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5 Fun Ways to Use Lube with Your Man in 2019

By #LubeLife Team   |   May 28, 2019     

If you’re like most women, you realize that keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom is an important part of any romantic relationship. Luckily for you, men are pretty easy to excite and please. Busting out sexy new lingerie or inventing steamy role-play scenarios is a great way to keep your man drooling over you years into a relationship. What most people forget, however, is that spicing things up in the bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. Sometimes, all you need is some simple household items and a little bit of creativity. This is doubly true when we’re talking about foreplay.  

While most people only use lube “as needed” (e.g. during periods of dryness during sex), we know for a fact lubricants can be spontaneously applied in fresh and exciting ways before penetration ever happens. In this article, we’re going to explore 5 ways you can use lube to blow your man’s mind in 2019.

Make Hand Jobs Great Again 

Over the past several decades, hand jobs have gained a reputation for being the “gateway drug” to sex many of us abandoned after high school. In adulthood, hand jobs are often administered with forced enthusiasm and received with even faker gratitude. Lube can change this. The next time you want to work (or wake) your man up, apply a generous amount of lube and surprise him with an extra smooth handy. Bonus points if you can pull this off outside of the bedroom when he least expects it (think kitchen, basement, living room couch, hotel room or even backyard).

Get Your Sexy Masseuse On

What’s better than a great massage? A great massage that leads to sex. The next time you want to reward your man with some good ole’ fashion tension relief, consider busting out a big bottle of lube. Not only will it make the massage feel better, it’ll also make the transition to sex way hotter. Bonus points if you can work in a lube-heavy handjob at the tail end of the massage.

Find and Stimulate His G-Spot

Known as the male G-spot, your man’s prostate gland (located about two inches in his rectum) can theoretically bring him to orgasm if properly stimulated. We don’t recommend just sliding in without warning, but if ground rules and interest have already been established, apply a generous amount of lube on a finger and slowly ease your way in to see how he reacts.

Gently Massage His Package

There’s nothing worse than being “in the mood” after a prolonged dry spell only to discover your partner suddenly isn’t “feeling it.” Maybe he’s tired after work or feeling stressed. Whatever the reason, you can still finesse your way to foreplay if you play your cards right. First, don’t pressure him into having sex – this can easily make things worse. Second, make your goal to ease his mind and body. In bed, lightly apply some lube on your hand and gently massage his package (start with his stomach and thighs). This can be a great way to relieve lingering stress and stimulate him at the same time. Sometimes, a little pressure-free, silky-smooth lovin’ is all it takes to jump-start his sex drive.

Turn Oral Sex into Dessert

Oral sex is usually an appetizer before the main course. So why not turn the appetizer into a dessert with flavored lubricants? The next time you go down on your man, apply some flavored lube to his area and enjoy! We’re positive he’ll appreciate your renewed enthusiasm. When you want him to return the favor, add a little sugar-free flavored lube on your lady bits for a real treat (sugar-free lube eliminates the risk of causing yeast infections or irritating sensitive vaginas).                           

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