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A Unisex Guide to High-Pleasure Zones

Sex is sweet, but have you ever felt the ecstatic feeling of your partner running their fingers or tongue on your neck or ears? The feeling is as good as getting your nether regions massaged or licked, and it’s tough to say no to a little heavy petting.

Next time during sex or foreplay, surprise your partner by exploring other sensitive yet often forgotten areas and see how fast they get aroused. You’re familiar with the usual pleasure points. Well, there are other areas you have been ignoring.

These areas are known as erogenous zones. They have a high concentration of nerve endings which make them sensitive to touch and helps relaxation, increases blood flow, accelerates sexual pleasure, and builds excitement when stimulated. So what areas are these, you ask. 

Pleasure Zones for Men and How to Stimulate Them

The Scalp

Surprising as this may sound, massaging your man's scalp can get him sexually excited. You can stimulate it by stroking him gently with your fingernails. This will help calm him while still sending shivers down his spine. To add intensity, you can peck him on the scalp or forehead while stroking it and moan gently.

His Ears

His ears are not just designed to listen to your soft moans as he serves you those killer strokes; they are also a stimulation point for him. Gently caressing or nibbling his ear lobes will get him excited. You can also use your tongue to trace around the ear and maybe even go inside it a bit with your tongue. While at it, you can moan gently and breathe heavily in his ears.

Nape of the Neck

This part is often ignored in men, but the fun fact is that it is as sensitive in men as it is in women. Yes, you can get your man hard by licking or gently kissing the nape of his neck. To spice things up, you can trace your hand on his genitals while licking his neck. He will love it.

His Hands

It is easy to overlook your man's hands since they do a lot during sex, but you might forget that they are heavily supplied with nerve endings that can help excite him.

You can seductively caress his triceps, or massage his fingers with yours. Better yet, suck his fingers with your mouth while giving him that "this-is-what-I-can-do" sexy look. It may seem a little naughty, but isn't that what we are here for?

His Feet

Your man is probably on his feet most hours of the day, so nothing spells romance better like giving him a foot massage before sex. If you are good at it, you can hit those pleasure points connected to his genitals and give him the "I-want-to-have-it-already" feeling. While at it, you can run a few kisses on the back of his knees. This will make him ticklish and excited.

His Nipples

You might ask, why do men have nipples? The answer is, just in case. It's not everyone’s fetish, but if your man is game, he'll definitely love it when you play with his nipples. The best way to stimulate his nipples is to lick them and suck them softly. You can also bite them a bit and send him to seventh heaven. To intensify the feeling, you can lick him from his nipples to his pubic hairline and then watch him moan your name.

Pleasure Zones for Women and How to Stimulate Them

Ear and Neck

Like men, women highly enjoy and respond to ear and neck kisses and licking. These two areas give her pleasure, and if you are not already stimulating them, you are denying her extra fun. Running the tip of your tongue along her neck and inserting it gently in her ear will get her aroused and wet in no time. Whispering naughty things in her ears or caressing her boobs or ass while licking her neck will get her screaming your name.

Inner thighs

Your woman's inner thighs are gentle and highly sensitive. She sure loves to get some chills down her spine as you run your fingertips up and down her thighs while gently kissing her. To make things even hotter, you can lick her body gently from her lips, through her boobs, to her thighs, and slowly to her clitoris and give her head she will live to remember.

Her Butt

Women's butts are pretty to stare at but even better to stimulate. You know she loves it when you gently grab her butt or spank her gently during sex (mostly doggy style). The place where the butt meets the thigh is also highly sensitive and fun to play with. While licking her butt, you can also slide to her anus, maybe even insert a finger or two and see how she likes it.

Her Stomach

The lower stomach (between the belly button and pubic hairline) is extremely sensitive for most ladies. The best way to go about it is by caressing her gently with the tip of your fingers or tongue. You can also run an ice cube gently or lick something like honey or ice cream on her stomach.


Whether it's the lips of her vagina or her mouth, your woman is always down for some licking and kissing. The key to titillation here is gentleness. You can use your hands on other places like her boobs or insert two fingers in her coochie while still kissing those tender lips.

Get a Lube and Get to Work

Foreplay and stimulation of the erogenous zones are excellent ways to get your partner wet but may sometimes not be enough. To be assured of maximum wetness and pleasure, lube is a must-have. You can either choose to go with  silicone-based lubes (suitable for anal sex) or water-based lubes that come in watermelon, strawberry, chocolate chips, and cotton candy flavors. 

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