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December 12, 2020

By LubeLife Team   |   December 12, 2020  

Anal sex is a complicated and sometimes messy subject. With anal sex becoming more widely accepted and used in the bedroom, there are many questions and concerns that come with getting backdoor action. From what it feels like to how to relax the anus, there is much more that goes into having anal sex than meets the eye. 

For those who are completely confused, we’ve come up with a list of the top anal sex questions. Because talking about sex is naturally uncomfortable, you can use these questions to make educated decisions about your backdoor play. 

What does anal sex feel like?

Anal sex feels different depending on the person and the type of lubricant you use. Because the anus is filled with nerves, expect to feel strong sensations when a penis or sex toy is inserted. These sensations can be painful, strong, and even euphoric. A rule of thumb when it comes to anal sex is that you should go to the speed and rhythm of the person receiving. Don’t make the mistake of following your favorite adult films by thinking a penis or sex toy can be jammed into a tight area with little to no caution. 

Why does anal sex burn for me? 

If you're experiencing a burning sensation during anal sex, it can be an indication of a few things. The most common cause is that muscles surrounding the anus are not relaxed. In order to have the best anal sex experience, relaxed muscles are necessary. Another cause of burning could be the lubricant you chose. For anal sex, silicone based lubricants are recommended. These silicone based lubes should be strong enough to withstand the in and out action while still allowing for a smooth glide. At #LubeLife, our silicone lubricant is the perfect balance you need to get things on in the bedroom. 

If you have sex without lube, does it hurt that bad?

This depends on the person but in our experience, having anal sex without lube is not a good idea. The anus is not self lubricating meaning that it needs moisture of some kind during sex to ensure that its walls do not rip or suffer other damage. If you’re someone that has anal sex without lube and doesn’t feel any kind of pain, consider yourself the exception and not the rule. 

What are the best anal sex positions?

While this is also up to the individual, there are certain anal sex positions that are commonly used and should be explored. These positions are: 

  • Lying Doggy 
  • Backdoor Missionary 
  • The Caboose 
  • The Spoon 
  • Reverse Cowgirl 
  • Standing Doggy 
  • The Spork (we’ll let you figure that one out) 

Use your imagination when it comes to anal sex. The positions are endless. 

How does missionary gay/anal sex work?

The missionary sex position is one of the easiest is to pull off. All that you have to do is have the receiver lay on their back while relaxing their anus. The giver can help with relaxation by using their fingers, toys, or other objects to stretch out the area. Once the receiver is relaxed, the giver stands between the receiver’s legs and inserts their penis into the anus. This position allows the pair to be eye to eye during intercourse. 

What is the adult sex toy, a butt plug, used for?

Adult sex toys are a great addition to anyone’s bedroom. When it comes to anal sex, toys and butt plugs can be used to help warm up the area before penetration. Like a car in winter, sometimes you need to let the fuel run for a few minutes before the car is able to be driven. Sex toys and butt plugs allow for the anus to feel more relaxed, helping the penis go in deeper and with ease. 

Why does my butt hurt after anal sex?

The causes for feelings of pain are ones that we’ve already gone over but it is worth revisiting. The pain you feel could be caused by an anus that is not relaxed enough or from not using a lubricant suited to withstand anal sex. If the pain doesn’t go away, make it a priority to visit a doctor. 

Are butt plugs only for gay guys?

Nope. Butt plugs do not discriminate. 

How to relax my anus for anal play?

A great way to relax the anus for anal play is by using sex toys. With some lube, use sex toys to warm up and stretch the anus. You'll also learn a lot about your partner based on their reaction to the toys. If you’re feeling extra frisky, use your fingers to get your partner hot and bothered. 

Do women like anal play during oral sex?

This depends on the individual woman. Before having anal sex, you should have an open conversation with your partner to understand her comfort level with anal. There are some women who love it while others would rather get a root canal. Sex is about creating a happy and healthy environment for all. 

Why doesn't anal sex feel pleasurable to me?

Anal sex is an acquired taste. There are some people who love it the first time while there are others that need more stimulation and time before they grow to like it. If you don’t find anal sex pleasurable, understand that it is completely normal. Don’t beat yourself up about it and either choose to continue or find other methods to get yourself going. 

How to have anal sex without feeling pain?

The short answer is: LUBE!! Lubricants give the anus moisture it needs to be able to withstand the in and outward movement of the penis. Before you even think of inserting a penis into the anus, take time to warm it up. This prevents potential injuries and embarrassing doctor visits.  

Anal sex isn’t so bad

All in all, anal sex is something that is continuing to grow in popularity. With couples beginning to understand the wonder that is the anus, why not give it a try for yourself. You might surprise yourself and your partner. 

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