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#LubeLife And Campus Pride Return to School

It's time to take your pajamas off, put your play clothes back on, and get back to the social world outside your homes. Many of you are either starting college or going back after a mandatory absence, and the transition can be nerve-wracking. You deserve to feel comfortable in your classes and in your dorm. You want to love your school and be proud of the time you spend there. You need to be accepted by your peers as an equal and a worthy individual. And it's your time to figure out what fun means to you, and how to have it safely. 

Most importantly, college is the time to find 'your people' and your place. 'Your people' are kindred spirits: accepting of you and all of your differences, fun to party with, understanding about anything and everything, and consistent in their dedication and ability to be your ally. Your place is a safe and tolerant environment for you, for anyone else LGBTQ+, and for those who love you for you because there are so many who do.

This year, #LubeLife and Campus Pride are joining together to provide resources and support for any LGBTQ+ student searching for an easier, freer, and safer transition into college life. Safe spaces and protection from hate and bigotry should be an afterthought in your college career, not something you have to face every day. Unfortunately, this isn't always so, and we need our peers to join us in a peaceful revolution to take back our college experience. Now, whether that's in drag, fully clothed, or dressed to the nines in rainbows, you should be proud and comfortable.

When The Studying Ends

While classes are important, you can only do so much studying. The time leftover is reserved for fun. And fun you shall have. 

Campus Pride is a national, non-profit organization working to create a safe environment for LGBTQ+ students and to provide leadership and volunteer opportunities for students, and by students, dedicated to our cause. Every university has a different environment and students with different needs. Each Campus Pride volunteer has the ability to build and create the necessary programs to support the safety and freedoms of all LGBTQ+ students and their allies.

Many people don't feel safe, unfortunately, and they don't get to enjoy the same rights that others have. When they stand together, support each other, and accept each other's differences, they can make a difference and stand up for what they believe in: Equality.

Fear doesn't belong. Anxiety should be about schoolwork. Apprehension should be about midterms and making class on time. You should feel none of these as you leave the door to your home.

The fun that you have, and the memories you make, can be tainted. Campus Pride and #LubeLife want you to have the same great memories, and rights to make those memories, as everyone else has. Yes, even if they are mistakes or happy accidents.

You can have a safe and pleasurable college experience no matter who you are or who you choose to love and spend your time with.

A Safe And Pleasurable College Experience

Any student questioning their gender or sexuality has to have a safe place to explore and define their identity. This is essential for a healthy state of mind and a promising future beyond this time in your life.

Conducting safe and inclusive LGBTQ+ friendly parties and get-togethers can help promote tolerance and acceptance. You can be the change by including everyone, even people whose motives you question, especially if you conduct your parties in a safe place with supportive people. Basically, grab your backbone of gays and plan a shindig. What else could you do with your time?

  •       Pay attention to advertising. If you create a poster, email, or mass text for a party, don't hide who you are but don't exclude anyone. 
  • If you are seeking allies and new friends, a male-only orgy probably isn't the best way to go; a huge drag competition that includes everyone, on the other hand, may sound great, and be hilarious. Even straight people can sashay and lip-sync for their lives. Not everyone needs to be queer, but anyone can end up an ally. Show them how to have real fun.
  •       Using gender-neutral language, in general, is inclusive, especially when women, of all kinds, for example, are already used to the media constantly addressing men over them. It isn't cool to prioritize one group over another. That's called othering and always exacerbates a problem.
  •       Don't play pretend with yourself or others, unless it's in the bedroom, well, unless there are some really cool costumes. Be open about your values and share the love with people who may have a contradicting view of the world. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of and EVERYTHING to be proud of. 
  •   “When they go low, you go high”, as Mrs. Obama likes to say. Don't let anyone get you down. You are awesome and only you can define you. Be the best gay that you can be. Be the most effective and proud trans person alive. If someone closes their arms to you, open yours wider. The goal is always to bring people together. 

Use your creative abilities and your political power as a future leader of this world to lead people in another direction. Be the change and party hard; it’s college and every college movie ever created will tell you the same thing; it's what you are supposed to do.

You Can Party, Safely

Ensuring your right to party safely, and peacefully is where #LubeLife comes in. #LubeLife can provide you with the tools you need to have the smoothest college experience, no matter what path your sexual proclivities take. Safety is always the goal and the right lubrication for your needs increases the fun, for everyone.

You can grab some sample sizes of flavored lube to pass out to everyone as party favors. Anyone in the mood for anal sex may love an oil-based selection, for example. A party bowl full of various options will serve the needs, and wants, of people from every flavor of life, literally.

#LubeLife respects each student for who they are, not who they sleep with. Their varied line of lubricants, both water, and silicone-based, are appropriate for any kind of play you have in mind for a pleasurable and safe college experience. What you choose to do with your special places is up to you. It's no longer a 'no-no place' in college as long as you say 'yes'.

Don't wait for someone to give you a voice; take it for yourself. Now’s the time for you to find yourself; use promo code CAMPUSPRIDE on all #LubeLife products for a discount throughout October. 

Queer young adults can feel out of place and scared. Supportive Campus Pride programs, backed up by #LubeLife and their dedication to safe and playful sex, can change the environments that LGBTQ+ people find themselves in every day. Keep checking both websites for suggestions and activities for your campus group in order to raise money to increase awareness of queer sexual health.

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