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Dying of Boredom? Try Out These Entertaining Apps

By #LubeLife Team   |   April 8, 2020     

Another day, another dreary forecast about the Coronavirus. Initially viewed as a foreign threat, it has now become a worldwide issue that keeps expanding by the day. With orders of isolation around the world, you’re going to need a lot more than Netflix and Monopoly to keep you occupied. 

Pretty much every person has a smartphone these days. One of the perks of smartphones is their instant access to thousands of apps. In order to minimize unavoidable sensory overload, I’ve done the hard work and created a comprehensive list of entertaining apps you can use right now. 

Sand Draw Sketch 

For those who live near beaches or for those who wish they did, the Sand Draw Sketch app can go a long way in erasing FOMO. From drawing a game of tic-tac-toe or creating an intricate masterpiece, you’ll immerse yourself into a world where going to the beach was an everyday occurrence, aka 2019.     

Sand Sketch wash away


Try it out here.

Duo Lingo 

Every person wants to learn another language but most have no idea where to start. With lengthy books and confusing YouTube videos filled with sponsorship announcements, choosing a program is even more difficult than understanding all of the lyrics in an Ariana Grande song. Whether wanting to learn Spanish or German, Duo Lingo combines regular exercises with the gamification of competitive lessons to help make learning fun. Plus, it’s a great way to kill the time while exercising your mind.  

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¿Quieres continuar? Click here.  


Looking to engage in something that is both challenging and paper friendly? Paperama is just what the doctor ordered. With its awesome 3D effects and over 70 puzzles to solve, you’ll have to be fully engaged in order to get the most out of it. And if you’re super competitive, this app also scores your folds for accuracy. 

Remember kids, this all just for fun...and entertainment.   

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Wanna get your fold on? Click here

Flow Free 

Described as “simple yet addictive”, Flow Free is perfect for anyone that loves to crack a really good puzzle. On its surface, the premise of the game is rather simple: connect matching colors with a pipe in order to create a flow. The user must pair all of the colors and cover the entire board in order to successfully complete the puzzle and move on to the next level. However, if the pipes overlap or cross, your flow will break.  

You can also choose between free play mode or race against the clock in time trial mode. Whether you want to relax your mind after work or engage the problem-solving area of your brain, this app has many benefits.    



Ready to get the best headache ever? Click here.  


For those of you who are stuck at home with your partner, you might as well use this time to get to know each other very well. The Desire app works by empowering you to improve your love experience in game form. Think of it as a truth or dare: the sex edition. With over 30,000 various questions and dare cards, you and your partner will keep occupied for a long time. And if you really want to add another layer of passion into the activities, use some #LubeLife lubricants

Imagine performing a dare while also having one of the delicious flavored lubricants at your disposal.   

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Click here to get started


Have you ever wanted your own talk show? Well, Opentalk is not necessarily that. What Opentalk does provide is a platform to have public conversations about whatever topic you want. Anything you say can be posted and listened to by anyone, anywhere.  Whether wanting to learn about ways to make passive income while at home or interested in the latest opinions of food critics, there is something here for everyone. 

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If you’re looking to shut your brain off and eliminate some anxiety, click here.


While many studies suggest that the average person spends too much time on their phone, if you’re going to be isolated from the real world for a few more weeks (most likely months), you might as well get digital. Although there are many other options to get you started, try these out. Who knows, you may still be trying them out next year at this very time. That is if we’re not all gone by then. 

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