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2 Clever Ways to Drive Your Woman Wild with Lube

By #LubeLife Team   |   March 29, 2019     

The words “sex” and “boredom” should never be used in the same sentence. And yet, for many couples, humanity’s oldest and most exciting recreational activity can sometimes feel like a ritualized chore. If things get boring for long enough, sex usually becomes a distant memory, as intimacy decreases and sexual frustration increases. As a man, few things are as frustrating and embarrassing as sensing your woman mentally checking out during sex. Even worse is having to practically BEG your girl to participate in a little bedroom bonding.  

If your sex life is slowly drowning to death in a sea of stagnation, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and get creative. Before you blow half of your paycheck in Amazon’s “Adult Toys” section, you might consider using an item you probably already have stashed away in a drawer somewhere: Lube.

Yeah, we know – most people don’t find lube particularly sexy. Many guys use it “as needed” for penetrative sex and then forget about it immediately afterward. If you think lube is strictly for friction-free quickies, you’re not thinking creatively enough – there are dozens of ways to use lube to get your woman naturally wet BEFORE sex even occurs. We’ve covered many of those ideas and techniques in other articles, so today, we’re hitting you with 2 unconventional ways you can use lube to get your lady hot and bothered.

Massage her erogenous zones

For your woman to regularly crave sex with you, the act of sex itself HAS to feel like more than just a mechanical ritual. For her, sex is an organic expression of intimacy, and springing it on her without guiding her into the right headspace can backfire spectacularly (and comically).  This means you have to drop the “horny caveman” routine and approach sex with a bit more patience and finesse.

A great way to guide her closer to sex is by offering her a silky-smooth massage with the help of lube. Not only will it ease tension, it will also help reestablish some basic physical intimacy. As you progress from back and shoulders to her erogenous areas (breasts, butt, and inner thighs), it’ll be nearly impossible for her NOT to get a bit worked up. If your massage is sexy enough, she’ll be the one begging YOU for sex! Here’s how to do this quickly:

Apply several drops of water or silicone-based lube on your hands (alternatively, you can also apply it directly to her shoulders and back). Begin gently massaging her shoulders, neck, and back. Have her remove her shirt for convenience, and once you’re done with her backside, slowly move on to her breasts. Gently move to her nipples. Gauge her reaction. If she’s enjoying it, try moving to her inner thighs and buttocks.                 

According to research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, playing with her nipples activates the same part of her brain as clitoral stimulation. The lube reduces friction that might otherwise hurt her nipples, allowing you to stimulate her longer.

Become a lubricated theme park ride!

Spontaneity is a huge turn on for many women, especially if things have gotten a bit boring in the bedroom. Luckily, our next suggestion is so unconventional, it will be impossible for her to predict what you’ll do next. Here’s how to pull off a sensual face-to-face “riding massage” with the help of (a lot of) lube:

Suggest a massage. Bust out the lube. Apply lube to each other’s bodies, especially on the abdomen and thigh/groin areas. Lie on your back and have her get on top of you face to face in a riding position. Begin massaging her lower back and buttocks as she slides on top of you, rubbing herself in all the right areas. 

This unorthodox maneuver will create enough sexual tension to crack even the most ironclad vow of celibacy. She’ll claim you’re either a genius or a madman, but her body will speak volumes.         

Hopefully, these two unconventional ideas have sparked your imagination. At the end of the day, it’s up to YOU to get creative and reignite that spark in your love life. We encourage you to think outside of the bottle and use lube for more than just vanilla sex.   

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