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5 Types of People You Find on Dating Apps

Dating apps are the new way to find someone, whether it be for tonight or for forever. There are a wide range of individuals who use dating apps and deciphering who's who by their profiles can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Before you sign up for a dating app, make sure you know what your intentions are.  Maybe you’re just looking, you might be satisfied with casual sex, or you could be looking for a friend with benefits. On the other hand, you might be looking for your soulmate, and that person could be much harder to find in the virtual world. Whatever it is you are looking for, get out there and go on some dates!


There is nothing a good doggo (or feline) can’t cure and these online daters believe that their pets are the center of the known universe. And who could blame them? While sometimes it may be nice to see more of the person themselves on the profile, you will surely get a good look at their furry friend.

Whether they have 1 pet, or 3 golden retrievers, and/or 7 cats; it is important to know that pet owners are often very caring people. They know what it is like to care for something which, for the most part, can’t take care of itself. As well as you’ll have a pet to play with if you end up making it over to their place. Even if the conversation falls flat, you can still chill with their pet!


It is a well-known type, they love the glitz, the glam, and everything in between. If you feel underdressed on the first date, don’t worry, the high-end belts and logo tees are just a regular part of their wardrobe. They love fine dining, jet-setting, and everything else luxury lifestyle-related. However, this lifestyle can be expensive, so make sure if you’re covering the bill, you know what you’re in for.

These daters are often very up on trends, new movies, and hot tv-shows. They like to stay fit so that they are ready for each new fashion season. The mall, salon, and local art galleries are some of their favorite places to frequent. While these types of people may catch a bad rap, whoever said treating yourself was a bad thing? It is important to take advantage of the time you have in your youth and experience the shiny side of the crystal ball. Don’t be afraid to ask someone out because of an expensive lifestyle, take the bull by the horns, and bring some #LubeLife for the after-party!


Whether they were a jock in high school or just go to the gym a lot, these single people sure do look good without a shirt on! They have phenomenal figures so they probably have good stamina; not to mention they are probably extraordinarily passionate about all areas of wellness. However, underneath most fitness freaks is someone who likes to curl up on the couch and eat ice cream, just like you. They just work it off in the gym the very next day!

Most people who are very active want an active partner, that doesn’t mean you need to bench press 350lbs, but if you are going to date an athlete they will probably want a gym partner. Don’t fret, if you are not the most active, let a new person challenge you and even if the relationship is just a fling, you’ll learn some easy ways to stay active and get some good rounds in between the sheets as well. To spice things up a little try some fantastic flavored lubricants, but don’t worry they’re sugar-free.


These people love a good hike or a trip to a cliff-jumping spot. The sun, air and wind are their calling cards and they are far less likely to Netflix-n-chill with you on the first date. They are primarily adorned with khakis and a large-brimmed sun hat and often times are very attuned with nature and their surroundings.

That being said, these folks are often quite endearing, lighthearted, and spontaneous, not to mention forgiving. Their often just as adventurous in the bedroom as they are outside of it, so #LubeLife's toy cleaners might just come in handy! They tend to be extremely in touch with their sexuality, so they're often great in bed, and they're wonderful to travel with! If you need to elevate your intimate experience, try #LubeLife’s excellent anal lubricant.


Vegans get a bad rap but they are just people who care about their own bodies and the growing climate crisis in the world. While they may not eat pork or steak, they still love delicious food. There are more and more vegan options coming out every year that provide nutritious and sustainable lifestyle habits. Let them take you to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, you are sure to be surprised with the flavors and ingredients you encounter.

In the same way as the athlete, someone with a strict diet is very wellness-focused. They also probably know that sex is a key to a healthy internal ecosystem. While vegans might not like to eat meat, they are sure to show you around in the sheets. They often practice yoga, pilates, and other active routines that make sex all that much more interesting. On the way to the bedroom, grab some lube with a vegan formula. You are sure to appear conscious of their lifestyle choices and their satisfaction in bed!  


There Are Times When You Should Simply Swipe Left: 

  • This person has no picture in which you can see their face (They're usually scammers)
  • An individual has explicitly stated that they created their profile as a joke 
  • Someone is asking for money or personal information

While dating apps can be challenging to navigate, they're often well-suited to individuals who are perseverant and selective when it comes to choosing a mate. If you know what you want and won't settle for anything less, they can lead to a beautiful encounter! Don’t be discouraged by being left on read or one-bad-first-date. Get out there and find your special someone, even if that special someone is only special for the night!

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