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March 26, 2019

By #LubeLife Team   |   March 26, 2019     

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, lube is the most versatile and accessible sex product on the market. It’s cheap, easy to use, and can instantly enhance any sexual engagement. People who regularly incorporate lube in their sex lives can’t imagine fucking and sucking without it. Masturbation, foreplay, and intercourse are 5x more awesome with the help of some extra slide sauce. 

So why don’t more consumers have a big ole’ bottle of lube stashed in their closets or drawers? One reason might be lube’s association with age-inducing “dryness.” This stigma is nonsense. Those of us who are young, wet and ready can still benefit from lube’s many uses. In a few moments, we’ll show you how to think outside of the box (or in this case, bottle) in order to make the most out of lube.

Before we dive in, let’s go over the basics. There are four different types of lube: Water, silicone, oil, and petroleum-based lubricants. Without going into too many boring details, we can confidently say water and silicone lubes are the best options. Most water and silicone-based lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms (oil and petroleum break down latex, increasing the risk of pregnancy and STIs). Just keep in mind that silicone-based lube, while lasting longer than its water-based cousin, can damage silicone sex toys and is harder to clean up.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s slide right into the 6 best ways to use lube for a better sex life:

1.       Lube during oral sex.Want to give longer-lasting blowjobs without your jaw aching or saliva running out? Use lube! And not just any lube – use FLAVORED lube! With just a few drops of tasty water/silicone-based lube, you can radically reduce the grind (and increase the pleasure) of pleasing your partner’s penis. Likewise, a modest amount of flavored lube can reduce friction while stimulating the clitoris with tongue and fingers. 

2.       Lube during masturbation.  Every guy knows lotion is a great masturbatory aid. Nobody wants callouses on their hand or damaged skin on their yogurt cannon ;) Unfortunately, many lotions are thick and short-lasting. Water and silicone-based lube often last longer and contain fewer chemicals than your typical hand or body lotion. For vagina-owners, using conventional lotions as masturbatory aids can trap bacteria in the vag, leading to infections. We recommend water or silicone-based lube instead.

3.       Lube before anal sex (bruh!).If you’ve ever tried to give or receive anal sex without the use of a lubricant, you understand how important it is for anything booty-related. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate enough to accommodate penetration comfortably or safely. So lather up before making a dramatic backdoor entrance (#Lube Tip: use silicone-based lube since it lasts longer).

4.       Lube before vaginal intercourse (duh!).Even if you aren’t experiencing vaginal dryness, applying small amounts of lube before and during vaginal sex can improve comfort (especially if your partner is sportin’ a third leg). If you’re doing the plowing, applying lube directly on your penis (or on your condom) reduces friction and keeps you harder longer. Just make sure to use it in moderation – you don’t want to slide across the room or soak your sheets.         

5.       Lube inside the condom.There’s no debate: Sex feels better without condoms. Nature knows what’s up. Until science develops a more convenient way of preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies, we’re sadly stuck with these annoying little latex helmets. But wait, there is hope! Applying a few drops of lube INSIDE a condom can increase sensitivity during sex. So quit whining every time she insists you wear a condom and get creative!  

6.       Lube to get in the mood.After a long and stressful day at work, it can be difficult to relax enough to become aroused for your partner. Massages are a great way to unwind and create much needed sexual tension. Instead of using body lotion, why not use some good ole’ fashion lube? It’s generally lighter, wetter, and longer-lasting.

Alternatively, you can also get your partner in the mood by arousing their sense of sight. Hop in your car and take them to a deserted area or book a hotel room and go wherever the night takes you. Make sure to pack a bottle of lube and let the fireworks begin.  

Hopefully, these 6 ideas have sparked your imagination. Lube’s application is practically limitless, so don’t be afraid to try some freaky moves we didn’t cover in this article.

For great water and silicone-based lubricants, check out our product collection page. And if you're still not convinced, check out the 7 reasons sex without lube sucks. The results may shock you. 

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