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The Mental Benefits of Sex

By #LubeLife Team   |   July 16, 2020   

Sometimes, it can be hard to get your partner to cooperate when it comes to sex. The once overwhelming throws of passion have been swept aside for a light pat on the head. Although often seen as just an act of physicality, sex is much more than two or three people bumping and grinding. 

Sex has several mental components that should also be taken into account. The next time your partner tries to get out of doing the nasty, reel off the following mental benefits. Not only will it make you sound smarter but this new information may persuade your partner to become more active in the bedroom.   

We all can agree that’s a good thing. 

Stressed Out? Sex Can Fix That 

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Life is full of unexpected obstacles. From college exams to overall adulting, you’ll often find yourself feeling tense and completely overwhelmed. Instead of reaching for the bottle or smoking a cigarette, why not have sex? 

A study conducted by Biological Psychology discovered that having regular intercourse was linked to lower diastolic blood pressure. Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure our arteries carry when the heart rests between beats. 

When a person orgasms, this also triggers the release of endorphins. As Elle Woods so eloquently put it, “endorphins make you happy.” During an orgasm high levels of blood rush into the body, taking pressure away from the brain. 

This essentially has the same effect as taking a Tylenol when you have a headache. Orgasms are the ultimate stress reliever and unlike massages don’t cost a thing. It’s an instant yet palpable feeling of relaxation.   

So remember, before that next big presentation or exam, add having sex to your to-do list. 

Feeling Distant From Your Partner? Sex Can Fix That 

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While we all wish that relationships could stay in the honeymoon phase for years, that is not the case. As you become more comfortable with one another and your partner begins showing their true colors, that once incredible spark can begin to diminish. Add outside factors like work and family, and the distance generated between you and your partner can become wider than the Pacific Ocean. 

Several studies have shown that feelings of separation and distance from your partner can affect mental health

It has been shown that sexually active people tend to feel more secure in their relationships. While your partner could still be cheating you, those who have regular sex tend to feel more in control. 

Sex creates an immediate bond with your partner. The more sex you have, the stronger that bond becomes.  

If you’ve reached a sexual dry spell, try initiating sex. Even if your partner says that they have other things on their mind, try your best to become the center of attention.

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Having Trouble Sleeping? Sex Can Fix That 

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Let me paint a picture for you. 

After a long and frustrating day, you decide to take a bath, drink some tea, and watch television before heading off to bed. As you lay down, you try for hours to find your perfect position. You turn from left to right but for some reason can’t sleep for more than ten minutes at a time. 

When you’re finally able to get some sleep, the dreaded alarm clock rings. As you stare at the wall, you wonder what you could have done differently. 

The answer is very simple; have sex.  

When you’re having sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released from the brain. Besides the effect it has on lowering blood pressure, the release of oxytocin also results in an overall feeling of relaxation. 

Basically you’ll feel like you can fly and save the entire world.  

After sex, spend some time cuddling with your partner. Having those extra moments of intimacy will also contribute to your quest of gaining better sleep. 

Remember, sleep is incredibly important for overall body health. Without getting the right amount of sleep, your body and mind will not function at their very best.  

Feeling A Little Self-Conscious? Sex Can Fix That 

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No matter who you are, we’ve all had moments where we feel self-conscious. Yes, even Brad Pitt and Beyonce aren’t confident all the time. From societal pressures to look a certain way to constantly comparing achievements with others on social media, your life can sometimes feel unfulfilled or uneventful.   

Often, one of the reasons people feel self-conscious or insecure is because they don’t feel like they matter. Remember that scene in “The Princess Diaries” where that one guy sits on Mia because she’s invisible? 

That’s how a self-conscious person feels a lot of the time. 

The bedroom is a great place to build confidence because you have a partner that is (hopefully) attentive to your needs. Sex also has the advantage of making you feel desired. You’re immediately closer to your partner and throughout intercourse, you’re nurtured. 

All of this results in feeling much better about yourself. 

It should be stressed that the most important and valuable way to build confidence is internal. If you don’t learn how to love the skin you’re in, sex will only be a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. 

Time To Get Mental 

From better sleep to an overall mood relaxor, sex is much more than an act of passion. While passion fuels sex, its benefits are far-reaching. 

Hopefully, you learned about the mental benefits of sex. And the next time your partner refuses to have sex, use this as your ultimate rebuttal. 

Once they’ve agreed, make sure to take some #LubeLife into the bedroom with you. Not only will it enhance the physical sensation of sex but you’ll feel the most relaxed you’ve ever felt in your life. 

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