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Backdoor Action: Exploring Anal Masturbation

 By Betty Knowles

As Anal August winds down, it’s not too late to get in on a little backdoor action for yourself. What’s that? You say you don’t have a partner to play with? Fret no more, friend! We can explore anal masturbation together, so to speak.

What Is Anal Masturbation? 

Simply put, anal masturbation is the act of self-stimulation of the anus, rectum, or the prostate for sexual pleasure. The most common tools used for said stimulation are fingers, phallic-shaped items, or sex toys, including anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators. Anal masturbation is an easy and safe way to see if you enjoy the practice and might want to take the next steps into rimming and/or anal penetrative sex or “pegging.” 

How to Anally Masturbate?

The first and most important consideration when exploring anal masturbation is safety. The anus and rectum are fragile areas, and unsafe anal masturbation could cause anything from mild discomfort to serious injury. There are risks associated with tissue tearing and bleeding, as well as with toys that are not properly sanitized. And you never want to double dip – that is, never insert a finger that was in the anus into the vagina or any other orifice without a thorough cleaning, otherwise you run the risk of introducing bacterial from the anal canal into other parts of the body. If you take the proper precautions, anal masturbation can lead to some of the most intense pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever experienced!

Begin With Anal Massage 

There are a number of erotic nerve endings at the opening of the anus, and stimulating them can be a pathway to pleasure. Fingers are the most accessible and easiest tools for the job here, so just make sure hands are clean and nails are trimmed, use a glove or finger condom if you like, and press the pad of a finger or two against the opening of the anus. Start by pressing against the opening, and then slowly start circling your finger around, making sure to move to the perineum — the spot of flesh between the anus and genitals, sometimes referred to as the “taint” — to massage there. Massage in circles, or stroke the anus. Alternate between using one, two, or three fingers, and use your thumb to apply more pressure as desired.

Some people prefer motorized stimulation. Vibrating butt plugs can be run around the rim of the anus, or the head of a wand-style vibrator can be pressed against the anus and perineum. Alternate between speeds and clench the butt cheeks occasionally for a different sensation. 

Enjoy Anal Fingering

The next step is anal fingering. And, let’s say it again, loud and clear: make sure your hands are clean and your fingernails are trimmed. You might want to make sure they are filed, too, before inserting them into the anus to make sure there are no sharp edges. And, again, feel free to use a glove or a finger condom before you get started. 

Like other forms of masturbation, it helps to get in the mood and get feelings of arousal started. You wouldn’t dive straight into penetration with a partner, so why would you do yourself dirty like that? After you’re feeling relaxed and aroused from the external massage, you can slowly — and we mean slowly — start inserting a finger into the anus. You should be able to tell when you are ready for this type of penetration because the anus should pucker a bit. Slowly insert the finger to the first knuckle. Hold it there for a few seconds to get used to the sensation. 

If you are properly lubricated, you can insert the finger a little further, but if not, remove it and apply more lube before trying again. Slowly move the finger in and out and you will feel the sphincter muscles (the group of muscles that help keep the anus closed) will relax. Prostate owners might enjoy a tapping sensation against the gland, and others might enjoy the feeling of a finger wiggling inside a little.

After a few sessions of anal masturbation, you can try using another finger or two, eventually perhaps graduating to butt plugs and other anal toys. 

Toys for Anal 

There are so many options for toys to use for anal stimulation. From anal beads, to plugs, to prostate stimulators, there’s a whole wide world of pleasure at your disposal. And it’s not just the style of toys, but the materials as well. Silicone can feel soft and cushy in the tushy, but metal and glass can be used for temperature play, sending a chill through you or a jolt of warmth. And function is another factor to consider: to vibrate or not to vibrate? That is the question! But no matter the choice, make sure there is a flared base or a sturdy retrieval cord. You do not want anything to get lost up there and have to visit the emergency room for removal or even surgery.

Small plugs are best to start with. As your play advances, you can start to increase not only the size of the plug, but the intensity of the vibration if desired. Anal beads are another option for newbies, since you can start with inserting just one bead and eventually work your way up the chain. With enough practice, you’ll be a true size queen in no time at all! 

Practice Makes Anal Masturbation Perfect

The key to enjoyable anal stimulation is to always take it slow. But the benefits of taking your time can be immeasurable. You can learn what your body likes, and what truly feels good. You will learn more about what turns you on, and what doesn’t. Prostate owners have reported full-body orgasms from anal stimulation. For those with G-spots, internal anal stimulation with a toy could hit the area, again leading to intense orgasms.

Need for Anal Lubricant

If the key to enjoyable sex is plenty of lubrication (and trust us, it is), the key to anal masturbation is even more lubrication. When you think you have enough lube, you’re wrong. Use more. 

When To Use The Lube

Lube is necessary every step of the way for anal masturbation. Fingers, toys, a partner … it all requires lubrication. Since the anus is not self-lubricating, there is no way to naturally increase the moisture, hence the need for lube. And don’t be shy about re-applying it as often as needed. Some people recommend silicone lube for anal, but a high-quality water-based lube can work just as well and won’t stain bedding. Additionally, water-based lubricants can help nourish the anal membranes. The Water-Based Anal Lubricant from #LubeLife is a great one to use. It’s designed for use in the anus, and it delivers the same silky-smooth, buttery glide as a water-based lube.

How To Use Anal Lube

Anal tissue is very delicate and can easily suffer from micro tears and fissures. Apply lube not only around the anus — again, don’t be stingy with the amount you use — but also on the fingers or toys you plan to use. Using a water-based lube tends to be the smartest option since it’s compatible with mot types of materials used in finger condoms, but also those used in sex toys. Make sure to keep the bottle nearby so you can reapply without breaking the mood.

The Magic of Flavored Lube

While we mentioned not taking a finger or toy from the anus to another orifice, using a flavored lubricant during anal stimulation can do so much more than provide a great taste. (And if you eventually have a partner to perform oral stimulation analy, then the taste of the lube can be a benefit.) Flavored lube also has great scents that can aid in stimulation. And most flavored lubricants — such as the fruit, candy, dessert, and cocktail inspired selection from #LubeLife — are water-based, so they are safe for a number of uses.

Tips for Solo Anal

Clean up beforehand. If you are worried about how clean you are when inserting your fingers, you won’t be able to focus on your pleasure and enjoyment. Don’t rush. Take your time. Trying to have a quickie solo anal masturbation session could lead to a disappointing experience at a minimum and injuries or tears at a maximum. Be willing to explore. We’re not saying try shoving anything within arm’s reach up there, but try different types of toys and lubes.

Perfect Positions for Anal Orgasm

Just as it is in other types of sex, there is no one way to do it right. Let what feels good to you guide you. When it comes to anal orgasm exploration, some prefer being on their backs with the legs propped up on pillows to allow for good access. Others are more comfortable on their stomachs, reaching around behind for the backdoor fun. Try sitting on an armchair or sofa with legs hanging over the arms to open things up. Get a dildo with a suction cup base and firmly attach it to a smooth, flat surface before slowly lowering yourself onto it. Don’t be afraid to move around while masturbating too – you might find it help with stimulation.

The bottom line is anal masturbation can be a great way to learn about your body and your sexual preferences. And the more you know about what you like and the more comfortable you are with your body, it makes it that much easier to share that information with a partner, making all types of sex even more pleasurable. And doesn’t everyone deserve that?

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