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Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Flavored Lube

Have you considered turning up the heat this summer? And we don’t mean the thermostat or seat warmer! There are several types of lube that will pump your boosters into gear and start you on the path to sexual discovery.

If a lubricant is “safe-to-ingest” it is made from high-quality ingredients, as opposed to petroleum jelly or other artificial lower-end synthetics. The former encourages more touching, oral sex, and more prolonged sessions for you and your partner. While the latter can leave you feeling messy and sticky, yuck! 

Because of this, a variety of powerful, pleasurable, and unique lube products exist on the market. Flavored lubes are very popular, but many consumers wonder whether these products are safe. Do they contain any harmful ingredients? Can they be ingested safely? 

Myth 1: Lube is Unsafe to Swallow or Ingest

Generally, lube contains ingredients like water, oil, glycerin, and silicone. The ingredients that make lube soluble are not harmful if you end up ingesting a little, with quality ingredients; lube is a practical, innate substance. However, it is not recommended to drink a whole bottle of it, as a source of hydration; for that just find some old-fashioned H2O. 

Myth 2: Lube Contains Ingredients That Cause Yeast Infections

This is quite simply, fake news! Lube containing petroleum jelly can cause a change in the internal pH of a woman's vagina, this is what caused these rumors to spread. Simply put, these are low-end lubricants with nasty chemical compounds. #Lubelife contains high-end water-based compounds that are ideal for adding to vaginal lubrication and provide no risk of a yeast infection. The key takeaway here is to avoid products containing petroleum jellies. Don’t get caught in a jam with some nasty jelly, get back on the right track with a water-based slip-n-slide. 

Myth 3: Edible Lube has Waxy Flavors

When people are thinking of lube, they often confuse it with the bland, and vaguely medicinal taste of most pharmacy counter lubes. In other words, think about a simple, plain drugstore variant lube that smells like glue. Those companies design products that looked like they belong in a drug store but not #Lubelife

In the past decades, safe-to-ingest lube has evolved from cinnamon and chocolate as the few available flavors to a world of variety. #LubeLife embraces the need for fun, with updated flavors like watermelon, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and cotton candy! As you can see, lube comes in a variety of entertaining flavors that encourage physical touch. Products that are amusing, lively, and encourage people to check them out; even those who haven't bought lube in a long time. 

Myth 4: Lube is Unnatural

Don’t get caught up in old standards! Some people consider lube unnatural because they think that it's supposed to be naturally produced by the body. However, all bodies are different and have exceptions. Thus, lube is incredibly important to many people’s sexual exploration. 

People like to feel connected with each other and have carefree, explorative sex. When people add lube to their routine or throw it in the mix, it enhances the natural secretions of the body and nerve endings. 

In relation to bodies, the female body is fascinating and complex:

  • It naturally produces fluid to cover the vagina and other sex organs
  • Natural lubrication makes sex easy and seamless

Women's bodies are awesome, but sometimes the proper amount of lube doesn't happen:

  • Even with some steamy foreplay, sometimes the body doesn’t produce enough lubrication
  • Sexually immature couples might have a tougher time knowing how to turn each other on
  • Some women have difficulty becoming naturally lubricated as they age

It can also be a case of overthinking. Remember, someone becoming wet does not determine the skill or proficiency of their partner. 

A lot of people love lube and are sick of these traditional ideas about getting their partner turned on. When you consider the flavors and fun variety #LubeLife introduces into a couple's sex life, it’s tough for people to live without it. It's certainly an essential item for many to have the fun and steamy sex they desire.

Myth 5: Lube is Overpriced and Costly for My Routine

Many people take pride in the quality of the ingredients and the message behind the products they use. However, this doesn’t mean they have to come with luxury price tags. Regular lubes and flavored lubes are a wise, essential component in anyone's sex life, as properly lubricated junk feels much better when going in the front, or the trunk. In short, lube is not only an accessory but an essential product to consider. Don’t get left out in the cold, grease up all those moving parts, and get ready for a fast and fun #LubeLife.  

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    Can I eat a vagina that I’ve rubbed lube life on seems I’ve been very temp after putting lube life on it cause her clitoris gets so swollen and huge that she wants me to lick on it. Also where can I find the flavored ones. Will I receive a e mail answering the above questions.

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