Water-Based Lubricants

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25 products

Water-Based Hypoallergenic Toy Lubricant 240ML
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water based gel lubricant
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Water-Based Lubricant Variety Pack 10ML
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Get Slippery with Water-Based Lubricants: Natural Lubricants for Female Dryness

All Sorts of Fun in the Sack

Water-based lubricants are the answer to almost any time you want to drive your partner (or yourself!) into a frenzy. They are titillating for skin-to-skin contact, safe for use with condoms, and amazing with silicone toys. We even sell one that doubles as a massage oil! Lubricants can be the key to helping with female dryness. As a bonus, most water-based lubes are safe to consume if you apply before heading downtown for some hot oral sex!

Fun for Foreplay

Ratchet up that sexual tension by teasing with your hands, mouth, and other sexy body parts. Lube is the answer to the perfect hand job or teasing your partner’s vulva. Water-based lubricants can be soothing, or if you want, grab a bottle of warming lube for a little extra spice or cooling lube to experiment with temperature play! If you like it hot and your partner wants a little chilly tingle, pick up our Sensations Kit that combines the best of both worlds.

Save the Sticky for Other Times

One of the best things about water-based lubricants is that they aren’t sticky or tacky! Our formula is made without parabens, silicone, gluten or hormones for some amazingly sexy natural chemistry. They soothe vaginal dryness and our water-based lubricant and anal lubricant are free of glycerin to mimic the body’s natural lubrication!

Flavors Galore

Sweeten up sexy time with one of our cocktail flavored water-based lubes. Mai tai, mojito, sex on the beach or pina colada are an excellent way to up the fun factor for your own personal happy hour as well as lubrication! Or, if cocktails aren’t your thing, try a fruit flavor like watermelon or strawberry, or a fun dessert flavor like birthday cake! Helping vaginal dryness doesn’t have to be boring, and adding a little extra sweetness to oral sex can be delightful! As an added bonus, our flavored lubes are made without added sugar.

Want to Explore…

Different lubes, that is? Try the variety pack, which includes a classic water-based lube as well as several exciting flavors! It’s the perfect pack of lubricants for anyone wanting to dip their toes (or, ahem, other body parts) into the world of water-based lubricants. Find your favorite before buying a big bottle!

Good for the Backdoor Too

Whether you’re experimenting by yourself or with a partner, lube is a must for anal play! Water-based anal lubricant is perfect for use with condoms or silicone toys, as it won’t interact with either and will give you the perfect silky glide to make anal sex fun! Our anal lube is slick, smooth, and long-lasting to guarantee a frictionless good time.

Playing on your Favorite Sheets?

… or upholstered furniture? No worries there! Water-based lubricant is non-staining. You can get as slippery as you want without worrying about spots left on your linens. These water-based lubes are silky smooth even on silky sheets!

Try Water-Based Lubricant for Happy Endings with Easy Cleanup

Whether you’re sneaking in some quick afternoon delight or going for an extended all-night pleasure session, these lubes are for you. If you’re searching for the perfect lubricants for female dryness, a new flavor to expand your sexy food-themed palette with a tantric treat, or an aid in teasing yourself or your partner and bringing them to new levels of pleasure, #LubeLife has the answer! If you’re still not sure which lube is right for you, check out this guide to choose the perfect one.