Butt Plugs and Double Dildo's in Background

Getting Started with Your Adult Toy Chest

With the colder months hot on your heels, you might wonder how you're going to survive winter. Rest assured, you can enjoy yourself (and a partner) as long as you've got a well-stocked toy chest. Not sure where to start? First, you will need to walk through the basics, look for a few items you may have forgotten, and find your direction for future exploration!

Find Your Favorite Toys

The most important things in your adult toy chest are the toys! You don't need an extensive collection to be satisfied, but you do need a strong foundation that reflects how you like to be stimulated and with whom. It may also be helpful to have a few backups. You never know when batteries might die.

So, what kinds of things should you consider putting in your toy box? It depends on what body part you want to stimulate.


  • For clitoral stimulation: A small vibrator such as a bullet or "lay-on vibrator" (Lelo Siri or We-Vibe Tango), a suction toy (check out Womanizer), an oral sex simulator (Lelo Ora), or a wand massager (Magic Wand or Doxy) if you want reliable power.
  • For vaginal stimulation: a dildo (Pure Wand or anything by Tantus or Vixen) or vibrating (We-Vibe Rave or OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle), thrusting (Fun Factory Stronic series), or rotating toy. Contoured heads and curved shafts target the G-spot specifically. You can also consider a wand with a G-spot attachment. 
  • For anal stimulation: A butt plug (Fun Factory Bootie, nJoy Pure Plugs), anal beads (made from silicone for hygiene) for general stimulation, or a prostate massager for unique orgasms. Aneros is known for its vibrating and non-vibrating toys, and Lelo and We-Vibe both make prostate vibrators. Don't forget the #LubeLife lube!
  • For penis stimulation: anything Fleshlight, Kiiroo, or Tenga if you want to thrust in it or urethral sounds for penetration. Cock rings and penis pumps help you stay harder longer, and vibrating cock rings are great options during intercourse. 
  • For breast and nipple stimulation: Pumps, clamps, bullet vibrators, and wands all work wonders.

You don't need to break the bank when you're just starting. Use cheaper options to figure out what you like. Then, read reviews for upgrades (if you want one) before splurging on yourself. 


Once you've got the basics covered, you can consider specialty toys. There are all sorts of restraints (cuffs, gags, blindfolds, and more), ball stretchers and cock cages, pussy pumps, wearable couples' vibrators (We-Vibe) harnesses, Kegel exercisers, sex pillows and furniture, electrostimulation toys, and more to give you those intense and varied experiences you crave.

Remember to keep your toys charged. Many toys now have internal batteries, so you don't need to keep spare batteries on hand. However, you may want to label your charging cables. The ports tend to be proprietary, so you need to use the right cable to charge your toy. Otherwise, you could damage your toy.

Always Play Safely

It's always better to be safe than sorry, which is why your toy box should include items such as condoms for penetrative sex and dental dams for oral sex if you use them. Bringing your own condoms is especially important if you need non-latex options because you can't always depend on a partner to have them on hand. Gloves are also an important component of safer sex.

If you're into kinky activities, your safety kit might look a little different. A First Aid Kit is a must to treat cuts, scratches, burns, or bruises with dressing, bandages, antibiotics, and burn ointment. You'll want medical shears or rescue cutters to quickly and safely get your partner out of bondage. Ice packs and over-the-counter pain killers wrap up your safety kit.

Don't Forget the Lube

Lube is a must-have in any toy box. Not only does it make sex more comfortable, but it can help it last longer if natural lubrication runs out. There's no reason not to have a bottle of your favorite lube in your toy chest. Keep a few different bottles of lube on hand to make sure you're ready for any activity. For example, silicone lube is long-lasting and doubles as a massage oil but is not compatible with all silicone toys. A slightly thicker lube with a water-based formula is great for using with toys because it won't drip all over the place. Check out these lube and sex toy matches made in heaven. You may also want a different formula for anal sex or flavored lube for oral sex. Fortunately, #LubeLife has you covered no matter what your preference!

Keep It Clean

Next up is hygiene. You'll find wipes you can use on your body and your toys. They're handy in a pinch if you can't run to the bathroom. However, if you're only concerned about your toys, there are plenty of products designed to keep them squeaky clean. Again, #LubeLife has options, including foaming and misting toy cleaners, to clean those toys once you're done basking in the afterglow. For antibacterial toy cleaners like this, you need to let the product sit on the toy for at least 60 seconds before rinsing it off.

How Will You Store It All?

So far, you've got some great ideas about filling your toy chest, but what about the chest itself? There are more storage options than ever. While a nightstand works well enough in most situations, it's not the most secure or portable. It doesn't offer any extra features, either. If you've wondered whether companies make convenient toy storage, they absolutely do!

You've got more than a few options when it comes to storage, including.

  • Locking boxes
  • Discreet boxes and hollow pillows
  • Storage with UV lights to kill germs
  • Charging cases
  • Portable cases
  • Bags with antibacterial lining
  • Warming storage pouches
  • Bedside toy caddies
  • Fanny packs

Plus, you can get crafty and use other items to store your toys. Poster tubes work well for riding crops, you can hang impact play toys from coat racks, and over-the-door shoe storage is ideal for vibrators and dildos.  You can even use toolboxes for your smaller goodies. A trip to your local big-box store can be quite rewarding if you think outside of the (toy) box!

Your budget, toy collection, and needs will determine which storage solution(s) is the best fit.

The great thing about your toy box is you can always add more or upgrade. Don’t forget a good supply of lube in your toy chest, to keep things moving. With this itinerary you are sure to send yourself on scintillating shopping trips and ensure your time between the sheets is satisfying and safe, whether you're playing solo or with company.

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