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8 Clever Ways You Can Use Lube in Daily Life

By #LubeLife Team   |   March 28, 2019     

Lube is the duct tape of sexual accessories: It’s cheap, reliable and temporarily fixes most bedroom related issues. Beyond allowing you to slip and slide into better sex, lube can also help fix household items, increase athletic performance, clean things and much, much more. In this article, we’ll finally pull our minds out of the gutter and show you 8 real-world, non-sexual ways you can make use of lubricants today.

Lube helps prevent chafing and blisters

Running a marathon anytime soon? We have good news: Applying silicone-based lube on your nipples and thighs can prevent chafing. Likewise, a few drops of lube in your running shoes helps keep blisters from forming.

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It can polish leather

Have some scuffed up leather boots you’d like to wear on a Friday night, but can’t find your leather cleaner? Apply some water or silicone-based lube on a toothbrush or washcloth and get to work. Not only will the lube help buff the dirt out of your patent leather, it’ll also add a nice little shine.

Run out of shaving cream? Lube can do the trick

Getting ready in a hurry and don’t have any shaving cream? Use water-based lubricants to achieve a close shave on your face or legs. It’ll prevent razor burn by allowing the blade to safely glide over your skin. Use water and soap to rinse the lube off when you’re done (what’s the point of a great shave if your face looks slimy?).

Moisturize your skin with lube

Water-based lubricants can act as a great replacement for conventional lotions. They tend not to be too messy and easily seep into the skin. Silicone-based lubricants are longer lasting and make for some fantastic massage oil (although it can cause a bit of a mess). Organic lubricants like coconut oil heal dry skin and reportedly feel more natural than some of the more artificial alternatives.

Remove rings or bracelets from swollen body parts with lube

Few things produce more anxiety than trying to get a ring or bracelet off of a swollen member. “Will this ring ever come off?”What if my bracelet cuts off blood circulation to my hand?” If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t lose it – just lube it. Apply a liberal amount of lube to the affected area and watch as your ring or bracelet slides off with ease.

Style your hair like pro 

Don’t pay for expensive brand-name hair gel if you have a bottle of our silicone-based lube lying around. It contains dimethicone, which is an essential ingredient found in many popular hair gel products. Why waste money on a brand name when you can increase shine and reduce frizz with a little extra lube?

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Use lube to remove pesky adhesive residue

Tearing off stickers, bandages and Band Aids from skin can leave nasty residue that’s painful to remove. Before ripping anything off of your body, apply a few drops of lube to reduce leftover residue and ease discomfort. 

Silicone lube is basically an industrial lube that can work on any item

Seriously. It can work on skateboard bearings, bike chains, screws and bolts, stuck zippers, fishing rod reels, and more.

It can help remove makeup

If you ever find yourself waking up a total mess in random places and don’t have your makeup kit available (we don’t judge), use some lube to remove non-waterproof mascara. Additionally, you can apply a dab on your lips for some last-minute gloss.


If you ever find yourself with way more lube than you can possibly use in the bedroom, congrats: you’ve won the lottery of first world problems. Now get out there and put it to work!        

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