10 Social Media Accounts Bursting with Sex Positivity

10 Social Media Accounts Bursting with Sex Positivity

Rather than scrolling endlessly through your feeds, why don't you use social media to add a little positivity to your life? Sex positivity that is! These accounts include influencers, sex educators, and artists that all understand how powerful sex can be and that it's something we need to talk about! While you’re scrolling through, don’t forget to stock up on #LubeLife products. Whether you love photos, podcasts, blog posts, or more, you're sure to find an account you just have to follow! 

Ev'Yan Whitney

If you haven't heard of Ev'Yan, you're missing out. The sexuality doula hosts a sex-positive podcast, Sensual Self, and has recently released a book of the same name. You might have heard of the  #SensualSelfieChallenge. Ev'Yan's behind it. Ev'Yan Whitney is all about breaking free of the limitations placed on sexuality (and humanity) by society to thoroughly experience pleasure. Her honesty about her past as a sexual trauma survivor reminds everyone that they can reclaim their sexualities and live authentically.

Instagram: @evyan.whitney

Twitter: @evyanwhitney

Raquel Savage

The next sex-positive influencer on our list is known for keeping it real. Raquel Savage wants to help the world experience sexual growth and healing. She's not just the host of  The Savage Life podcast. Raquel is also a certified therapist who coaches her clients through sexual trauma. She's passionate about making her work accessible to the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities. Raquel is also unapologetic about the fact that she's a sex worker.

Instagram: @raquelsavage

Twitter: @Raquel_Savage

Erika Lust

Erika's name has long been synonymous with feminist porn that bucks mainstream trends to show true pleasure. But the producer hasn't stopped there. She's on a quest to end the censorship of female sexuality, and her social presence shows it! She's even started a zine to spread the good word. Follow #FemalePleasureMatters to find inspiring stories, poignant memes, and the occasional sensual photo that Erika posts.

Instagram: @erikalust

Twitter: @erikalust

Sex-Positive Families

Finding the words to talk about sex with kids in age-appropriate ways is hard. But failure to do so contributes to sexual trauma and dissatisfaction. Enter Sex Positive Families, a company dedicated to helping parents educate their kids about sex. This company is the powerhouse behind the book Sex-Positive Talks to Have With Kids. Parents can also register for workshops and coaching if they're struggling to teach their kids about sex. Sex Positive Families also recommends other books and resources on their social media and site.

Instagram: @sexpositive_families

Facebook: @sexpositivefamilies

Justin Lehmiller

If you love sex and science, you'll love following Dr. Justin Lehmiller, who you might recognize from his appearances on Netflix's Sex Explained. A Kinsey fellow and social psychologist, the sex educator and researcher shares the latest research on his socials and blog. He also invites other sex experts on his podcast, Sex and Psychology, to discuss everything sex. Lehmiller is also the author of Tell Me What You Want, a book about his research into sexual fantasies that will blow your mind.

Instagram: @justinjlehmiller

Twitter: @JustinLehmiller

Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is a social media maven who isn't afraid to have taboo conversations from sex to having IBD and living with a stoma. She's even the star of Drunk Advice on Youtube.  While many know her from her podcast Doing It, Hannah also runs multiple Youtube series and is the author of two sex education books, Doing It and The Hormone Diaries. This should come as no surprise to those who listened to her previous podcast, which highlighted books about sex. She's even created a sex-positive coloring book!

Instagram: @hannahwitton

Youtube: Hannah Witton

Erotic Watercolor

For those who love artistic expression and sexuality, this Instagram account offers the best of both worlds. The artists post stunning watercolors featuring nude bodies, sensual interactions, and kinky scenes. Fans can purchase their favorite art or even commission custom pieces to hang on their walls if they want to bring sex positivity from their screens into their homes.

Instagram: @eroticwatercolor

Eva Sweeney

Many people are afraid to discuss sex and disability, but not Eva! Born with cerebral palsy, Eva is a non-verbal wheelchair user who knows firsthand how disability impacts sexuality.  Her experience and education make her stand out from other sex educators, providing information that's hard to find about a subject that's already taboo. Eva's website includes digital books, written interviews, and a Q&A section for those with questions about sex and disability.  On social media, she starts posts conversation-starters for anyone who wants to talk about sex.

Instagram: @crippingupsex

Twitter: @crippingupsex

Campus Pride

This organization has big goals: to ensure college campuses are safe and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. They have a variety of sex-positive and inclusive content, so there's truly something for everyone. They've even collaborated with #LubeLife to raise money for sexual health during Pride month.

Twitter: @campuspride

Luna Matatas

Finally, Luna Matatas is a pleasure educator who believes in the power of play. She gained notoriety when she coined the phrase "Peg the patriarchy" and has even been eternalized as one of SheVibe's comic cover babes! Luna even started Sex Toy Joy Parties, where she helps attendees stretch their sexual horizons (through sex toys and using lube). Because Luna knows how to have fun, she makes loving yourself look easy, even though it's serious business--and sometimes hard work. 

Instagram: @lunamatatas

Twitter: @lunamatatas

Staying Positive with #LubeLife

These influencers amplify the sexual space and provide mental and physical benefits for all of their viewers. Whether through film, podcasts or social media campaigns they all live their best #LubeLife and share it with the world. After you’re done scrolling through all these phenomenal pages, don’t forget to head over to the #LubeLife Instagram page (@hashtaglubelife), for sex positivity, spicey memes, and all sorts of sexy fun. While you’re at it, load up on your favorite flavors and let this season be sweet, sexy, and memorable!

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