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The Best (And Most Comfortable!) Sex Positions

 By Betty Knowles

Here’s how to stay comfortable and satisfied via some best sex positions when things start to heat up.  

Best Positions To Increase Sexual Satisfaction and Comfort   

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl   

One of the best reasons to use one of these sexual positions is because it calls for less skin-to-skin contact than others. Since chests aren’t pressed together, more skin is exposed to air, giving it a chance to breathe and not sweat as much.   

But there are so many other benefits to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, not the least of which is the one on top can control the pace and intensity of the sex, whether it’s intense bouncing or lower-impact grinding. And, if sitting up starts to get to be too much, the top can rest their weight on their arms by leaning back and grabbing the bottom’s legs or leaning forward and pressing against a headboard or wall. Just think about it…    


One of the best things about sixty-nine is being able to choose your position: top, bottom, or side. The next best thing is that it doesn’t always have to be oral. If you need a break from using your mouth, you can use your hands to explore. Maybe use that down time for your mouth to engage in some dirty talk!  

Using a great flavored lube can help enhance the situation for both people, making things tasty and fun. The #LubeLife Water-based Watermelon Flavored lube has a great juicy flavor that just kinda says “summer.” And using lube makes it easy to introduce toys, to this comfortable sex position.  


There is a reason missionary consistently makes lists of good sexual positions: It’s a true classic. It can be modified in any number of ways to satisfy beginners and seasoned pros. It is hands-down the most intimate sexual position, with partners being face-to-face throughout. Eye contact can strengthen the connection between two people. Additionally, this position gives each person access to their partner’s hair, neck, and face for quality smooching.   

Missionary is easily adaptable: Add a pillow under the hips of the partner on bottom to adjust the angle of penetration. Use a pillow the prop of the head and chest of the one on bottom to make kissing easier. Have the person on the bottom adjust their legs into a horizontal squat for added stimulation. Engaging in a low-impact position doesn’t mean you have to be lazy!  

Doggy style   

Doggy style is among the more under-appreciated sex positions. For one thing, the partner on their hands and knees has much more control than they might realize. Raising or arching your back or pushing back at every thrust can dramatically change the type of stimulation they receive. It’s one of the most comfortable sex positions, since it’s relatively easy on both partners’ knees, but it still has a more primal, animalistic feel to it. It can range from mild to wild with a bit of light hair tugging and smacking the ass and upper thighs.   

An added bonus? Doggy style doesn’t require either partner to be completely naked. So if you want to engage in a fun adventure, find a secluded spot outdoors and enjoy a little in flagrante delicto. (That’s a fancy way of saying getting a little naughty!) You can even perform this position standing… or in water for some really splashy sex.   

Side Cuddle  

Hot nights sometimes translate into sleepless nights, so why not take that time to try the side cuddle sex position? 

The side cuddle has the benefit of allowing partners to get in more of a spooning position. Penetration tends to be less vigorous than some other sex positions, which makes it perfect for drowsy morning sex or for a relaxing bonding moment before sleep. Partners can tangle their arms and legs around one another to increase the connection, or one can flip the other way to combine the side cuddle with sixty-nine. Side cuddle not only takes the pressure off most joints for both people, but it also keeps hands free to roam over one another’s bodies – lowest impact, most access!     

Beyond Positions: 4 Tips for More Comfortable Sex  

Staying comfortable and satisfied is not *just* about your physicality and positionality though. Here are some additional tips to think about for more comfortable sex and some simple ways to make sex more bang than (potential) dud.  

Add Lube For Super Slippery Goodness   

Cool things down a bit with the water-based Cooling Lubricant from #LubeLife. Not only does the lube help keep everything nice and slick, it delivers a mild tingling and cooling sensation thanks to peppermint leaf extract. And it easily cleans up with some soap and water.   

Less concerned with coolness? Our water-based Cotton Candy Flavored Lubricant is another great choice, bringing the scent and taste of the boardwalk or festival to the bedroom. Mmmmmmmm…  

Work On Communication   

Think about using the long nights to engage in some stimulating conversation with your partner about your sexual desires. Not only can talking about sexual fantasies be a great form of foreplay, it can also lead to a deeper connection with one another.  

Does the thought of opening up make you a bit insecure? Think about using a sex game to break the ice and bring up topics that might normally make you uncomfortable. If talking isn’t your style, try writing sexy notes to one another or even a long, steamy love letter.   

Explore New Props 

Yes toys, but we’re not *just* talking about sex toys here. Try using pillows to get your bodies into different positions and to add comfort to any of the positions here. Have a TV in the bedroom? Find an adult movie that will tickle your fancies. No TV in the bedroom? Head out to the living room and use the couch or an armchair as your sexy spot.  

Get even more adventurous and take things into the kitchen. Spatulas and wooden spoons can double as paddles, and whipped cream can be a tasty treat on one another’s nipples. A cool linoleum floor can be quite inviting in the heat of the night, and ice cubes for temperature play are only a freezer door away!   

Talk It Out   

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, so why should it be any different for couples? Meeting with a neutral third-party trained to help couples develop and maintain healthy sexual interactions, intimacy levels, and sexual functions. Sex therapists can be trained as social workers, as psychologists, and even as physicians, increasing the chances partners can find the right person to work with them.  

Connect with your partner through new positions, open communication, and a willingness to experiment. It will lead to much more comfortable sex. 

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