How to Turn Oral Sex into a Treat with Lube

Few things heat the bedroom up more than oral sex. Some people even prefer it to the main course. Losing yourself in ecstasy while your partner stimulates all the right spots is everyone’s favorite part of oral sex, but things get a little more complicated when you aren’t on the receiving end.

While going down on your partner, it’s not uncommon to worry about your performance or experience oral fatigue (the jaw and tongue can only facilitate so much pleasure before they start to hurt). If you’d like to enhance the experience for both the giver and the recipient, we have the perfect solution: Lubricants!

Most people associate lube with vaginal and anal intercourse; a few drops can eliminate painful friction and make penetration a smooth ride. But have you considered applying some slide-n’-glide on your trips down south? In the next few minutes, we’ll show you how to use lube to make oral sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner. First, let’s get a few details out of the way.

The Best Types of Lube for Oral Sex

Before applying lube on your partner’s naughty bits, it’s important to know what types of lube are appropriate for getting the job done. We’ll start with what NOT to use:

  • Oil/Petroleum-based lube. Oil-based ointments like Vaseline provide long lasting lubrication. Unfortunately, they’re extremely messy and can trap bacteria in the vagina, leading to infections. Plus, petroleum jellies don’t usually have the best taste or smell.
  • Flavored lubes that use sugar. Sugar can irritate sensitive vaginas, so if this is a concern, we recommend using lubricants that use safe sugar-free alternatives.   

We recommend:

  • Water-based lube. Easy to clean up and safe for intravaginal use, water-based lube is a no-brainer. The only downside is that it tends to dry up somewhat quickly.
  • Silicone-based lube. Silicone lubricants are longer lasting and maintain their function underwater. This makes silicone-based lube ideal for mixing with the body’s natural juices.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down and dirty.

Using Lube to Please Him Orally

Want to give your man the ultimate blow job? Here are a few ideas on how to use lube to give better BJs.

  • Pleasure him for longer. Giving blow jobs can be an endurance test. Sore lips, dry mouth and an achy jaw can make the job unpleasant and cut the action short. If you want to please your partner for longer, apply a generous amount of lube to his shaft to increase his pleasure and decrease your workload.
  • Include some back-door action. Sure -- finger in the caboose isn’t every guy’s cup of tea, but some men absolutely love it. If your man likes his male G-spot stimulated along with his penis, lube is absolutely crucial for making this happen safely and comfortably.
  • Turn his dick into an Everlasting Gobstopper with flavored lube. Using flavored lube removes the “job” from “blowjob.” What’s better than pleasing your partner while eating dessert? He’ll notice and appreciate your renewed enthusiasm.

Using Lube to Please Her Orally    

Bringing your woman to orgasm has never been easier when you add a little lubrication in the mix. Here’s how:

  • Turn your fingers into mini-tongues. Almost every woman loves having her special spot stimulated orally. The tongue’s soft, flexible, naturally lubricated nature makes it the perfect tool for gently (but firmly) stimulating the clitoris. Applying lube on your fingers allows you to continue the action when your tongue needs a quick break. She may not know the difference!
  • Use flavored lube to increase endurance and pleasure. Some women take a long time to reach orgasm via oral sex. Applying flavored lube to her lady bits will make your task a lot more enjoyable so you can please her for as long as necessary.
  • Use toys to apply lube. Creating tension and anticipation can make oral sex twice as exciting. Before shoving your face in her area, why not warm her up a little bit? Using sex toys to apply the lube before diving in will drive her to madness. We recommend investing a brush to “paint” flavored lube over her genitals.   

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