Water-Based Flavored Lubricants

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Flavored Lubes for a Deliciously Fun Time

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our delightful, flavored lubricants! We have something for everyone, from watermelon to birthday cake. All our flavored varieties are non-staining, have no added sugars, and are yummy enough to lick. Use one of our flavored natural lubricants with a partner and they will be begging for seconds!

Fun with Fruit

Our strawberry and watermelon lubricants are bright, fresh, and absolutely lickable! They will keep you going with mouth-watering flavor. And unlike the real thing, neither of these luscious lubes will leave you sticky afterwards.

‘Boozy’ Bonanza

Happy hour meets happy endings with our cocktail-themed lubricants. Mai Tai and Piña Colada are on tap for extra fruity tropical fun, while Sex on the Beach can bring a yum-tastic mix of orange, cranberry and cherry to your actual sex on the beach (or anywhere else!) Our Mojito lube, on the other hand, brings a fresh, minty pop of flavor to your happy ending. Pick one or try all four with the Four Drink Minimum! Variety Pack

A Little Extra Treat

Taste some birthday cake in your birthday suit. Feel like you’re licking your favorite ice cream cone with mint chocolate chip. Take your partner on a carnival adventure with cotton candy or entice them with a lush treat with chocolate covered strawberry! No matter which you choose, it’s an easy way to combine ‘dessert’ with pleasure.

Glove Up and Slick On!

All our flavored lubes are water-based, and perfect lubricants for condom use! This makes oral sex with a condom or dental dam extra delicious. You’re good to grab one of these bottles to use with natural latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

Toy Around a Little

Pair one of these lubes with your favorite toys to get the most slippery action! Water-based lubes are perfect for most toy materials, including silicone, rubber, plastic and glass. Need a head start on starting your adult toy chest? Check out this article and get ready to get sexy!

Playing on your Favorite Sheets?

No worries there! Pick a non-staining flavored lube, which is a breeze to clean up. You can get as slippery as you want without worrying about spots left on your linens. These water-based lubes are silky smooth even on silky sheets! Unlike real strawberries or ice cream, you don’t have to worry about any stains left behind with one of these edible lube options.

Luxuriously Lickable

Water-based lubricants are the answer to almost any time you want to drive your partner (or yourself!) into a frenzy. They are titillating for skin-to-skin contact, safe for use with condoms, and amazing with silicone toys. As a bonus, our water-based lubes are safe to consume if you apply before heading downtown for some hot oral sex!

Try One, Try All

Can’t make up your mind? No problem! Make a splash with one of our sets, and try all the dessert flavors, all the cocktails, or get extra fancy with the Prosecco & Chocolate Covered Strawberry combo!

Fun for Foreplay

Ratchet up that sexual tension by teasing with your hands, mouth, and other sexy body parts. Lube is the answer to the perfect hand job or teasing your partner’s vulva. Natural vaginal lubricants are the answer to a slippery good time.

Grab a Natural Lube for Extra Fun!

Do you need an aid in teasing yourself or your partner and bringing them to new levels of pleasure? #LubeLife has the answer! Put your sex drive into overdrive with these tasty, teasing, treat-like options. Need some ideas? Take a look at this article on some extra fun ways to use some of our most popular flavors!