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Grab A Sex Toy Cleaner for Spotless Dirty Fun

The last thing you want to do when you’re blissed out post-sex (whether solo or with a partner) is get up and do chores– and cleaning our sex toys can absolutely feel like a chore! Luckily, #LubeLife has the answer in the form of our foaming and misting sex toy cleaners. They are formulated without parabens or sulfates and great for regular use. Get down and dirty while staying clean!

Read the Owner’s Manual and Own Your Orgasms

Make sure you read the instructions that come with your toys or look up the material online before using any cleaner or washing with water. Some toys, like those with batteries or cords, can’t be submerged in water. No worries, though– these cleaners will work on those, too! It’s good practice to wash your toys after every use, including between partners, to reduce the risk of yeast infections, UTIs, STI transmission and keep things squeaky clean and healthy in general.

Foaming, Sexy Fun

Our foaming cleaner is created with natural ingredients and a breeze to use. Squeeze out a few pumps, slather it on your toy and let sit for at least sixty seconds. Then rinse with water, dry and you’re good to go for another round! It’s hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about your delicate bits after use. Our fun foaming cleanser was even named a top 10 sex toy cleaner by Women’s Health!

A Misty Alternative

Leave your toys looking– and feeling– brand new with our gentle, water-based misting toy cleaner. Splash on to your favorite toy, wait sixty seconds, then rinse off before using the toy again. This high-quality cleaner will work on your whole adult treasure chest! Our formulas are alcohol-free so you don’t have to worry about drying out or irritating your internal bits.

Bring On the Sexy Toys

Lubes and toy cleaners are a toy’s best friend! Whether you’re just starting to experiment with toys or feel like a pro and still want to try something new, check out our guide to sex toys. No matter your taste in toys, you can stay squeaky clean. Bring on the dildos, vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs and more! Clean your toys after every use and be sure to never put away your toys while wet, as that can promote bacteria growth.

Live it Up… and Lube it Up

Try out our specialized #ToyLife water-based toy lubricant! One of the best things about water-based lubricants is that they aren’t sticky or tacky. Our formula is made without parabens, silicone, gluten or hormones for some amazingly sexy natural chemistry. Along with our toy cleaners, this is the perfect addition to your toy box! It is compatible with most toy materials, as well as natural latex and polyisoprene condoms (though if you’re using polyurethane condoms, reach for one of our other lube options). Buckle up and get ready to have some immaculate orgasms!

Good to Go for Another Round

Stay sexy and ready to go while you protect your vaginal and anal microbiomes. With our excellent toy cleaning options, you can wash away odor and infection-causing bacteria in a flash and keep it clean for the next session, whether solo or not! If you’re sneaking in some quick afternoon delight or going for an extended all-night pleasure session, these products are for you. #ToyLife has the answer to keeping you slippery, satisfied and clean as a whistle!