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Eat, Pray, and Love Your Partner

Nothing beats the romance that comes with the crisp yellow leaves and cool temperatures of Autumn.  This is hands down the best season to get nasty, show some skin, and enjoy some steamy action with your partner. Less heat means less sweating and more orgasms.  Even better, it's the time to give and receive head.

Yes, it's the perfect time to go oral and eat your partner out like they are the last supper. You can't get over the feeling of cumming in their mouth or feeling them cum in yours. I'm sure you don't want Autumn to pass without making some freaky memories, which is why this article is here to give you some oral tips because you sure deserve some good head.

If you are a newbie, you are probably worried the oral will be underwhelming, but that is not a reason to quit trying. Chances are you will do fine and get better with time. We all start somewhere, and no one starts as an expert, so get your knees ready to squat and get your tongue ready for the game because these tips are about to turn things up a notch.

Tip 1. Show Some Skin

Yes, they want a snippet of that booty and those fire boobies. The amazing view of your fire body will keep them excited and looking forward to completing their tasks for the day so they can eat you out. Your partner also wants to see some packs, whether two or six. Show them your strength, both in and out of the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to show off; catch their eye and show some thighs. 

Tip 2. Try (Semi) Public Oral sex

This is definitely next-level ecstasy. Enjoying oral play in public will be both intriguing and satisfying for you and your partner. It is a good way to raise both adrenaline and oxytocin levels at once, and how best to enjoy life than experiencing flight and pleasure all at once? 

1.    The Bar or Club

The bar or club is a perfect place to make oral sex memories. You can try out the rooftop, but if it’s crowded, find the cleanest bathroom and go to town. If you want to make the experience even more exhilarating, try getting a little tipsy before you go down on your partner or before they go down on you. The change of pace and alcohol combined will get you screaming your partner's name (but don’t be too loud, wouldn’t want someone to find you).

2.    On a Boat

If you are the seafaring type, don’t be afraid to seek high pleasure on the high-seas. Let the ebbs and flows of the ocean allow you to rock back and forth with your partner. Go below their deck, and enjoy some nefarious fun in a secluded and sexy setting. Bring along a picnic basket and some wine to tie together this lovely evening of going below the belt during high tide. 

3.    The Car

This is the most common, and very enjoyable change of setting. It has some aspects of privacy and some thrill of being in public. You can park your car in a public place like the parking lot of a mall, or even just park in your driveway after getting home and get down to the action before bringing the groceries in (just be careful the ice cream doesn’t melt). 

Tip 3. Normalize Pleasing your Partner

Sometimes you are just not in the mood for sex or oral play, and that is okay. However, if your partner is craving some, you should make it your priority to satisfy them. This is where oral sex comes in handy. You don't have to force yourself to penetrate or get penetrated; you can simply give them head and leave them screaming your name. A bonus tip (pun intended) is that this will pay dividends when you are in a similar bind and could use affection.

Tip 4. Try out Different Oral Sex Positions

You don't have to be stuck with the classic oral position all the time. Sometimes it gets boring and leaves you craving more. If you want to spice things up, you will have to be adventurous with this game.

1.  The 69

Nothing is more erotic than simultaneous pleasure, and the 69 position is the perfect way to deliver this. Help each other find a duality of giving and taking, allow your juices to flow through one another and then back again. Let yourself become immersed in the experience and release with a final burst.

 2.  Sit and Kneel

This position is perfect for most outdoor settings, semi-secluded wooden areas or the club. The partner giving head will have to be kneeling and others seated in a position where their happy parts are accessible.

3.  Face Sitting

This position is just as it sounds. Allow gravity to bring your partner’s tongue in for exploration.  Grab your partner’s head and force them deep and allow yourself to splurge in pure ecstasy. Grind on their face, give them some air to breathe, and then right back again. Let the time fly by with you resting on your magic seat. 

Tip 5: Don't underestimate the power of the lubricant

Like water, lubrication is life. Sex (whether oral, anal, or vaginal) cannot be enjoyed without lubrication. Choosing the right lube for oral sex is essential, especially if you plan on inserting a finger or two for more pleasure. It is recommended to use water-based lubricants because the last thing you want is a sticky or tacky lube flowing into your mouth.

1.    The Mint Chocolate Chip flavored lubricant.

This lube is safe to ingest and insanely delicious. No matter who your partner is, your only problem will be how hard they cum. Think ice cream from the local creamery, except no ice.

2.    Watermelon Flavored

Made with high-quality ingredients that are easy to wash off, this uncanny watermelon flavor will flavor the tongue game. It will remind you of summertime barbeques, no sunburn, but you’re sure to be scorching hot afterward. 

3.    Strawberry Flavored

The strawberry-flavored lube not only delivers orgasms; it also leaves your partner salivating from the impactful flavor. With this lube, wack oral sex will be a thing of the past.

Look No Further

Your love life is about to get a makeover with the help of #LubeLife. Stock up, gear up, and get those juices flowing. Allow yourself to slide into the action you want and need so badly.  Get ready for some orgasms. 

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