LubeLife 2 In 1 Massage & Lubricant is made with coconut oil and it'll stay slick, even on wet skin.

Speaking of lubrication, your shower floor poses an even higher risk for slipping when you're having sex and not paying attention to your footing, which brings me to my next point.

Pro: Cascading water feels sensual as it rains down on your bodies.

Con: Wet shower floors are high-risk for falls.

While you're lubing up over that slick tub or shower floor, be super aware of any lube that might miss your crotch and end up turning your tile into a slip-n-slide. Do your absolute best not to dribble any lubricant where it can mix with water on the floor and create a serious slipping hazard.

You might even want to step out of the shower for a second to apply lube, or get lubed up before you both step in.

With that said, even a totally lube-free shower floor can still pose a risk when you're getting all bendy in tight, wet spaces.

Grab yourself some anti-slip pads or a non-slip shower mat (you know, the kind your grandparents probably have). They'll save you both from a potentially disastrous fall.

Nowadays you can find slip-proof shower mats and stick-on pads in super cute designs, too, so you won't be stuck with a shower floor straight out of a nursing home. You can find them pretty much anywhere that sells bathroom décor.

Pro: The shower or bathtub is a novel and therefore fun place to have sex.

Con: Cramped, slippery tubs and showers make positioning a challenge.

It can be kinda fun to figure out all the wild ways you can flex your bodies to make sex work in the shower or tub. While it's ultimately a challenge, it can be a huge turn-on for folks who crave novelty in their sex lives.

But no different than securing your footing with a non-slip mat or pads, you'll have a much more relaxing shower experience if you're got something to hold on to.

Several sex toy manufacturers carry accessories for this exact purpose. You can find handles and foot rests that attach via suction cup wherever you stick them (although unfortunately they only work on solid surfaces, not small tiles with grout in-between).

And by the way, you don't even need to buy your suction cup shower devices from an adult store. You can find mobility accessories for the shower in the senior citizen section of many pharmacy and big box store websites, too.

Pro: Shower sex is fantastic when you're menstruating or want mess-free anal sex.

Con: Literally none! But seriously, if you're doing anal, don't forget the lube.

The shower is THE place to have sex if you plan on getting messy in any way. If you adore period sex or anal sex, but your partner is a little squeamish about certain bodily fluids, a streaming shower head will wash all their mood-killing worries away.

Period sex in the shower is a no-brainer, as you'll be well lubricated at this time of the month. But if you're still running dry due to all that rushing, warm water, a little dose of thin, silicone lube can never hurt.

However, if you're getting into anal, lubrication is a must-have, even if water isn't involved. Keep things lubed to the max with a thick, silicone formula made just for butt play, like #LubeLife Silicone-Based Thick Anal Lubricant.

Pro: Showering together makes for hot foreplay.

Con: The warm water stream is usually only plentiful enough for one person.

Who says you have to stay in the shower to get the most out of shower sex?

One sucky aspect of hot shower sex is that's almost impossible to “hack” around the width of the average water stream. Again, as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, unless you've got a reeeeally nice, luxurious shower with a huge shower head or even multiple shower heads, the normal stream of water isn't going to cover both of you.

Couples who've also showered together just to, you know, actually shower and wash up for efficiency's sake already know this. You usually have to take turns under the shower head to rinse off the soap.

If you've exhausted all your shower sex hacks and the cons have finally outweighed all the pros, there's no need to throw the whole idea of shower play out with the bathwater. You can still use the shower as a way to warm up, eventually leading your partner to the bedroom after toweling off.

Enjoy the shower for what it's worth as a new and sensual environment. Give each other scalp massages with shampoo, gently wash each other's bodies, and do some good ol' fashioned making out.

Once you're ready to move on to the sex stuff – or any type of sexual activities that are less than easy to initiate behind a plastic curtain – dry each other off and re-start somewhere that's more intercourse-friendly.

With the right safety hacks, sex in the shower can be the couples' adventure you never knew was hiding right next to your toilet! And with a bit of pre-sex prep and the right accessories, even shower sex haters (like me!) can find a reason to explore the steamy unknown.

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