5 Reasons Why Summer Sex is the Best Sex

5 Reasons Why Summer Sex is the Best Sex

By Colleen 

Your summer of love starts now! Try something new in (and out!) of the bedroom with these hot, sticky, and sensual tips for enjoying the best season for sex.

Summer is THE season to explore your pleasure just as nature intended. There's just something so arousing about balmy nights and sunny days that gets everyone in the mood.

The sun hangs out late into the evening, casting a sensual glow as it dips below the horizon. The weather is warm and worthy of skin-bearing tops, miniskirts, and short-shorts. Vacation time is around the corner, beckoning you to turn off your alarm and lounge in bed in the nude.

Now is obviously the time to let your horny flag fly, whether you're flinging it with a crush or in a LTR. Oh summer, let us count the ways you inspire and uplift our sexuality with some of our favorite #LubeLife sex tips that remind us why summer sex is forever the best sex.

Have Sex with the Windows Open

We'll start with something decidedly tame, but still undeniably summery and sexy: exploring your adventurous side while a warm, fresh breeze blows across your bum through an open window.

The horny lure of warm weather has us all in an exploration mood, though you don't have to go full exhibitionist to enjoy the feel of having sex in the outdoors. Just pop open a window or two in your home, make sure the local kids can't catch a glimpse before disrobing, and try to keep the noise to a minimum (because unless you live in the wilderness, you'll still have to look your neighbors in the eye eventually).

Depending on where your windows are located, now is a great time to test out some new sex positions that'll place your bodies nearest to where the sun does shine. While standing, have one partner place their hands against the wall while the penetrating partner takes them from behind.

And you know what else is hot as hell? Getting and giving oral while listening to the birds chirp. Make it a game to see how sneakily you can both give and receive pleasure without moaning loud enough for the local dog walkers to hear you.

Get Creative with Vacation Hotel Sex

Who doesn't love vacation sex, especially in a nice-as-hell hotel room? You're in a brand new, beautiful bedroom with all the time in the world, no alarm clock, and no obligations. Sex can literally happen at any time, last as long as you want, and take place multiple times in a single day. Pretty wild, right?

If you've picked a clean, inviting room, you've just bought yourself a ticket to a temporary sex paradise. While – alright, we'll admit -- you might not want to sit your bare ass straight down on that classic, hotel room-fabric arm chair, there are SO many ways to use your novel surroundings to your benefit.

For starters, have you noticed how many huge mirrors are scattered between your getaway's bedroom and bathroom? Now is the time to bust a move (and a nut) where you can both get an eyeful of each other's naked bodies.

Take advantage of the never-ending fresh towels and sheets and use them to cover any furniture that looks enticing. If that wooden desk or dresser are giving you sex furniture vibes, make sure to wipe them down with a wet hand towel and some soap and cover them with a sheet or towel before you wreck 'em. Have fun and all but remember: someone has touched (or screwed on) this furniture before you, and new hotel guests will have to touch (and f*ck) on them after you. Be polite and keep it clean.

For true neat freaks, you can always get steamy in the shower. For your sake, we hope it's equipped with one of those removable shower heads, which we'd highly recommend as an impromptu clitoral vibrator. (But PS: Aim the water stream down and across your clit, not upward and against your urethra. You don't want to end up with a vacation UTI.)

Indulge in Your Summer Sweet Tooth with Flavored Lubes

Wet, juicy watermelon and strawberries sound like super-hot editions to oral sex, but unfortunately only in theory. If you bring real fruit into your oral play, you or your partner's vagina can wind up with a yeast infection from all that natural sugar.

This is where flavored lubricants come to the rescue! Drizzle some candy-sweet watermelon lube or fresh n' juicy strawberry lube over your partner's vulva or penis and you won't be able to keep your tongue from licking and sucking off these water-based, totally body-safe lubricants.

Because they're FDA-cleared and up to top-tier #LubeLife standards, you can even go from oral to straight-up penetrative sex without worrying about vaginal infections or UTIs.

You can even get down and dirty with summertime favs we'd normally never recommend putting anywhere near your vagina, like cotton candy or ice cream. But as long as your mint chocolate chip ice cream or fluffy, pink cotton candy are in lube form, you're in the clear to turn your partner's vagina or b-hole into a flavored, scented experience for the senses.

Find a Secluded Place for Outdoor Sex 

We're gonna suggest this next tip with caution, but if you can make it work, it's SO worth it! Even if you're not into exhibitionism, there's something about having sex, or even just messing around, in nature that just feels so raw and primal.

There are seemingly endless ways to screw in the outdoors, from getting cozy in a camping tent to finding a secluded, off-trail spot in the woods to stumbling upon the perfect stretch of undisturbed beach.

Even if you are exhibitionists, remember that your fellow campers, hikers, and beach-goers haven't consented to seeing you two in the act, and there's always a chance they'll come with kids. Keep the noise to the bare minimum, and pick a place where there's almost zero chance of you being discovered.

Once you've also ensured that you won't be rubbing against poison ivy leaves or disturbing a rattlesnake's lair (which are essential for safe outdoor recreation anyhow), drop your respective pants or shorts down to the knees or ankles (so you can quickly pull them back up, just in case).

There's nothing quite like taking in the sounds of the rolling waves or the breeze blowing through the trees while you both do exactly what Mother Nature intended.

Get Soaking Wet with Temperature Play

You don't need to hit the pool or jacuzzi to splash your pleasure parts with your new best friend in the bedroom: good ol' water.

We've sung the praises of temperature play on the #LubeLife blog before, but summer is particularly well-suited to getting wet – and that's exactly what happens when you bring cold and heat into your sex life.

For starters, you'll want to base your temperature preferences around your body's natural turn-ons. Think about what kind of icy or warm touch turns you on the most.

Love the heat and would choose the sauna or the hot tub over an ice-cold pool any day? Try dipping a glass, stainless steel, or crystal stone dildo into a bowl of warm water and then slowly, sensually using it to arouse your erogenous zones. We promise this feels especially amazing around the folds of your vulva.

Prefer the sharp, striking chill of diving into cold water? Grab a few ice cubes from the freezer to rub across your nipples, labia, or clitoris, or stick your favorite temperature-absorbing sex toy, like a borosilicate glass, stainless steel, or crystal massage wand, into the fridge or freezer for a handful of minutes until it's reached your preferred level of chill.

Bonus points if you've got some water-based lube nearby to drizzle over the cold or warm toy. Some lubrication will take your temp techniques to the next level.

Bring some towels and your bathing suit to this self-love session if you're aiming to get all wet!

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