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Can I Still Have Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

By #LubeLife Team   |   March 25, 2020     

Is it just me or does the world feel like it’s coming to an end? People are fighting over toilet paper in Australia while others are stocking up on so much Ramen Noodles, they might as well eat pure salt. A simple cough or snivel sends shivers down spines and all public gatherings are a recipe for disaster. Besides starring in your very own dystopian novel, coronavirus has made everyone afraid to even breathe. However, in this time of social distancing, one pretty important activity has left many couples at a standstill. 

In other words, is it still ok to have sex?  

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Let’s jump right into this, shall we? If you and your partner do not exhibit any symptoms and have not been in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19, chances are you can still get it on. For those who do not know if they have been exposed to the disease or someone with the disease, ask yourself this: have I been to a country with a reported outbreak or has someone at my job, gym, dog park, or anywhere else I frequent come down with the virus?  

If your partner gets a sick (that even means having a cold), steer on the side of caution. If you have a gut feeling that it may not be safe right now, trust it. Hopefully, you don’t live together. 

Totally joking. 

In all seriousness, cool it with the sex and practice social distancing.  

It’s Ok To Kiss Isn’t It? 

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Ladies and gentlemen, in these times, kissing can only be described in one word: dangerous. 

According to the World Health Organization, they advise that people should remain three to six feet from anyone who coughs or sneezes. Unfortunately, it is hard to discern whether a cough or sneeze is an isolated issue or an indication of something more. If you’re carrying the Coronavirus, kissing someone and being that close to their face, will transit the disease. I’ve heard that air kisses are all the rage anyway. 

So the next time you lean in for a kiss, you may want to reconsider.   

Ok, So Kissing Is Off Limits. What about Anal? 

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You’d think so, wouldn’t you? 

According to the World Health Organization, (don’t you hate those guys), fecal matter has been found in some patients that have tested positive. What does that mean exactly? As far as we can tell, not much. There doesn’t seem to be a provable correlation between fecal matter with traces of COVID-19 and the spread of the disease. As always, practice caution if your partner shows symptoms. 

If you want to take on the challenge, #LubeLife Anal Lubricant will make all of your backdoor needs as smooth as butter.

I’m Super Horny, What Should I do? 

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If you’re currently quarantined and have already gone through your week's worth of food, watched everything on Netflix and done some household chores, sex might be the only thing left to keep you busy.  

If you’re looking for that instant rush, try going solo. And by solo, I do not mean breaking up with your partner. Instead, engage in a solo session of pleasure time. If you have toys, take them out of their hiding spots and if you don’t, get on Google and find yourself some.  

Before even thinking about using your toys, wash your hands and toys thoroughly. To make the sensations that much more enjoyable, consider using a personal lubricant. #LubeLife has several options that can help melt away your stress. For example, our silicone based lubricant is the perfect addition to your bedroom action while also making sure that your toys enter and exit safely.  

The coronavirus has everyone spooked. Just practice caution and stay away from anyone that sneezes, coughs, looks sick, or smells bad. The last recommendation is just my added two cents. And if you’re looking for some things to do while you’re quarantined, click here. 

As one meme stated, our grandparents were called to war, we are called to stay on our couch. 

Trust me, you’ve got this!

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