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Starting Your Winter Romance

Something about the longer nights and shorter days of the winter drives people to a little more romantic fun. Yes, you can have romance every season of the year, but the winter cold makes things a little more urgent, drawing you closer to your partner.

The winter cold also tends to keep you inside, meaning any romantic tricks you have up your sleeve may have to be indoors. Though you might do anything to take a walk with your significant other, hand in hand, possibly go to the beach, and hold romantic picnics, you can still have lots of fun.

 Stock Up on Steamy Sex Toys

Light that much-needed spark in your sex life this winter. It's all so well to be predictable in the summer, but the cold of the winter should get you more creative. And what better way to achieve a steamy banger than getting a variety of select sex toys!

It's your life, so make the most of it, and live to the fullest. No need to be so conservative when it comes to matters of romance, especially in winter. Whether it's a dildo, vibrator, or some artificial vagina, you shouldn't hold back. But you may want to discuss things out with your partner for mutual consent, an important ingredient to steamy sessions.

While at it, ensure you have all the essentials you need for your sex toy chest. Be sure to throw in some water-based toy lubricant for convenience and ease of use. You'll sure love water-based lubes because you can use them on your partner, as well.  

Start a new relationship

If you're not yet in a relationship, or your current fling lost its spark ages ago, it's time for a new relationship. And you won't really need to visit a social event, or attend a church service, to meet a new face. Lots of online dating sites are available to help you meet your soulmate – and you'll need their warmth this cold season.

Whether in-person or virtual option for online dating and meeting a partner to help you fight the winter cold, you need to be sure you stay safe. Winter safety and dating can be quite a challenge, but these tips can help you out:

  •       Start off by meeting in a safe public space, such as a restaurant or coffee shop
  •       Learn more about your online partner before meeting them in private
  •       You could even check your partner out for any criminal records

No one should suffer a boring relationship this winter – you need lots of excitement to keep the cold away and enjoy life. A clandestine fling on the side will provide the thrills, keep you on the edge, and satisfy your hungry spirit of adventure. Only remember to stay safe, and engage in safe sexual activities this winter.

Spice up your sex life with various products

The last thing you want in the winter cold is to be dull romantically. You have several options to pump up your romantic life, and the most flexible is getting various sex accessories into your love life. It's okay to go natural – using body fluids as lubes – but you don't want to be the average lover, do you? Besides, body fluids may fail you in the winter cold and mess up a potentially passionate and sensual evening.

The thrill of applying lubes to your partner, and your partner doing the same, is sure to make for a hot, steamy love-making session. And while at it, you could experiment with different flavors to see what turns on your partner the most.

Don't forget to sample out anal lubes if you have a soft spot for anal sex. Be sure you're on the same sexual page with your partner to get more adventurous.

Get adventurous on outdoor dates

The soothing voice belting out, "Baby, it's cold outside," maybe a huge temptation to stay indoors, and have all the fun you can get, but it shouldn't stop you from venturing outside. You can't keep indoors for weeks on end – you'll need to be very creative to remain romantic.

The two of you can visit a restaurant and order hot coffee to counter the cold. You could show some public display of affection (PDA) when you step into the hall. It can be thrilling holding your soulmate and planting a determined kiss right on their lips while bemused onlookers watch. Get your meals, talk, touch – and keep warm.

You could even break the monopoly of homes by booking a guest room at the hotel. It could provide a much-needed break from the all-too familiar home environment. You could benefit from the high-end facilities in some guest houses, such as remote-controlled room heaters and well-maintained HVAC systems.

Normalize Out-of-Bedroom Sexcapades

It isn't written anywhere that you can only get romantic in the bedroom. The same environment, same time, same routine, may just kill the spark in your love life. It wouldn't mean well for you, or your partner, during winter, so you may have to get a little more adventurous and creative.

Try moving the activity out of the bedroom, such as getting mushy on the couch, or getting down to each other in the kitchen. You'll be surprised at the intensity of the moment if you try getting it randomly outside the bedroom.

One way to spice up things this winter and beat the cold by getting more romantic with your partner is by purchasing a variety of sex toys and accessories for your sex chest. Whatever your budget, b sure to include different water-based flavors of lubrication to enhance romance. You could go wrong with LubeLife products, which are the perfect after-party to every date. Visit #LubeLife today to get started with winter romance.

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